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№ 42740 House in Limassol
Limassol / Mouttagiaka
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 350 m2; Plot: 600 m2
Free moving
3 000 EUR 9 EUR/m2
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№ 42733 House in Limassol
Limassol / Paramytha
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 230 m2; Plot: 1000 m2
Free moving
3 500 EUR 15 EUR/m2
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№ 42732 House in Limassol
Limassol / Agios Athanasios
Bedrooms: 6; Square: 500 m2; Plot: 747 m2
Free moving
20 000 EUR 40 EUR/m2
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№ 42700 House in Paphos
Paphos / Coral Bay
Bedrooms: 5; Square: 550 m2; Plot: 2000 m2
Free moving
6 000 EUR 11 EUR/m2
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№ 42697 New House in Paphos
Paphos / Kissonerga
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 310 m2; Plot: 1900 m2
Free moving
5 000 EUR 16 EUR/m2
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№ 42611 House in Limassol
Limassol / Historical Center
Bedrooms: 6; Square: 800 m2; Plot: 450 m2
15 000 EUR 19 EUR/m2
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№ 42597 House in Limassol
Limassol / Germasogeia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 370 m2; Plot: 750 m2
4 500 EUR 12 EUR/m2
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№ 42595 House in Limassol
Limassol / Kalogiroi
Bedrooms: 5; Square: 400 m2; Plot: 700 m2
5 000 EUR 13 EUR/m2
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№ 42575 House in Limassol
Limassol / Agios Tychonas
Bedrooms: 2; Square: 170 m2; Plot: 190 m2
2 500 EUR 15 EUR/m2
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№ 42574 House in Limassol
Limassol / Germasogeia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 130 m2; Plot: 1500 m2
2 500 EUR 19 EUR/m2
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№ 42573 House in Paphos
Paphos / Universal
Bedrooms: 2; Square: 105 m2; Plot: 120 m2
600 EUR 6 EUR/m2
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№ 42542 House in Limassol
Limassol / Germasogeia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 230 m2; Plot: 703 m2
Free moving
8 000 EUR 35 EUR/m2
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№ 42491 House in Limassol
Limassol / Agios Athanasios
Bedrooms: 5; Square: 230 m2; Plot: 560 m2
2 500 EUR 11 EUR/m2
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№ 42486 House in Limassol
Limassol / Agios Tychonas
Bedrooms: 5; Square: 625 m2; Plot: 702 m2
Free moving
13 000 EUR 21 EUR/m2
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№ 42425 House in Limassol
Limassol / Germasogeia
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 142 m2; Plot: 170 m2
Free moving
2 600 EUR 18 EUR/m2
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№ 42413 House in Paphos
Paphos / Pegeia
Bedrooms: 5; Square: 350 m2; Plot: 650 m2
Free moving
5 000 EUR 14 EUR/m2
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№ 42387 House in Limassol
Limassol / Zakaki
Bedrooms: 4; Square: 220 m2; Plot: 250 m2
1 600 EUR 7 EUR/m2
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№ 42365 House in Limassol
Limassol / Mouttagiaka
Bedrooms: 3; Residential: 110 m2; Plot: 170 m2
Free moving
1 680 EUR
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№ 42364 House in Limassol
Limassol / Pyrgos
Bedrooms: 3; Square: 137 m2; Plot: 470 m2
1 700 EUR 12 EUR/m2
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№ 42343 House in Paphos
Paphos / Aphrodite Hills
Bedrooms: 4; Square: 289 m2; Plot: 1500 m2
Free moving
12 000 EUR 42 EUR/m2
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Cyprus is simply made for relaxation and contemplation.

Excellent climate, swimming season from April to November, modern tourist infrastructure, many natural and historical attractions attract tourists from all over the world.

If you rent a cheap house in Cyprus by the sea, you can fully enjoy everything that this unique island has to offer.

Staying in a villa brings much more experience and pleasure than a hotel holiday.

Advantages of renting a house: compare it with an apartment and a hotel

When you rent a house, you get a larger area of housing than a hotel room or apartment. You can stay with the whole family, including children, nannies, close relatives or friends. The atmosphere will be more cozy and homey. Living in your own home, you don't need to adjust to the hotel schedule. Breakfast, lunch and dinner can be served at any time.

Even if you rent a house in Cyprus for a month, it will be more convenient than in an apartment or hotel. On the territory you can organize parties, enjoy more freedom of action. If the house has a swimming pool, it will be available only to your family. Therefore, you can be confident in the cleanliness of the water and your hygiene.

What are the other advantages of renting a villa:

What types of houses can be rented

Our database contains ads for renting different types of houses. The villa in a modern interpretation is a comfortable house used for temporary (seasonal) living.

It has a landscaped plot, a terrace, a swimming pool and a place to relax in the fresh air.A villa is a more luxurious version of a house. This is literally synonymous with increased comfort and privacy.

In addition to offers for renting villas with a pool in Cyprus, we have a large selection of other types of houses in our database:

Where to rent a villa in Cyprus

Popular cities in Cyprus, where most tourists go, include Paphos, Limassol and Larnaca.They have different infrastructure and rental housing costs. You can rent the most inexpensive seaside villa in Cyprus in Larnaca.It is especially convenient for families with children, as the city beach is sandy, wide and shallow near the coast.

Limassol is the most "Russian" city, so it is the easiest place for Russian-speaking tourists to adapt. If you need to rent a house in Cyprus for a long time, then Limassol is a good option. Almost the entire coast is a solid beach with a good entrance to the water. Equally important, the location of Limassol allows you to explore more interesting places on the island with the least amount of time.

The most peaceful resort with a measured rhythm of life – Pathos. Ideal for families with children and those interested in ancient history. Pafos has the largest concentration of ancient attractions: royal tombs, unique mosaics, and archaeological parks. In Paphos itself, the beaches are rocky, so for swimming it is better to choose the Coral Bay area.

What is important when choosing a home for rent

When considering offers to rent a house in Cyprus by the sea, it is important to pay attention to the state of housing.

For a comfortable stay, both the quality of repairs and the equipment of household appliances are important. Some people may need a stable Internet connection, others need a recreation area with a terrace and gazebo, and others need a sports area.

All this should be taken into account when choosing a suitable housing option, especially for the long term.

What does the rental price depend on

The first factor is the time when you decided to visit the island. The price during the holiday season is always higher than in other periods. The peak occurs in mid-May-late August. At this time, the highest prices for rental housing. It is cheaper to rent a house in early spring and early autumn, and most profitable-in the period from November to March.

The second factor is the duration of the lease. There is a direct pattern here – the longer you plan to live on the island, the lower the average monthly cost will be. Therefore, renting a house in Cyprus for a long time is much more profitable and cheaper than for a short period. The reason is that owners also need guarantees and confidence that their property will not be idle.

Other important factors affecting the price include:

Dom Real Estate Agency: best houses and villas for rent

Dom Real Estate agency will help you save time when choosing the perfect option for renting a villa in Cyprus by the sea.

In a large database of ads, you can easily find what suits you in all parameters: from location to cost. If you need something specific, you can always contact us, and we will select several optimal options at once.

Dom Real Estate Agency is:

We value every client, so we provide the best service for selecting real estate in Cyprus and give detailed advice on all issues related to its rental or purchase.

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Адрес: Limassol, Cyprus,
Телефон:+357 25 212 212, Электронная почта: info@dom.com.cy
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