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№ 42837 House in Limassol
Limassol / Germasogeia
Bedrooms: 2; Square: 126 m2
180 000 EUR 1 429 EUR/m2
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№ 42826 House in Larnaca
Larnaca / Livadia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 250 m2; Plot: 290 m2
297 000 EUR 1 188 EUR/m2
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№ 42824 House in Larnaca
Larnaca / Dromolaxia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 190 m2; Plot: 240 m2
230 000 EUR 1 211 EUR/m2
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№ 42820 House in Larnaca
Larnaca / Dhekelia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 150 m2; Plot: 200 m2
340 000 EUR 2 267 EUR/m2
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№ 42788 House in Limassol
Limassol / Agios Tychonas
Bedrooms: 4; Square: 260 m2; Plot: 420 m2
Free legal support
500 000 EUR 20 000 EUR
480 000 EUR 1 846 EUR/m2
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№ 42780 House in Limassol
Limassol / Moni
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 167 m2; Plot: 353 m2
Free legal support
410 000 EUR 2 455 EUR/m2
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№ 42779 House in Limassol
Limassol / Moni
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 170 m2; Plot: 794 m2
Free legal support
500 000 EUR 2 941 EUR/m2
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№ 42778 House in Limassol
Limassol / Kolossi
Bedrooms: 5; Square: 350 m2; Plot: 571 m2
Free legal support
490 000 EUR 1 400 EUR/m2
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№ 42772 House in Limassol
Limassol / Palodeia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 255 m2; Plot: 410 m2
Free legal support
440 000 EUR 1 725 EUR/m2
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№ 42738 House in Paphos
Paphos / Universal
Bedrooms: 2; Square: 119 m2; Plot: 95 m2
Free legal support
170 000 EUR 15 000 EUR
155 000 EUR 1 303 EUR/m2
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№ 42736 House in Limassol
Limassol / Monagroulli
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 190 m2; Plot: 973 m2
Free legal support
425 000 EUR 2 237 EUR/m2
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№ 42735 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Konia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 188 m2; Plot: 290 m2
Free legal support
430 000 EUR 2 287 EUR/m2
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№ 42734 House in Limassol
Limassol / Pissouri
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 159 m2; Plot: 499 m2
295 000 EUR 1 855 EUR/m2
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№ 42731 House in Limassol
Limassol / Mouttagiaka
Bedrooms: 4; Square: 273 m2; Plot: 300 m2
Free legal support
790 000 EUR 2 894 EUR/m2
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№ 42681 House in Paphos
Paphos / Town Center Paphos
Bedrooms: 2; Square: 94 m2
Free legal support
300 000 EUR 3 191 EUR/m2
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№ 42680 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Pegeia
Bedrooms: 4; Square: 319 m2; Plot: 897 m2
Free legal support
2 500 000 EUR 7 837 EUR/m2
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№ 42679 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Pegeia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 254 m2; Plot: 580 m2
Free legal support
1 500 000 EUR 5 906 EUR/m2
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№ 42678 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Pegeia
Bedrooms: 4; Square: 297 m2; Plot: 827 m2
Free legal support
2 250 000 EUR 7 576 EUR/m2
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№ 42677 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Konia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 143 m2; Plot: 160 m2
Free legal support
450 000 EUR 3 147 EUR/m2
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№ 42676 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Konia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 140 m2; Plot: 250 m2
Free legal support
455 000 EUR 3 250 EUR/m2
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Cyprus is a stunning island with amazing nature and ancient history. For many years, the country has been popular not only for recreation and permanent residence, but also for real estate investment.

All thanks to the attractive policy of the government, which offers both tax incentives and special investment programs.

Just imagine – you can buy a cheap house in Cyprus on the very beach and get a lot of opportunities: from a stable rental income to a second citizenship that gives you access to the EU.

What are the advantages of buying a property in Cyprus

There are several reasons why you should buy a cottage in Cyprus. Real estate on this island with clean beaches and warm sea is ideal not only for beach holidays and excursions to the sights of different times. The positive aspects of such investments are much more.

What opportunities does buying a house in Cyprus offer

The passport of a member state of the European Union facilitates travel to almost 100 countries. The island itself has a low crime rate.

It is safe here at any time of the day. The Cypriots themselves are very friendly and open, many live with their doors open, and they also speak Russian. Therefore, in Cyprus, you will find a serene environment that encourages you to relax.

Of the other advantages of the island as a place to purchase real estate, it is worth noting:

What to consider when buying a house in Cyprus

When buying a house, the area and its infrastructure, distance from the sea, and transport links are important.

No less important are the features of the real estate itself. Most people choose to buy a house with a swimming pool in Cyprus. Especially attractive are the penthouses with a rooftop pool and panoramic sea views. The demand for such houses with excellent view characteristics and privacy has grown very much in the last year.

The requests of Russian buyers often include an orchard and proximity to a good private school. No less popular are "smart homes" with energy-saving class A+ and A++, as well as housing and secluded estates in elite gated complexes. Of particular interest are the houses on the hill, which offers a beautiful view of the coast.

What else is important to consider when buying a house or villa in Cyprus on the beach:

In which region of Cyprus is it better to buy a house

The most popular areas where it is best to buy a luxury villa by the sea in Cyprus, consider Limassol and Paphos. Here is about 70% of the sold housing. It is more luxury housing in Paphos than in Limassol.

No less popular is the area of Larnaca, where real estate is 30-40% cheaper – the price of a premium villa will be comparable to the purchase of luxury apartments in Limassol or Paphos. In Larnaca, houses are more often bought in Livadia and the tourist area of Pila.

In Limassol, among foreigners, Mutayaka, Potamos Germasoyia, Agios Tychonas are especially popular. The most elite is the district of Columbia in Potamos Germasoyia: it is located 700 m from the sea, within walking distance from the central streets of Kollonakiu, where shopping centers and supermarkets, pharmacies, schools, cafes and restaurants are gathered.

In Paphos, you should pay attention to the prestigious areas of Sea Caves, Coral Bay, the villages of Tsada and Tala. Almost every villa here offers stunning sea views, while other cottages overlook the Akamas Nature Reserve and Coral Bay.

The cost of a house in Cyprus

To say exactly how much a house in Cyprus costs and what its price is, you can only take into account several factors:

The price depends directly on the area where you decided to buy a house.

The average cost of houses per 1 m2 varies between 1200-1700 euros. The closer the distance to the sea, the higher the final price.

In Limassol

Real estate in Limassol is among the most expensive. The price starts from 1250 euros / m2: a house of 100 m2 with 2 bedrooms and a fireplace will cost 125 thousand euros, but the housing will be located outside the city. The price of new villas can reach 6400 euros / m2. A cottage with an area of 2500 m2 costs 16 million euros.

In Paphos

Houses in Paphos are cheaper, their cost starts from 800-1000 euros/m2. A small house of 70 m2 in one of the villages costs 54 thousand euros (in developed localities housing is more expensive), and a spacious villa of 428 m2 in the Coral Bay area near Coral Bay – 17.9 million euros. If you calculate how much a house in Cyprus costs in rubles, you can say that the price varies from 5 million to 1.5 billion rubles.

In Larnaca

In the area of Larnaca, you can buy a house at the same price as in Limassol, but already within the city and with a larger area.

The most affordable housing is located here, but it brings income from renting only during the swimming season. The price for 1 m2 starts from 900 euros. The house with an area of 160 m2 and 3 bedrooms costs 147 thousand euros.

If we consider luxury villas in Larnaca, the cost reaches 3.7 million euros (with an area of 478 m2 and a plot of 900 m2).

Buying a villa in Cyprus from the secondary market at a price is more profitable, only until it comes to repairs, which is almost always required.

The process of buying a house in Cyprus for citizens of the Russian Federation and the CIS

  1. Opening a bank account for upcoming payments
  2. Conclusion of the contract (you can sign both in Cyprus and in Russia)
  3. Making an advance payment under the contract for the reservation of the object
  4. Payment of the remaining part by bank transfer

Buy a house in Cyprus on favorable terms

Our portal presents the best offers for the sale of houses in Cyprus by the sea with photos and prices.

Due to the regular updating of the database-every 12 hours, buyers and tenants can always get acquainted with the latest ads.

Each of the ads is checked, so you can be sure that all the objects are real, and the prices are valid and without hidden fees.

We work in South Cyprus, offering homes in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca – the most popular areas of the island.

Want to buy a property? Contact the Dom Real Estate agency. Specialists will easily pick up the house and help with the conclusion of the transaction, providing support until the end of the entire purchase process!

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