Сompany DNP Property Group

General information:

City: Paphos
Year of construction: 1995
Site: https://www.dnp.com.cy/
Contact number: +35770008188


A pioneer in producing premier properties

DNP Property Group has been operating successfully in Paphos, since 1995. By gaining tremendous experience and knowledge, it is now a pioneer in producing premier properties and attractive investment opportunities in real estate

“Our purpose is to create a place of comfort to connect with your heart and be a centre point of your life, it’s emotions and wellbeing. The place you and your family can call home, smartly interact with other elements of your life and live in bliss.”

- Demetrios Nicolas Papacharidemou, Managing Director

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Melrose Gardens
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Riga Homes
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Salacia Beach Residence
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Компания «Dom Real Estate» Контакты:
Адрес: Limassol, Cyprus,
Телефон:+357 25 212 212, Электронная почта: info@dom.com.cy