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Cyprus is loved by foreigners not only for its beautiful climate. The country has become a great place for successful investments in land plots, the acquisition of which is attractive for all investors. If you buy land in Cyprus, you can build your dream home and move to live by the sea, rent out real estate or start a business in a variety of fields: from agriculture to tourism.

Land plot in Cyprus – a profitable investment

Under the "plot" in Cyprus, we understand the territory, which is already ready for use. On it, the owner is issued a Title (Title Deed) – a legal document that confirms and secures the right to the object. If you just buy land, you will have to wait until the plan of communications and green zones is approved.

Buying land in Cyprus is very promising in terms of increasing your capital. On a small island, there is not much free land (a limited resource), so its value is only growing. If you buy land for the construction of a residential building, you can save up to 30%. No less attractive is the freedom of choice, which allows you to build housing according to your vision.

Land plots in Cyprus are in demand, which is confirmed by the steadily growing statistics on transactions by foreign buyers. In addition to the improved economic situation, this was influenced by the country's policy, which allows you to become a citizen with less investment than before: 2 million against the previous 5 million euros.

For what purpose can buy a plot of land in Cyprus

In Cyprus, there are land plots for various purposes: residential, livestock, agricultural, industrial, tourist and landscaping. It is important that the designation corresponds to the purpose for which the land is planned to be used.

Why you can buy a plot of land in Cyprus:

How to choose a plot in Cyprus

Before you buy a plot of land in Cyprus, you need to determine the purpose of the acquisition. The purpose of the land is an important nuance that requires attention when searching. In Cyprus, agricultural land is more common. Such sites can be found in any area of the island, often far from the sea and cities.

To build a house, you need to choose a residential area (plot of land). Here, the same owners will live nearby, you are guaranteed to have communications and an asphalt entrance with sidewalks. It is equally important that the residential area has a well-thought-out infrastructure with parks, schools, and shops.

To build a hotel, you need to choose a tourist area, as close as possible to the sea. For a hotel complex or a residential building, the areas of Larnaca, Limassol and Famagusta are suitable, where the year-round infrastructure is developed. For other commercial real estate, the "business" regions are optimal: Limassol, Paphos and Nicosia.

What else is important to consider when selecting:

When buying, you need to make sure that all the documents are available. The most important one is the title of the owner with information about all the owners, the authority that issued the document. The Title is accompanied by a cadastral plan that determines the exact location, and a document confirming the status of the plot.

What affects the cost of a plot in Cyprus

The price of the land plot depends on the prestige of the area where it is located. Among tourists and investors, Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca are more popular. The location and purpose of the site in the city also matters. Land for housing construction is the most expensive. A plot of 26,000 m2 in Agios Tychonas (outside the city, near Limassol), 100 m from the sea, costs 19.5 million euros, and an area of 3900 m2 in the city – 11 million euros. For comparison, the cost of a plot of 126,000 m2 in the industrial zone of Limassol is 17.9 million euros.

Land in Paphos is 20-30% cheaper. A plot of 130,000 m2 in an industrial area costs 5 million euros. The same amount will cost the land of 11,000 m2 in the beach area (the percentage of development is 35%). An industrial plot of 26,000 m2 in Larnaca on the south coast is worth 15 million euros. When moving away from the sea, prices are reduced. In the village of Kalavasos (40 km from Larnaca), an industrial field of 19,000 m2 is already worth 2.5 million euros.

Commercial land plots on the shore are comparable in value to land for residential construction. In the resort of Mazotos, 20 km from Larnaca, a plot of 6300 m2 costs 2.2 million euros. Similar land in Limassol with an area of 6800 m2 costs already 5.5 million euros.

Features of buying a plot of land in Cyprus

For foreigners who decide to buy a land plot in Cyprus, there is a restriction.

The area should not exceed 4000 m2 per person. To circumvent the restriction, you can register land for several family members or purchase a plot from a legal entity. To purchase a plot of land, you can get a mortgage loan. The average rate is at the level of 3-4%. Land plots are not subject to VAT.

Professional assistance in buying land in Cyprus

The safest way is to buy land in Cyprus with the support of a licensed agency. Dom Real Estate provides professional assistance in the acquisition of land plots. The portal contains only current and proven offers, updated every 12 hours.

Get advice on the choice of land, help in checking all documents and full support of the purchase and sale transaction will help our specialists.

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