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Commercial real estate in Cyprus is an attractive investment destination. This is due to the constant demand and great potential, which guarantees the stability of capital and the safety of investments in any conditions.

The Government of the island is interested in the inflow of foreign capital and is actively developing this sector in order to stabilize the overall market situation. Renting commercial real estate allows you to start a business in a country with a soft tax system and a business-friendly policy.

Types of commercial properties for rent in Cyprus

The island's construction industry is actively developing, so there are a huge number of offers on the market for renting various commercial properties with different layouts and configurations. Among them are shops, restaurants, hotels, as well as medical and wellness centers. This allows you to open a business in a variety of directions.

The peak demand is experienced by warehouse commercial real estate. Office rentals are also particularly common in Cyprus. Foreign firms and investors are eyeing new office space to set up their headquarters or Cyprus branches. Office real estate continues to transform, so it responds to requests from any tenants.

What to consider when choosing a commercial property in Cyprus

Since there is a large selection of commercial properties in Cyprus, it is important to take a serious approach to choosing the right option. First, you should decide on the direction. This can be a creation of:

When looking for an option for renting commercial real estate in Cyprus, you can consider not only individual premises, but also ready-made complexes. In this case, you need to have ready-made equipment and a well-established customer base, which will ensure a more successful start.

Cyprus has a well-developed tourism business, so you can choose hotels and hotel complexes for rent. Do not forget about the direction of medical tourism – it is profitable to rent various medical and wellness centers here. In both cases, you will need a special license from the state.

Where to choose a commercial property in Cyprus

A large number of investors are turning their attention to Larnaca. Over the past few years, the city has demonstrated good indicators of sustainable development of international business. Start-ups of companies and the headquarters of companies in the financial technology industry are created here, as well as many offices, hotels and restaurants. The advantages of Larnaca include:

Commercial real estate in Limassol is no less in demand. This is the "second capital of Cyprus", an active, developing city with a well-established infrastructure, which remains "alive" even in winter, in the off-season.

Limassol is the largest business center and a great platform for international business. Even with high competition, you can find your niche here. In addition, there is a large Russian-speaking community in Limassol, so you can always easily find partners, employees and assistants.

As the largest port in Cyprus, Limassol is suitable for opening a clearing or forwarding company, which, due to the dynamism of the shipping sector and favorable tax rates for this area, can bring really big profits.

Objects of various purposes are presented on the territory of the prestigious resort Pathos. This is one of the calm and measured cities of the island. It is not so noisy here, there is little night entertainment. The city is designed for recreation, enjoying nature and beaches, family gatherings in restaurants that can be opened by renting commercial real estate.

No less relevant will be the opening of a hypermarket, cafe or boutique.

What does the cost of commercial real estate depend on

When you decide to rent a commercial property in Cyprus, you need to understand that the cost of both renting and buying depends on many factors:

Professional selection services for commercial real estate in Cyprus

To ensure that renting any selected property brings the expected benefits and a minimum of hassle, enlist the support of Dom Real Estate agency professionals.

Our database contains a huge amount of commercial real estate. All ads are up-to-date, as we update information every 12 hours and work directly with the owners.

With our help, you can rent an office, hotel, warehouse and any other property in the most popular areas of Southern Cyprus.

We offer a range of related services, including legal support of transactions, so you can be sure of the result.

Any other questions? Would you like to get free advice on choosing a commercial property? Write to us in the online chat, send an email or call us at the contact number.

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