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City: Paphos
Direction of development : Apartments , Commercial property


We are a fast-growing private company based in Paphos, Cyprus. We specialize in the development of untouched lands, the creation of cozy modern houses in which children can grow up, and people of all ages can enjoy a wonderful quality of life.

We are known for producing houses of outstanding quality with high technical characteristics and unique innovative design. We take the time to ensure that every house is built with every detail in mind, using the latest materials and the latest construction technologies.

We are proud to be recognized for excellent customer service, and we are proud to build good relationships and take the time to understand your individual needs.

Our friendly team of specialists understands the importance and exciting life changes that a new home will bring, and will guide you through every stage of this process.

Quality Home Developers

Quality Home Developers Cyprus is a large residential and commercial real estate development company in Cyprus.

We build projects mainly in Paphos. The company's portfolio includes elite assets, such as apartments on the seashore and in the city center, villas with sea views. In the construction of all our projects, we use modern materials and technologies, elegant architecture and high-quality finishes.

Over the years of our work and as a result of the services we have offered to hundreds of customers, both foreign and domestic, the company has gained an outstanding reputation for loyalty, reliability and high professionalism. The company's activities are divided into four main categories: development, rental management and immigration through investment. Our team of energetic and dedicated experts provides all services.

Why choose high-quality developers

  1. We are the only Cyprus provider of customized solutions in the field of real estate "from A to Z".
  2. We own and operate a profitable development company specializing in the elite market.
  3. For all transactions, we ensure full compliance with legal regulations and comprehensive verification.
  4. We provide a wide range of after-sales services such as rental management and immigration.

We regularly monitor current trends in housing construction, study and implement best practices, as well as improve investment, planning and management systems. Each of our projects in Cyprus is an example of architectural excellence, designed to create a special comfort for the most demanding client.

Our goal is to build long-term relationships with our clients based on trust. We consider our clients as business partners, and we are a strategic partner capable of solving a wide range of critical problems that an ordinary real estate agent would not be able to do.

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Yulia Safronova
Developer representative:
Yulia Safronova


№ 47133
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Chloraka Seaview
Paphos / Chlorakas
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