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29 September 2022

Top Developers in Larnaca

The city of Larnaca, located 70 km east of Limassol, is gradually becoming profitable in terms of real estate market.

Many developers are developing the ancient city and creating promising real estate projects here. In this article, we will talk about the most reliable developers that we personally trust.

Panikkos Livadiotis Group

In the local real estate market, the name Livadiotis is synonymous with exceptional quality at a reasonable price. Founded in 1972, the company now is one of the oldest and one of the largest real estate developers in Larnaca. Today it has an extensive asset base, including residential, retail and commercial real estate. Maintaining a strong reputation as a reliable developer allows constant development, the implementation of innovative ideas and projects of a high quality standard.

Today, they have available projects within Larnaca and in its environs. In the modern area of Drosia, a 2-bedroom apartment (total area of 93 m2) in Ria Court 75 (under construction) costs 177 thousand euros (+ VAT). A brand new 144 m2 2 bedroom penthouse in Ria Court 81 in Kamares, close to the famous Larnaca aqueduct, costs 187 thousand euros (+VAT).

It should be emphasized that the developer chooses for construction only the best locations in Larnaca, in which not only local residents, but also foreigners wish to move in. In the so called Dhekelia area (Oroklini and Pyla seacoast), a magnificent 3-bedroom villa with a swimming pool and a roof garden is being built at a price of 665 thousand euros (+ VAT). At the service of future residents is the service of 5-star hotels located just a few minutes' walk away. Well, the center of Larnaca is 15 minutes away by car along the sea.

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Africanos Property Developers Ltd

The company was founded in 1997 in Larnaca as a small business project and over two decades has managed to develop into a reliable brand that successfully sells first-class real estate. The developer works very professionally. Over forty projects were sold and got the title deeds. Africanos pays special attention to the quality of after-sales services and in twenty years the company has managed to acquire a really solid clientele both locally and internationally.

Africanos new buildings adorn both the center and the suburbs of Larnaca. A spacious 2 bedroom Marina View Residences penthouse is currently available in the charming and quiet coastal village of Livadia, a 10-minute drive from the center of Larnaca. This location, along with Dhekelia, is considered very promising in terms of investment. Very soon, ultra-modern parks and squares will decorate the embankment, and a bicycle and pedestrian path along the sea will be extended to the renovated port of Larnaca.

In the vibrant Mackenzie area, the eponymous Mackenzy Dream Residences is being completed, each of the fifteen residences of which has uncompromising panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, parking and other amenities of business-class housing. The cost of 2-bedroom apartments varies from 250 to 315 thousand euros (+VAT).

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Nicolaides Properties

The name of this brand is on everyone's lips. The developer never ceases to amaze with novelties in the field of residential and commercial real estate, located in the most diverse areas of Larnaca. Nicolaides organically develops along with the growing demands of a new generation of customers.

In the modern Nicolaides Residences, located in a quiet central area of ​​Saint George, two spacious 2-bedroom apartments are currently available at a price of about 350 thousand euros. The bright building is made in a neutral high-tech style with wooden elements in the exterior of the house.

A view of the Mediterranean Sea is available around the clock to every resident of the new residential complex Nicolaides Palm Tree Villas. Modern architecture harmonizes perfectly with nature, roof gardens of spacious but cozy villas with 3-8 bedrooms.

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DexTek Group

Since 2017, the company has been creating buildings on the island that combine high aesthetics and modern architecture. The first completed project - Park View Residence - was more than successful and determined the further development of the brand as a provider of inspiring residential complexes in the field of investment development. Since then, the company has gained momentum, completed three more residential projects and about a dozen projects are under construction. DexTek Group introduces energy saving and renewable energy sources into projects.

In a quiet area of Kamares, not far from the new shopping center of Larnaca, there is a new project Shadow Residence, which currently has available 2-bedroom and 3-bedroom apartments of a modern layout. The apartments have spacious verandas. Nearby are fragrant bakeries, a variety of shops and Larnaca's main cinema.

The Wave Tower business class project in Larnaca Marina has managed to gain fame as a masterpiece of design ideas. All finishes and technical specifications of the 10-story building are of the highest standards, allowing not only to enjoy the aesthetics of the space, but also to save energy while conserving the resources of the planet.

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Plus Properties Cyprus

A subsidiary of the famous international holding Plus Holding, founded in 1992 in Lebanese Beirut, Plus Properties Cyprus was created on the island in 2015. Today, they have 58 projects of different price categories: 23 have been completed, 15 are under construction and 20 will be launched soon. 43 projects are located in Larnaca, 12 in Limassol, 2 in Nicosia and 1 in Paphos. As you can see, Larnaca is a priority destination. The head of the company, Georges Chehwane, explains this by the fact that today this is the most promising direction for the company.

The Plus 21 Roy Terraces, located just 80 meters from the sea in the popular Mackenzie area, includes 1-2-3 bedroom apartments with terraces, spacious verandas, private gardens and a swimming pool. The cheapest apartment in the project is estimated at 252,000 euros (+VAT), and the most expensive at 720,000 euros (+VAT).

Luxurious yet economical housing options in the two-building Plus 27 Duo Residence by GC, located in the prestigious New Marina Area, within walking distance of the main attractions of the city. A 1-bedroom apartment with a total area of ​​139 m2 in a new project is estimated at 210 thousand euros (+ VAT).

In the area of Livadia, a modern closed complex Plus 15 Tamara Gardens, surrounded by lush greenery, was named after the daughter of the head of the company. The first tenants are already living in it. Two 2 bedroom apartments are open for sale.

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Quality Property Developments

The company is one of the leading developers in the Eastern Mediterranean. Quality Group plans, designs and develops many projects in various fields. So, in 2022, the company commissioned the first business hotel in Larnaca - the Radisson Blu Hotel Larnaca. Well, the most famous project of the brand - the futuristic 23-story skyscraper QN Kition - is still under construction.

Another non-standard project for Larnaca is the Ion Tower in the Drosia area - a 17-storey commercial tower with a 24-hour reception and all the amenities for company employees: from office automation to a gym and a cafe on the ground floor. Apparently, this area claims to become the new business center of Larnaca.

The Habitat in the Aradippou area is distinguished by a thoughtful location. The complex of two towers connected by parks is located at the crossroads of the road to the city center and the exit to the main highway network leading from Larnaca in the direction of other major cities of the island. Today, 1-2-3-bedroom apartments costing from 202 to 512 thousand euros (+ VAT) are widely available.

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Infinity Properties

The developer is definitely betting on foreign buyers who want to obtain an indefinite residence permit in Cyprus. A wealth of experience in the UK contributes to an excellent understanding of the needs of today's expats.

Trust us with your dreams and we will build them for you - this is the brand's slogan.

And if you dream of a stylish new building with lots of bedrooms, Infinity has not lost.

The Marina Home Residence in the most promising area of ​​Larnaca - the new Harbor area - was created in accordance with the highest quality standards and is distinguished by exquisite design. It consists of ten sea view apartments spread over 5 floors. If other developers are betting on 2-bedroom apartments of an investment nature, then Infiniti offers various options, among which there are 3-bedroom and even 4-bedroom properties for a large family.

In this project, an inexpensive and very spacious 4-bedroom penthouse is now available with private photovoltaic panels installed, allowing significant energy savings for future residents. Slightly smaller 4 bedroom apartment on the floor below.

A true example of luxury living with a rational approach - Coral Residence - is 69 meters from the sea in Mackenzie. The project offers residences of various sizes. Again, here you can find rare 4-bed and 3-bed options at reasonable prices.

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Edge Development Group

Edge Development Group is a new company developing in the real estate sector of Larnaca. Selects the best locations and builds to the highest modern standards. A distinctive feature is the increased attention to the environment and balance in society.

The Edge Residences project in the developed area of ​​Aradippou offers not expensive 1-2 bedroom apartments with spacious living and dining areas. Energy efficiency of a class A house. You can buy a 1-bedroom apartment with a total area of ​​82 m2 for only 131 thousand euros (+ VAT). 2-bed apartments are slightly more expensive - 168 thousand euros (+ VAT). The project is distinguished by convenient access to the main highways of the city and the developed infrastructure of the area.

The 5-storey residential building Edge One Residence in the prestigious area of ​​Agios Nikolaos presents 1-2-3-bedroom apartments with panoramic views of the sea and the city. Each apartment includes covered parking, furnished kitchen and air conditioning. There are currently two offers with three bedrooms available at a price of 350 thousand euros (+VAT).

The Park Avenue project is located next to the Municipal Park of Larnaca, the city library, theatre, public and private international schools. It consists of 21 designer apartments with 1, 2 and 3 bedrooms. The building is located on a hill, so the views from the windows will be simply mesmerizing: on the one hand, the blue of the Mediterranean Sea, on the other, the Aliki Salt Lake sparkles.

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Marinakis Property Developers

Established in 1981, the Cypriot family company Marinakis specializes in the creation of high quality buildings with individual design. For construction, they choose the most prestigious locations in Larnaca, including the New Harbor area and the coastal villages of Oroklini and Dhekelia.

Pearl House 11 is located in the Larnaca New Harbor area. Today, 2-bedroom apartments are available in it at prices ranging from 190 to 455 thousand euros (+ VAT). All of them are modern in style, with an open plan kitchen and a large bright living room. Underfloor heating is a nice added bonus for a high energy efficiency home. Even during the rainy months, the apartment will be warm and cozy.

A distinctive feature is a 5-year guarantee on real estate. Usually developers have a one year guarantee.

8 km northeast of Larnaca is Vergi Coastal Residences, consisting of four 3-bedroom and two 4-bedroom houses with plots, located in the Larnaca-Dhekelia tourist area. Each house has bedrooms with dressing rooms and bathrooms, and two covered parking spaces. The outdoor living room smoothly flows into the backyard with a swimming pool. Each client is free to adjust the architectural plan at the initial stage of development.

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Iacovou Group

Iacovou Group has been in business for over 60 years. It is better known as a builder and renovator of large-scale projects: hotel complexes, commercial buildings, road junctions, bridges and even airports. Experience allows her to build to order and simultaneously create her own grandiose projects.

In 2010, in the village of Oroklini, Larnaca, the company completed the Amphithea Gardens project. In 2013, the Hellenic Bank Larnaka Head Office building was completed. Undoubtedly, new projects will become something impressive.

Patroclos Group Developers

The developer is well-known in Larnaca and has a strong reputation among local residents, because it was here in 1983 that the company first opened its doors to start implementing truly grandiose projects. Apparently, therefore, the most spacious Patroclos apartments in Larnaca are quickly bought by Cypriot local families. However, the company's projects can also be found in other cities of Cyprus, as well as in Greece.

A two-bedroom apartment in elegant Carisa Miriam Residences, located in the historical center of Larnaca, costs 245 thousand euros (+ VAT). The building with excellent heat and sound insulation has a class A energy efficiency certificate. The house will be completed at the end of 2022.

Carisa Estia Residences, a world-class investment project in the center of Larnaca, will be ready in about a couple of years. It will consist of two high-tech buildings connected by a recreation area with a swimming pool and sun loungers. For today, the proposal has 1-2 apartments at a price of 170 to 483 thousand euros.

All projects of the developer available for sale

Lefteris Livadhiotis & Sons

Founded in 1978, the company continues to focus on innovative design, creativity and the reliability of a professional team. Knowledge and experience allow the brand to compete freely with market giants from abroad. The company prides itself not only on the quality of its products, but also on its excellent understanding of its customers.

Despite the fact that the company is widely known throughout Cyprus, its main activity is focused on the areas of the city of Larnaca. Lefteris provides property management for all of its projects, including maintenance and marketing of the property.

The facinating marble Bayside Residences in the Mackenzie area is a 6-storey residential complex consisting of six 3-bedroom apartments. That is, on each floor, one separate apartment with 360 ° sea views, central heating, hidden powerful air conditioners, its own panoramic elevator and high-end finishes. There is parking on the ground floor.

All projects of the developer available for sale

New Zoe Developers

The company is part of the Palourtis Real Estate Agents Ltd group, which was founded in 1970, and today its priority is the construction of high-quality and affordable real estate in the center and coastal part of Larnaca. New Zoe prides itself on the fact that all its projects are sponsored without loans, and documents are always issued to buyers in a timely manner.

A. Akathiotis Developers

Founded in 1992 in Cyprus, today this family-owned company is one of the leading developers in Cyprus, specializing in coastal and luxury properties in Larnaca, Nicosia and Protaras. The company has implemented over 40 projects and has gained a solid reputation as a reliable developer.

Already today you can move into the 3-bedroom house Faros Luxury Apartments on the coast in the Pervolia area, located 15 minutes from Larnaca Airport. The project is decorated with a garden and a private infinity pool. In the vicinity of the building there is a safe cycling and jogging path, an outdoor sports area and a magnificent beach with white marble pebbles.

Slightly more budgetary, but no less comfortable houses are presented in Anemona Villas in Pervolia. They provide for the possibility of installing a private pool on the site and a barbecue area.

All developer projects available for sale

In this article we have introduced you to the main list of developers in Larnaca, which was compiled by our real estate experts. Undoubtedly, the city has a strong investment potential, and professionals readily accept the challenge of a new round of its development.

You can find more real estate options in the catalog of the agency No. 1 in DOM, and also get advice from professional brokers, learn about new projects in all cities of Cyprus.

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