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The island of Cyprus is as beautiful as the goddess of beauty and love Aphrodite, who emerged from the foam on its shores. Mountains, pine forests and citrus groves, a mild Mediterranean climate and golden beaches, many of which are awarded the Blue Flag, create a unique atmosphere.

The weather on the island is suitable for a year-round stay, so many people decide to rent cheap apartments in Cyprus by the sea. Apartments and apartments are ideal for renting for a period of 1 month or more. You will be able to go shopping, buy food and cook by yourself. Compared to staying in a hotel, it will be cheaper and more convenient, as you will avoid the hustle and bustle of the hotel and get more comfort.

What is important when choosing an apartment for rent in Cyprus

At the first stage, you need to decide whether you want to rent an apartment in Cyprus for a long or short period of time. Long-term rent is considered for 1 year or more, short-term-less than 1 year (most often it lasts from one week to 2-3 months).

The rental period is very important when choosing a home. A long-term lease is always more profitable than a short-term one. For example, renting a holiday apartment in Cyprus on the very beach for a long time will be several times cheaper than with daily rent.

Features of short-term rentals:

If you need to rent an apartment in Cyprus for a month, then it is more logical to look for inexpensive housing like a studio, and for a good holiday it should be closer to the sea. Apartments are chosen by those who come for a longer period of time. These can be trips for work or to make sure that the decision to buy a property in Cyprus is correct.

Apartments, unlike apartments, can be located in a private house. Here you will live in greater privacy, with your family, without neighbors. For long-term rentals, especially with children, this is more convenient. In this case, it is not the proximity to the sea that is important, but the infrastructure. There should be good shops, clinics, entertainment venues nearby, and kindergartens and schools for families with children.

Types of apartments for rent in Cyprus

When studying our offers for renting apartments in Cyprus by the sea or in other areas, take into account not only the rental period, but also the composition of the family.

For one person and a couple without children, an ordinary single apartment is suitable. It has an entrance hall, a kitchen, a reception area, a sleeping room, and a combined bathroom. Most often there is a spacious balcony. For those who travel with teenage children, it is better to choose a multi-bedroom apartment, and for long – term rentals-apartments.

There are different types of apartments in Cyprus:

What affects the cost of renting an apartment

When planning a trip, you should rent an apartment in Cyprus in advance, especially during the hot season from May to October. If you book a house 2-3 months in advance, prices will be lower, and the choice will be wider. By the beginning of the high season, the price increases. The same apartments may differ in price 3 times. Therefore, it is better to rent housing for a long time in advance - from November to April.

To save money, you can come to Cyprus in the spring or autumn – the cost will be lower, sometimes by 40%. The weather at this time is quite comfortable.

When considering where to rent an apartment in Cyprus on the beach, you need to keep in mind that the price may become higher, since some landlords (more often for long-term rentals) provide for separate payment for utilities. This should be specified in advance, so that the increased cost does not become unexpected.

How much it costs to rent an apartment in Cyprus is affected by which house the apartment is located in. Higher prices in new buildings. Choosing an apartment on the secondary market, you can save well, especially for long-term rentals.

What else affects the rental price:

By quality, you can understand not only the state of repair, but also the situation. Most rental housing has everything you need: furniture, household appliances, Internet. For a high-status holiday in an apartment with a swimming pool, gym, playground and other benefits, you need to be prepared for a higher price.

In which area is it better to rent an apartment

There is everything you need in Larnaca: an airport, developed infrastructure, many attractive beaches and low prices for rental housing. For short-term rentals of apartments in Cyprus by the sea with children, this is an ideal option. Larnaca is a quiet and peaceful city. In summer, there are a lot of tourists here, but in winter, the city's life freezes.

If there are few Russian-speaking residents in Larnaca, then there are a lot of them in Limassol, so it is even called the "Russian city". Due to the small number of good beaches, the city is better suited for work. It is easy to find it even for a foreigner. You can also start your own business – there are many opportunities for this in Limassol. The city is optimal for long-term family stays. There are Russian kindergartens, schools, and shops here. But the cost of rental housing is higher than in Larnaca and even the capital.

It is no less popular among tourists Pathos. There are a huge number of ancient monuments here, ranging from the prehistoric era to the period of British rule on the island. Pafos is suitable for those who love ancient cities with their own spirit and history. Housing prices are comparable to those in Limassol. The job is a little more complicated, but it is quite possible to find good options.

Large selection of apartments for rent in Dom Real Estate agency

Dom Real Estate agency provides qualified assistance in finding options for short-term or long-term rental of apartments in Cyprus without intermediaries. Our portal contains a huge database of offers with prices ranging from 300 to 21,000 euros.

The catalog includes apartments and apartments with different numbers of bedrooms, in the city and suburbs, at different distances from the sea. Among them, you can find exactly what suits you, and we will help you choose the most favorable offer.

If you need a consultation or are interested in an ad, write to us in the online form, call our contact number, or send an email. We will be happy to find a cozy place where you will feel comfortable!

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