Aphrodite Hills in Cyprus. A place full beauty, harmony and lifestyle

Aphrodite Hills - место на Кипре, где встречаются красота, гармония и стиль жизни
3 September 2020 Angelica Michael

The Limassol-Paphos highway. A typical summer landscape on the southwestern coast of Cyprus: white limestone hills with sun-scorched vegetation under bright blue skies and strong sun.

There are rare dark green thorny plants among the semi-deserts. The sea stretches to the very horizon along the long and winding road, it has many shades of water: from emerald green to crystal blue.

Aphrodite Hills. Tour to Paradise

We see Aphrodite Hills on the road sign and turn off the road. At the entrance we are met by security as all cars entering the territory of the village must pass the inspection.

And then miracles begin...

Aphrodite Hills Golf Resort and Village is an oasis of beauty, peace and harmony among the sun-scorched hills.

Even 15 years ago, this piece of land had the status of agricultural land. That means that olive, citrus and banana groves grew and goats grazed here.

Now Aphrodite Hills is a piece of paradise located in Cyprus. This place can rival the best resorts in the world.

There is an ideal microclimate here. This place (located on a hill on the seashore) has absolutely no suffocating coastal cities humidity and the Nicosian heat that sizzles all living things. A light breeze always blows here, there is a comfortable temperature even on a hot summer afternoon, while winters are not humid.

What is this unique place like?

Aphrodite Hills Golf & Spa is a 2-in-1 residential complex and resort. It is a village on a vast territory spread over picturesque hills with a magnificent sea view.

Despite the fact that you cannot find two identical houses here, actually they are all designed in the same style and harmoniously fit into the surrounding landscape.

Terracotta tiles of houses and villas, pastel shades walls, houses cladding made of natural stone, gazebos, wood verandas entwined with bougainvillea, date palms, huge bushes of roses... all this splendor is bathed in the bright Mediterrenian sun, and from almost any point of the village you can see the sea somewhere on the horizon merging with the sky.

Despite the fact that the population of the village is as many as several thousand people, complete silence reigns here. Only the birds singing and chirping, the grass rustle, and the wind sound break the total silence of these places.

Here comes a real understanding of what “quality of life” is.

If you are still considering if you need a home here, you can take a “test drive” and stop for a while in one of the panoramic villas or apartments at the Aphrodite Hills Golf & Spa. Here you will enjoy sunny days, starry and romantic evenings on the seashore and experience the new unhurried lifestyle of Cyprus.

The village is divided into several sectors: it has streets, squares and alleys. We will introduce you to the central square a little later.

All streets in Aphrodite Hills are named after the ancient Greek gods: Dionysus, Zeus, Poseidon.

Only here you can find the best golf courses in Cyprus with 18 holes and spectacular sea views.

There are also 9 tennis courts at guests' disposal.

Also there are several restaurants with excellent cuisine on the complex territory: Mediterranean (Greek, Cypriot, Italian), as well as Arabic and Indian.

Aphrodite Hills Golf and Spa Resort is just 15 minutes drive from Dias Beach. Most houses and villas have private pools in their patios.

How it all began

The history of this place began in 1933, when a prominent Cypriot businessman Kostas Lanitis bought huge plots of land near the villages of Alektora and Kouklia. They were sun-dried hills covered with thorny bushes, fruit and citrus groves, fields overgrown with grass. Basically, these lands served as pastures for goats and sheep herds: thus local dairy products, especially yoghurt and halloumi, are famous for their exceptional taste and quality.

Kostas Lanitis' eldest son, educated in Europe and traveling a lot around the world, dreamed of creating a world-class resort with golf courses in Cyprus. The idea was born in the 1970s, but materialized only in the early 90s, when the first stone of this project was laid.

In 1997, an architect specializing in golf resorts named Cabell Robinson designed the resort, and SASAKI Associates, Inc. took over the project.

When designing, the natural and climatic features of these places were taken into account, and the creators of the resort paid special attention to ensuring that the construction did not harm the environment.

In addition, special attention was paid to the historical significance of these places. There were ancient settlements of the Mycenaeans. Sometimes Digging pits for the construction of houses, builders discovered the ruins of ancient buildings. Then construction work was stopped, and archaeologists began their excavations here.

Due to this, there are several archaeological sites of the Mycenaean era on the territory of the resort village. Can you imagine living a few hundred meters from such rarities and seeing it all every day with your own eyes?

The construction of the hotel began in 2001. During the construction of the resort village, the architects tried to use the unique landscape of the area, focusing on the views of the sea and mountains.

The construction of villas and houses began in 2002. Each building is unique and in harmony with the landscape and relief, and also provides the most beautiful sea views.

The golf course was completed in autumn 2002. The 18-hole course is placed on two plateaus and divided by a steep slope. It offers breathtaking views of the sea and cliffs.

The resort received its first guests in 2005 and very quickly gained worldwide fame among people who know the quality of life and luxury leisure.

In 2018, IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) awarded Aphrodite Hills the prestigious 'Best European Golf Resort 2018' award.

Why is real estate investment in Aphrodite Hills so profitable?

The Aphrodite Hills Resort in Cyprus has, among other things, a high investment potential. The unique architectural design of the residences, the presence of its own rental and property management service, a variety of services and opportunities for recreation and sports make Aphrodite Hills properties an ideal solution for investors interested in permanent residence or seasonal vacations in Cyprus, as well as in renting out.

You can rent out your property for a time when you do not plan to be in Cyprus.

One of the advantages of buying real estate in Cyprus is the ability to obtain a Cyprus residence permit for the whole family of the investor within a few months.

Golf at Aphrodite Hills

The first of its kind golf course appeared in Cyprus in October 2002 at the Aphrodite Hills golf resort in Paphos. The golf here is a great championship golf course, a golf academy with professional instructors and a 3-hole driving range, a great restaurant and breathtaking views.

This 6,289 m2 course is designed for players of all ages and skill levels. It offers a wonderful view of the very place where, according to the myths of ancient Greece, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, appeared from the foam.

The award-winning course was designed by golf architect Cabell B. Robinson and is the perfect combination of sophisticated pot bunkers, perfectly trimmed Bermuda fairways and tiered greens.

Aphrodite Hills Golf Course offers a spacious training area with two putting greens and a short play area.

Tour of the resort

The resort village has its own main square, agora. There are numerous restaurants, high fashion and sporting goods stores (for golf and tennis), a pharmacy, a supermarket, a café, excellent Haagen-Dazs ice cream and much more.

In the Sunlife bakery, the work is in full swing since early morning: there is a huge selection of bread, rolls, baguettes and other freshly baked food, as well as cakes, croissants, and fresh pastries! In addition, there is a large selection of sandwiches, fresh juices and much more.

The restaurants of the agora are worth mentioning separately.

For Cypriot and Greek cuisine, book a table at Ladi & Rigani. This traditional open-air Cypriot kebab house serves the finest grilled meats.

Gate to India is a bright range of flavors of the most popular and exquisite Indian dishes.

Anoi Pub: Brutal food like juicy burgers, grilled ribs and several hundred beers.

Pithari Tavern is another traditional Cypriot tavern, but they don't focus on meat. Here you can try real authentic rural Cypriot cuisine: vegetable dishes, the famous kleftiko, legumes dishes, fresh salads, pies and much more.

Zimi Trattoria: Italian cuisine restaurant: salads, pizza, pasta and much more.

The Golf Clubhouse restaurant will delight you with gourmet cuisine and an extensive wine list.

And in the beer garden Beer Garden, created in the best traditions of German beer gardens, you will find hundreds of varieties from all over the world!

There is also the Atlantica Retreat Spa, one of the finest spas in Europe, placed among fragrant seaview gardens, 27 treatment rooms and an outdoor massage area.

You will be surprised by a variety of procedures. It seems like it takes a year to try everything. The spa uses products from the Elemis, renowned British cosmetics brand. And something completely out of the ordinary: there are wonderful spa treatments designed especially for children!

The complex also has a fitness center, sauna, healthy cuisine restaurant, hairdresser, beauty salon, tennis academy.

This place has only one drawback: you will not want to leave...

More information about Aphrodite Hills and a list of all available properties for sale and rent can be found here.

Aphrodite Hills location on the map

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