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Do I need an Airbnb license for the private rooms that I rent out if I also live in this apartment. Cyprus
In light of the new law (Law governing Airbnb hosting in Cyprus), we need a license to rent on Airbnb. But do I need a license if I only rent out rooms in Cyprus?
9 October 2021 DOM Live 707
Tax payable of transfer of title
We have an all to common scenario where our developer has gone bust and disappeared. Cyprus, Peyia.
15 September 2021 DOM Live 733
Next year, I may have a chance to buy from a bank the Cypriot villa I'm currently renting. It should cost less than 500 euros, which is above my budget...
30 August 2021 DOM Live 644
Good day. Legalization of my annex
I have a big annex to my house on the ground floor and a pergola on top of it.
7 June 2021 DOM Live 1900
Tax on sales of a gifted house.
Hi. If my son gifts me a house and I sell it later, should I have to pay taxes when selling this property?
3 June 2021 DOM Live 1673
How to find and inherit real estate in Cyprus, if we are foreigners?
Inheritance of real estate.
3 February 2021 DOM Live 2263
Tax on selling property in Cyprus
Tax on selling property.
4 January 2021 DOM Live 2409
If I transfer my apartment to my 3 children (from my second marriage) when I die, will the other child be entitled to any part of that apartment?
28 September 2020 DOM Live 2817
How can I get a residence permit for the whole family? We have three children aged 26,23,20.
Residence for adult children.
28 September 2020 DOM Live 2010
What are the benefits of having a Cyprus residence permit?
Cyprus residence permit.
1 August 2020 DOM Live 2849
What property is suitable for obtaining long-term Cyprus residence?
Real estate for residence.
15 September 2019 DOM Live 2604
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