Villa or apartment in Paphos: what to choose to live in?

Вилла или апартаменты: что выбрать для проживания в Пафосе?
19 September 2022 Irina Zholnirova

If you are thinking about buying property in Paphos, this article will definitely be useful for you. It analyzes the features of living in the cultural capital of Cyprus, as well as provides examples for each case. You will be able to make a choice and take an exciting "tour" of the best real estate in Paphos.

1. Features of life in Paphos

Paphos is the westernmost city of Cyprus and, due to its openness to the Mediterranean Sea, the “coldest”. This means that the air and water temperature here is 1-2 degrees lower than in other cities of the island. If you do not tolerate the heat very well, then Paphos will be more comfortable than, for example, Limassol.

There is an international airport near the city, which is convenient for those who travel a lot. By the way, unlike Larnaca airport, Paphos airport is less busy.

Paphos is calmer than Limassol or Larnaca. There are fewer traffic jams, although the infrastructure is just as developed. In winter, there is an outflow of tourists, it becomes very quiet and calm. We can say that Paphos is a seasonal city.

Despite this, interesting events are held in Paphos all round: cultural and sport ones. The spring carnival also happens here. Of course, it does not have such a scope as in Limassol, but it is no less bright and colorful.

By the way, Paphos is often called not only the cultural, but also the "sports capital of Cyprus." This is due to the fact that there are indeed many stadiums, gyms and other amenities for athletes. The Paphos region often hosts international and European marathons.

Paphos is also called the "British city" (Limassol is the "Russian city"). This is due to the fact that the British like to spend their holidays here. And among British retirees, Cyprus is especially popular as a place to move after retirement.

There are many British schools (this means a good education for kids and a 'ticket' to European universities) and kindergartens, English leisure is popular: golf and horseback riding (there are many clubs in Paphos). In the city center you will find many English and Irish pubs.

As for real estate, Paphos can be divided into three areas:

  1. Paphos with its closest suburbs is the city center and the busiest area, business people and those who need constant access to various establishments like to settle here;
  2. the coastline is a number of small and large villages (large ones are Peyia and Polis), the infrastructure here is not uniformly developed, but from here it is easy to get to Paphos;
  3. mountainous area - there is less developed infrastructure, but at the same time - silence, clean air (especially in the highlands, where coniferous trees grow) and the atmosphere of a sanatorium, as well as a comfortable temperature in summer (not higher than 28 degrees).

This is just a brief introduction to Paphos - of course, it is simply impossible to tell everything about the city as a place to live in one article. There is a pleasant atmosphere, open opportunities for work and study, some hobbies and sports. The coastline is very long, which allows you to choose a location for life, taking into account all the wishes for sea views. Yes, and lovers of mountains and nature will like it here: a very large territory of the Paphos region is a national reserve. It's nice to walk along the trails and take small hikes.

If you have already decided that you want to live in Paphos, it remains only to decide what type of property to choose.

2. Pros and cons of apartments

Before going directly to the pros and cons, let's make an important note. Paphos differs from other cities in Cyprus in sense of absence of skyscrapers. This is due to the fact that local residents want to preserve the authenticity of the ancient city and avoid the “closing” of the seacoast with skyscrapers. Therefore, a permit for the construction of multi-storey buildings has not yet been issued here.

There are exceptions, but there are only two. These are Pearl Towers and Soho Resort. In Pearl Towers, two separate buildings have 9 floors and 6 floors, the complex itself is located in the Moutallos area, adjacent to the Old City. This is a quiet and peaceful place on a hill, which is located in close proximity to the center of Paphos. The sea can be reached in 15 minutes on foot. From the windows and terraces of the apartments, starting from about the third floor, there is a magnificent view of the sea.

Soho Resort is a luxurious new building in Kato Paphos (very center) a stone's throw from the beach. It consists of two towers with 15 and 16 floors: is it worth saying what views will be available to the residents of the complex? Luxury real estate consists of spacious 2-4 bedroom apartments, penthouses and duplexes.

Available options for buying property in the Soho Resort project

The rest of the property is presented in the form of low buildings with a maximum of 5-6 floors, but such options are not common. Basically, both new buildings and secondary housing are two-four-story houses with a small number of apartments. So almost all housing in Paphos has a club-house format.

Interesting to read: TOP 8 clubhouses in Paphos.

The advantages of an apartment over a villa are quite obvious:

  1. apartments are cheaper than a whole house (if we look for options in one location);
  2. apartments are easier to maintain: both financially and labor-intensively;
  3. the apartment can be located in the very center of the city, which provides walking distance to all objects (and this is especially convenient for families with schoolchildren or pensioners);
  4. apartments are easier to rent or sell, especially if they are located in a location with a developed and / or tourist infrastructure;
  5. it is easier to leave an apartment for a long period - if you suddenly plan to live in Cyprus for the seasons, this moment becomes important.

Of course, it is worth noting separately the apartments in closed comfortable complexes. As a rule, the territory there is guarded around the clock, the residents have a communal swimming pool, a well-groomed area for recreation and walks, a playground, a gym and more. And the management company monitors all this - residents do not need to think about who and when will clean the pool, mow the lawn. But if you have a villa, all these concerns fall on you - you either have to deal with them directly, or hire a whole staff.

Here are excellent examples of Paphos complexes with a high level of service:

  1. The Heritage is an ultra-modern and most comfortable complex for family living in the Moutallos area. All apartments are sold with high quality finishes.
  2. Elysia Park is a luxurious five-star hotel complex with 4 swimming pools (2 of them for children), recreation and relaxation services. It is suitable for both temporary and permanent residence.
  3. Galaxy Residences is a business class complex located in a quiet and peaceful area of ​​​​Paphos Anavargos, located on a hill (which provides a magnificent view of the sea). For sale there are apartments for 2-3 bedrooms and a penthouse.
  4. 8 City Residences is a luxury property in the Old City - apartments have excellent finishes, and incredible views of the sea and mountains open from the penthouse.
  5. Amaya Residences is a gated complex with all amenities in the Universal area. There are apartments with 1, 2 or 3 bedrooms.
But do not forget that apartments have their own characteristics, which at a certain angle can become disadvantages.

Available options for buying property in The Heritage project

Available options for buying property in the Elysia Park project

Available options for buying property in the Galaxy Residences project

Available options for buying property in the 8 City Residences project

Available options for buying property in the Amaya Residences project

Perhaps, many buyers will name the neighbors as the main disadvantage of the apartment. Even in an elite gated complex, there can be noisy people who will interfere with other residents. Unfortunately, this is true. It is especially important to have good neighbors for families with small children.

Other disadvantages include:

  1. a small amount of space and the impossibility of expanding it, unlike in a house;
  2. the lack of your own place for walking and relaxing, a private pool - this problem is solved by buying a penthouse, which already has its own pool and roof garden;
  3. it is difficult to carry out any special layout, while a villa can be built according to your own project from scratch.

It is worth noting that apartments are mainly sold in Paphos and its immediate suburbs (Geroskipou, Chloraka). Also, individual options can be searched in large villages. For example, there are good apartments in Peyia (here and here). In Polis, there are also similar offers (you can see here and here). But in remote villages it is difficult to find an apartment, there are mainly villas or townhouses.

3. Pros and cons of a villa

The biggest plus of any single home is privacy. In addition, privacy can be a necessity in many cases. For example, it is extremely convenient for families with children and pets to have a separate area where all minors can walk without supervision. After all, nothing can be safer than your own home.

Another example is when a person deliberately seeks solitude. As a rule, these are media personalities and public people who spend a lot of time in society and during their holidays they want to be alone or with their families. This also includes creative people who need a special space for work (writing a book or a picture), where no one will disturb them.

Other advantages of the villa include the following points:

  1. it is convenient to receive guests - even if there are a lot of them (sometimes it is possible to build a separate guest house on the plot);
  2. own space for recreation: barbecue area, swimming pool, tennis court, playground, etc.;
  3. the opportunity to engage in gardening: grow flowers or fruits and vegetables;
  4. when building from scratch, you can create absolutely any layout, and later you can make an extension;
  5. a villa can be very spacious - unlike an apartment;
  6. several floors make it possible to delimit the space - for example, when on the ground floor there are common and guest rooms, and on the second floor there are household bedrooms, an office, and so on.

Many people, having lived in an apartment for many years, begin to dream of their own home. Therefore, often a villa is an option for those who are looking for a more private lifestyle. It is also worth noting that during the pandemic, the value of home gardens has increased. It makes it possible to arrange walks, while not departing far from home.

Of course, there are some nuances in building and maintaining a house. Under a certain degree, they can be considered disadvantages:

  1. a larger area implies a higher cost of real estate, so a villa is not always a cheap option;
  2. a private house requires more attention and care than an apartment: it is necessary to take care of the pool, garden, lawn, monitor the condition of the roof, basements;
  3. it is more expensive to maintain a villa: utility bills will be higher than in apartments - heating costs increase (heating a large house is more expensive) and water (watering the lawn, filling the pool);
  4. it is not always so easy to sell or rent a villa, especially if the location is far from the popular area.

It is also worth noting that the villas are mostly not located in the center of Paphos (the center is still built up with apartment buildings or club houses). In a remote suburb, a cottage is the only option. However, outside of Paphos and away from the coastline, houses and villas are much cheaper. Often buying a cottage at a cost is compared with buying an apartment in the center.

Here are some examples for comparison (objects are indicated in pairs with the same cost):

  1. New 2-bedroom apartment in the Universal area (101 m2) - and a 3-bedroom villa in Geroskipou (​​240 m2).
  2. A new 2 bedroom apartment (118 m2) in the center of Paphos - and a 3 bedroom house in Chloraka (220 m2).
  3. Luxury 4 bedroom penthouse in the center of Paphos (​​243 m2) - and a new 4 bedroom villa in Kissonerga (314 m2).

Obviously, a villa can be a better deal if you don't mind living in the very center.

A good solution for those who do not want to think about the maintenance of real estate and for whom the apartment is not suitable, is to buy a villa in a gated community. This means that a number of concerns will be taken over by the management company. Elite complexes offer residents round-the-clock security, care for the local area, access to sports complexes and beauty salons, and a playground. Some complexes have spa services, children's clubs and golf courses.

For example, one of the largest projects in Paphos is the Aphrodite Hills golf resort. You can call it a mini-city, located in a picturesque area just 20 minutes drive from Paphos. It has its own infrastructure - from restaurants and spas to family services (kids club, medical centers, etc.). It is interesting to note that living here is very pleasant and comfortable for any family, and not just for those who are fond of golf.

In Aphrodite Hills you will find a wide variety of property types. For example, you can buy a small 1-bedroom apartment, or you can choose one of the many villas. Their diversity is amazing: there are small 3-bedroom houses for sale, as well as elite spacious villas with a large adjoining area.

Read more about Aphrodite Hills Resort here.

If you dream of living by the sea, pay attention to the following villa complexes:

  1. Akamas Bay Villas are luxury spacious villas with a large outdoor area, a green rooftop garden and a private pool. They are located in the protected area of ​​Akamas, in the village of Latchi. To the sea - 50 m.
  2. Apollo Beach Villas is a small Mediterranean-style project in Chloraka. It has excellent sea views and access to the beach (only 120 meters).
  3. Ascos beach villas is a chamber complex for 4 villas in the prestigious area of ​​Coral Bay. Within walking distance - the cleanest beaches (150 m) and developed infrastructure.
  4. Calma Beachfront Villas is a beach front complex in Polis. Each villa has 4 bedrooms and a private pool. Access to the sea is very close, about 100 m.
  5. Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort is a large luxury resort complex, with all the necessary infrastructure for recreation and life. It has a great location: it is only 50 meters from the sea, in Peyia.
  6. Divino Mare Villas is a complex of 8 villas in the Kissonerga area. Silence, comfort and a sense of luxury reign here, only 50 m from the sea.
  7. Peyia Coastal Villas is a luxury complex located in Peyia. Each villa has 3 or 4 bedrooms, a large outdoor area and a private pool. The sea, only 50 meters away, offers magnificent views.
  8. Pomos Bungalows is a small complex of villas near the pier. Located in a quiet area of ​​Pomos, 50 meters from the coast.
  9. Rosemarine Beachfront is a large and well-maintained complex in Kissonerga by the sea, just 50 meters from the coastline. It has its own shops and cafes, there are private schools and shopping centers nearby.
Of course, living by the sea can have its drawbacks. Someone who does not tolerate humidity, which is especially felt in the off-season, someone who does not like too hot weather in summer. Well, someone is looking for closeness to nature and reserved silence.

Available options for buying property in the Akamas Bay Villas project

Available options for buying property in the Calma Beachfront Villas project

Available options for buying property in Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort

Available options for buying property in the Divino Mare Villas project

Available options for buying property in the Pomos Bungalows project

Available options for buying property in the Rosemarine Beachfront project

There are also such places in the Paphos district. As a rule, these are foothill and mountainous regions. They are distinguished by the purest cool air (even in summer) and the richness of nature. In winter, there is even snow here!

Here are some interesting examples of real estate in the mountains of Paphos:

  1. 5 bedroom villa in Episkopi, in the foothills, with a private pool and magnificent mountain views;
  2. luxury and elegant 3-bedroom villa in Tsada with stunning sea and mountain views;
  3. new 3 bedroom villa in Stroumbi: has a fireplace and even a sea view;
  4. luxury 4-bedroom villa in Asprogia in a protected highland area, where the purest mountain air and silence are simply mesmerizing.

Of course, these are just examples. In fact, there are many more offers! You can see all the villas in the DOM agency catalog.

4. Alternatives

If you still find it difficult to decide what you like more - an apartment or a villa in Paphos - we can offer alternative real estate options. It:

  1. townhouse - a cottage, which is adjacent to similar cottages on the right and left; usually a townhouse has its own land;
  2. maisonette - almost the same as a townhouse, but smaller (if a townhouse is a long building for many owners, then a maisonette usually has only 3-4 owners), and in Cyprus it is more common;
  3. duplex - if we are talking about a house, then this is a cottage for 2 owners with one common wall; often in Cyprus a two-level apartment is also called a duplex.
So, there are clearly more than two types of real estate in Cyprus. Therefore, you can choose what suits you and your family to stay. And the DOM agency will help you with this!

Interested in housing in Cyprus? Check the DOMwebsite! The agency's website contains the largest real estate database in the country - more than 30 thousand residential and commercial properties in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, Protaras and Ayia Napa! As well as information about new projects and all developers of the island! Choose and contact professionals who will help you make the right choice!

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