TOP-100 Attractions of Cyprus

Достопримечательности Кипра - полный гид от А до Я
10 December 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Cyprus is rich in beauty and wonders. It is difficult to say which sights it is better to pay attention to: historical, religious or natural. But usually the traveler manages to cover all directions - thanks to the density of interesting places that are worth visiting.

1. Brief information for tourists

There are a few things to keep in mind when traveling.

1.1. Currency, language, cellular communication

Cyprus has two official languages ​​at once: Greek and Turkish. Cyprus is a member state of the European Union, the euro is used on its territory. Mobile internet on the island is not so good, but if you want to stay connected all the time, use a local (or other European) SIM card.

Tip: on the very first day, buy an outlet adapter - from EU to UK.

1.2. Transport and movement

Buses run in busy areas. But if you want to cover as many locations as possible, it makes sense to rent a car or motorbike. The only precaution is to remember that traffic in Cyprus is left-hand. So practice at low speeds for the first day.

2. Paphos

Now, after a short acquaintance with the island, it makes sense to talk about the main thing. Sights... There are a lot of them, so we have collected the most interesting and popular ones.

2.1. Inside the town

If you are staying within the city, then all the most important things you can get around on foot.

Paphos Castle

It is placed on a small peninsula, in the very center of the city embankment. Previously, the building served for defense, now there is a museum inside. You can look inside or just admire from afar. A particularly spectacular view is at sunset.

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Archaeological Park (Nea Pafos)

Not far from the fortress, there is an extensive park with excavations. It is visited to be impressed with antiquities: the remains of houses (Dionysus, Theseus, Aon), frescoes, perfectly preserved mosaics of ancient times.

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Information for visitors

Tombs of the Kings

Paphos is full of antiquities! The excavations here are countless, but the Tombs of the Kings are a must-see. An interesting and a bit creepy place. Despite the name, the kings were not buried here - only the rich nobility. Nevertheless, the former luxury is impressed.

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Faros Lighthouse

Between the Archaeological Park and the Tombs of the Kings, there is a small but picturesque Faros lighthouse. There is also a well-equipped beach of the same name. Here you can take beautiful photos, swim and enjoy the coastal scenery.

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Old Town of Paphos

For new sensations and impressions, of course, you need to go to the old quarters. The Old Town area is a small area, very quiet and colorful. The upper platforms offer excellent sea views.

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More about Paphos Old Town

Paphos Aphrodite Waterpark

One of the best water parks on the entire island. There are areas for adults and children, as well as a cafe and rental of all kinds of things. Please note that the water park is closed during the off season.

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2.2. Outside the city

If you have a car or you are ready to get on a bus, you will be able to see many interesting places.

Sanctuary of Aphrodite in Kouklia (Archaeological Site of Palaepaphos)

There is another archaeological park in the village of Kouklia. Visitors have access to the remains of an ancient temple, from which, unfortunately, little has survived. But it is quite enough to understand what the ancient sanctuary looked like, then the fortress of the Lusignan era and, finally, the Church of Panagia Katholiki in Kouklia.

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Information for visitors

Adonis Botanic Gardens

A great place for those who wish to relax. It will be interesting for you to see how figs, spices and other delicacies grow. Here you can also buy natural products.

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Official site

Gravity Road

Recently marked on the map. Because it is considered one of the most mystical places in Cyprus! Still would! Gravity doesn't work here. It is enough to put a round object under the mountain, and it will roll... not down, but up.

On the map

Edro III Shipwreck

Not far from Coral Bay, there is a picturesque ship sunk in 2011, the ship's name is Edro III. It crashed during a storm - fortunately, the crew was not injured.

On the map

Oreites Wind Farm

Great place. Even the unimpressive people became impressive. It is best to watch the panorama at sunset - then the effect will be maximized.

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2.3. Monasteries and temples

Cyprus is full of Orthodox monasteries and temples. Many of them are 1000 years old!

Monastery of St. Neophyte

It was founded by Saint Neophytos, a native of the village of Lefkara (see below). All his life he was looking for a way to become a hermit and as a result he knocked out a skete for himself in a cave. Later, thanks to his efforts, a monastery was founded on this place, which is still flourishing.

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Official site

Panagia Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery

A beautiful temple complex, the first buildings of which date back to the XII century. It has old icons, among them the main value is the icon of the Mother of God, miraculously found in the waves of the sea. It also has its own winery and a café for visitors.

On the map

Church of Panagia Theoskepasti

Located inside the city of Paphos. As you can see, the modern church was built on an ancient foundation that dates back to around the 9th century.

On the map

Catacombs of Saint Solomonia

This amazing cave church is a must visit even for those who are far from the Orthodox religion. There is a holy spring near the catacombs, from which you can draw water for healing.

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2.4. Natural landmarks

The nature in Cyprus is surprising and impressive. The east coast is in stark contrast to the west. But beautiful everywhere!

Aphrodite's beach and Aphrodite's Rock, Petra tou Romiou

According to modern legend, it was here that the goddess of love, Aphrodite, came to the earth's coast (and for this she received the second name Kypris). Now tourists come to the wild beach to admire the views, and swim in clear water... and swim around one of the stones. According to legend, this ritual gives youth and luck in love.

On the map

Akamas Peninsula and Aphrodite's bath

Of course, you need to spend a whole day on Akamas, or even more. This is a huge protected area, with wild beaches, flower meadows, forests and hiking trails. If possible, then get to the bath of Aphrodite.

Akamas on the map

Baths of Aphrodite on the map

Avakas Gorge

Great location for adventures during the dry season. In other places, the walls of the gorge rise up to 30 meters! White cliffs, wildlife, birdsong, a small river - all this is a real miracle, there is no such thing anywhere else in Cyprus.

On the map

Adonis Baths

A very picturesque place, and just perfect for swimming. But be careful if you are traveling with children - in honor of the love of Aphrodite and Adonis, sculptures with a frank erotic appearance are installed at the entrance to the baths.

On the map

Mouflon Nature Reserve and Stavros tis Psokas

High in the mountains of the Paphos region, there are magnificent places: coniferous forests with magical air, nature trails and picnic areas. Near one of these places, not far from Stavros tis Psokas, there is a mouflon reserve. Take the time and stop by here to admire these proud animals.

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2.5. The best beaches

If you come during the summer season, of course, you will want to swim. The largest beaches of Paphos are at your service:

  1. Coral Bay;
  2. Wild turtle Lara Beach Lara;
  3. SODAP in Paphos;
  4. Yeroskipou.

We would also like to note the small beaches within the city - all of them are suitable for swimming and are well equipped.

3. Limassol

A large and business city, the second largest after the capital.

3.1. In the town

It is worth starting a walk around Limassol from the old castle, and then moving along the embankment. Then you will see the fun part.

Limassol castle

At first there was a Byzantine fortress, then it was rebuilt into a medieval fort. In short, the life at the castle was eventful. Now inside is the Cyprus Museum of the Middle Ages.

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Molos promenade and sculpture park (Molos Seaside Park)

One of the most beautiful embankments on the entire island. Stretching along the sea for several kilometers, it is ideal for walking. Don't pass by the sculpture park - take a photo!

On the map

Eucalyptus Grove and Dasoudi Park

Dasoudi is both a park and a beach. Because all this is combined here.

On the map

Archaeological Museum

A small but very colorful museum, one of the best in Limassol. There will be just enough time for you to learn about the history of the island: from the Neolithic era to our times.

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3.2. Outside the city

There are also many interesting things outside Limassol. If there is an opportunity to get out on your own or with an excursion, be sure to use it.

Archaeological Site of Amathus

The remains of the ancient city, like any antiquity in Cyprus, attracts tourists. First, you can admire the massive columns, and then take a promenade along the coast. The views are great!

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Information for visitors

Kolossi Castle

Another Limassol castle in the suburbs. It belongs to the XIII century and symbolizes the heyday of the Lusignan era. It has survived perfectly, so we recommend that you get to know it.

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Information for visitors

Ancient Curium (Kourion)

And another archaeological park! It is recommended to be among the first to see it if you are staying in Limassol. It is an ancient city-state, which flourished after the era of the Trojan War.

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Information for visitors

Fasouri Watermania Waterpark

A large and well-equipped water park that will delight not only children, but also adults. This is a real water entertainment center!

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Official site

Omodos village

Oh, what villages in Cyprus! Simply magical: clean, with white houses with bright tiles, with cobbled streets. And delicious food. Be sure to buy local sweets and breads. But before that - a promenade through the neighborhood.

On the map

3.3. Monasteries and temples

We recommend taking some time to visit the monasteries. Because these are not just Orthodox shrines, but real architectural monuments, often framed by beautiful nature.

Monastery of St. Agios Georgios Alamanou

A large and very beautiful convent in the Byzantine style. Its history goes back over 500 years and it can be proud to be the first nunnery in Cyprus. The complex has a beautiful park where you can walk and enjoy the views of the foothills.

On the map

Ayia Napa Cathedral

It is surprising that this is the name of the cathedral, which is located quite far from the village of Ayia Napa. Nevertheless, the fact remains. This is a wonderful example of architecture and church interior, which will be interesting to visit.

On the map

Holy Monastery of St Nicholas of the Cats

The monastery is called the feline monastery, because several dozen mustachioed ones live there, and monks take care of them. They do this in gratitude to the entire cat family: about 2,000 years ago, cats were brought to Cyprus to rid the island of snakes. The small predators succeeded in doing this, and they are revered for it to this day.

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Trooditissa Monastery

One of the largest monasteries, and even well located - in the Troodos mountains. Married couples come here to perform a girding ceremony if they cannot have a child.

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3.4. Natural objects

The nature of Limassol is magnificent, especially if you climb further into the mountains. Everywhere there is a walking trail with many observation platforms.

Akrotiri Salt Lake

Not as beautiful as Larnaca Lake, but also interesting in its own way. There are very interesting objects around it: a walking trail, an old chapel, a wild sea beach, a piece of a sunken ship.

On the map

Governor's beach, White Rocks

A very picturesque place. White rocks, intricately cut by water, protrude into the sea surface. There are places for relaxation and swimming, camping and even a sports club.

On the map

Millomeris Waterfall with hiking trail

Highest waterfall in Cyprus, by the way. Located on the river Krios Potamos, it has several rapids. Most effective in the first 4 months of the year, when the river is full.

On the map

Chantara Waterfall

It is located, by the way, not far from the Trooditissa monastery - so you can combine two trips into one. Tourists have access to three rapids, the highest of which is 8 meters.

On the map

Prodromos village and Mount Olympus

If you get to the high-mountainous village of Prodromos or Troodos, and then walk along the trail, you can climb (not to the end) to the highest mountain of the island. It is called Olimbos, or Olympus. Snow falls here in winter and a ski resort operates.

On the map

Germasogeia reservoir with park, picnic area and hiking trail (Germasogeia)

A favorite place for all Limassol residents: here you can have a great weekend. Take a walk in the park, exercise your legs on the trail - or just have a picnic in a specially equipped place. You can also see a couple of small temples: Panagia Chryseleoussa and St. Luke.

On the map

3.5. The best beaches

Everything is provided for rest in Limassol, including sea swimming. We remind you: in Cyprus, admission to all beaches is free!

So, the major beaches of Limassol and the region:

  1. Lady's Mile Beach;
  2. Dasoudi;
  3. Pissouri Beach;
  4. Parekklisia Beach.
You can find out more about interesting places in Limassol in our article.

4. Larnaca

It is considered the most ancient city on the island.

4.1. In the town

All the most interesting and significant things stretched along the seashore. Just walk along - and don't miss a beat!

Church of Saint Lazarus

A magnificent temple, the first buildings of which date back to the 9th century. The building itself is of course more modern. Inside it is a great Christian relic - part of the relics of Saint Lazarus, resurrected by Jesus.

On the map

Finikoudes promenade with the old fort and Europe square.

If you start your way from the fortress and walk along the sea (and past the Finikoudes beach) along the embankment, you can get to Europe Square. We will not list all the interesting things that come across to you throughout the entire journey - let's keep a little intrigue.

Fort on the map

Europe Square on the map

Old turkish quarter (Skala)

If you move from the fort not along the Finikoudes promenade, but in the other direction, along Piyale Paşa street, you can see many interesting things! From the Jami Kebir mosque at the very beginning (it literally hides behind the fortress) to the daily life of elderly Cypriots.

The beginning of the path on the map

Ancient Citium (Kition Archaeological Site)

In the very center of the city you will find ... real excavations. This is another archaeological park, which is under state protection.

On the map

Information for visitors

4.2. Outside the city

If you rent a car, you can visit the remote areas of the Larnaca region. Some places can be reached by bus or as part of an excursion.

The stone age place of Choirokoitia

People first came to Cyprus about 10 thousand years ago, in the Neolithic era. Then they began to establish their first settlements. Choirokitia is 9 thousand years old.

On the map

Information for visitors

Hala Sultan Tekke Mosque

The important mosque in the island of Cyprus - and the Muslim world. Today the mosque is open to all comers, regardless of their religion. It is convenient to visit the shrine while walking along the Salt Lakes - it just stands on the shore.

On the map

Information for visitors

Kamares Aqueduct

The remains of an aqueduct are also found on the shores of Salt Lake. It was erected the Ottomans times, the length of the aqueduct was then almost 10 km! Unfortunately, only 300 meters have survived to this day.

On the map

Lefkara Village

The village is beautiful, especially its upper part - Pano Lefkara. But also great needlewomen live here: women keep the secret of the old embroidery, and men make the most exquisite silver jewelry.

On the map

Camel Park, Mazotos

There is a wonderful park in the village of Mazotos, which is popular with both adults and children. Camels (which you can ride) and other animals live there. Visitors are allowed to feed them and even pet them.

On the map

Official site

4.3. Monasteries and temples

Each village has temples or small chapels. But if you want to see truly large and significant shrines, then here are three of them.

Stavrovouni Monastery

Monastery on a picturesque hill. Only men can get inside, but there is a separate small church for women on the territory of the complex. It is worth coming here if only for the sake of admiring the surroundings from above.

On the map

Machairas Monastery

Administratively it belongs to Nicosia. Magnificent monastery complex in a picturesque location. Recommended for independent visits - or as part of an excursion.

On the map

Panagia tis Angeloktistis Church

One of the oldest churches - the first buildings date back to the 3rd century AD. e. True, the main massif belongs to a later time - to the XI century, and now the building has been restored.

On the map

4.4. Natural landmarks

The most beautiful nature in the Larnaca region is closer to the mountains.

Salt Lakes

There are several of them, and usually the largest is visited. In winter, pink flamingos nest here, and in summer the water evaporates, leaving a crust of salt. In the sun, it looks impressive and can even "show" mirages.

On the map

Oroklini Park and view point

A picturesque village with picturesque surroundings. You can start your journey from a small park, and then continue it to the highest and open point.

Start location on the map

Observation deck on the map

Athienou flower valley

Atienou is interesting: there are several temples, mini-factories, a developed food industry, and in the vicinity there are the ruins of the old part of the village. But the best thing to do after visiting Athienou is to go beyond its borders and visit the fields, which are spread out against the background of the foothills.

On the map

4.5. The best beaches

We note the most interesting:

  1. Finikoudes Beach;
  2. Mackenzie Beach
  3. Kastella Beach;
  4. CTO Beach.
You can read more about interesting places in Larnaca in our article.

5. Nicosia

Nicosia is the only capital in the EU divided into two parts. By two countries: the Republic of Cyprus and the unrecognized by most of the countries TRNC (or simply Northern Cyprus).

5.1. Inside the city

Nicosia is famous for its museums. But it is also interesting to see the old part of the city.

Archbishop's Palace

Inside there are three museums at once: Byzantine, ethnographic and book, that is, an old library. Outside, you can see the statue of the famous archbishop, and a little further away - the Freedom Monument.

On the map

Venetian walls of Nicosia

Very thick and very old. Previously, they defended the city, but now they are its decoration.

On the map

Ledra Street and Shacolas Tower

An old pedestrianized part of Nicosia. After walking through the streets, you can look into the observatory of the Shacolas shopping center: there, from a height of 33 m, you can observe the panorama of the Cypriot capital.

Ledra on the map

Shaсolas on the map

Athalassa National Forest Park

You can rightfully call this gorgeous park a forest in the city. Artificial ponds, lots of birds, the playground for children is a great place to relax and spend a weekend.

On the map

5.2. Outside the city

We recommend paying special attention to the villages and foothills.

Archaeological Site of Tamassos

And again excavation... This is Cyprus. Many traces of ancient civilizations have been preserved here. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to see what has been hidden for centuries!

On the map

Fikardou Rural Museum

Do you want to see how the Cypriots lived 100-200 years ago? Then welcome to Fikardou! This village was quietly abandoned by the inhabitants, but the authorities were not taken aback and made a museum out of it.

On the map

Kakopetria village

A large and beautiful village with a lot of ancient beauties: a mill, a Venetian bridge, several churches. And here you can also take a great walk, eat delicious food and look into the amusement park.

On the map

5.3. Monasteries and temples

There are quite a few ancient temples in Nicosia itself. But you can also go outside the capital and travel through the villages.

Agios Sozomenos

Amazing cave church. It is still open, but ... without priests. People just come here, light candles and fix icons. Nearby you can walk through an abandoned village.

On the map

Panagia Asinou

It would seem like a small church... even a chapel. But inside there is a real treasure: frescoes that have survived from the 12th century. After looking at the frescoes that will surprise you with their splendor, you can stroll through the picturesque surroundings.

On the map

Kykkos Monastery

One of the largest complexes. It is several hundred years old and receives guests daily. It is located in the highlands, so the road will be no less pleasant than a stay in a monastery.

On the map

5.4. Natural landmarks

There are many interesting places in Nicosia. Moreover, they are all little known and are in demand not so much among tourists as among local residents.

Xyliatos Dam Picnic Site

You can only get here by car. But how many interesting things you will see on the way! And the dam itself deserves attention: the smooth surface of greenish water, picturesque hills and a walking path.

On the map

Aplikiou lake and hiking trail

A place for those who like to walk a lot... and find unusual things. The small Aplikiou quarry is filled with intense green water. Of course, you cannot swim in it, but it is extremely interesting to look at this miracle.

On the map

Asinou Park

Great place for a picnic. By the way: not far away is the Panagia Asinou church from our list (see above).

On the map

If you are interested in reading about a larger number of objects in Nicosia - this article is for you.

6. Famagusta area - Ayia Napa and Protaras

The biggest resort of the island. But this does not mean that the vacation here can only be on the beach.

6.1. In Ayia Napa

Ayia Napa is located on the western side of Cape Cavo Greco. You can get here quickly and easily if you are staying in Larnaca.

Sculpture Park and Cactus Park

The parks are opposite each other - across the bridge. Which, by the way, is made in the form of the Agro (ship of the Argonauts). Both there and there are very beautiful and interesting exhibits.

Sculpture park on the map

Cactus park on the map

Ayia Napa Coast Hiking Trail: Sea Caves and Bridge of Love

Everything is simple here: walk along the equipped path along the sea towards Cape Greco. On the way, you will meet secret sea caves (on the map), the bridge of love (on the map), the equipped Ammos Kamburu beach (on the map), a wild beach (on the map), a rocky bay (on the map) and much more. It is better to start from the beach of Glyki Nero.

The beginning of the path on the map

Ayia Napa Monastery

Not to be confused with the Limassol Cathedral! This is a small old church, which has partly turned into ruins, partly has become a museum.

On the map

Agia Thekla Church

As soon as you see this chapel in the picture, you will immediately say: "This is Cyprus"! Because the white walls and the bright blue roof, as well as the entire ensemble, are typical Cypriot architecture of small churches. Nearby there is a cave with icons, and a little further - the beach of the same name.

On the map

Parko Paliatso Luna Park

Not the biggest, but one of the most interesting. Ideal for visiting with the whole family. Children will be delighted!

On the map

Official site

6.2. In Protaras

Protaras lies north of Cape Greco (eastern Cyprus). Famous for its beaches and the convenience of family vacations.

Agioi Saranta Cave Church

A tiny cave chapel. Nevertheless, it looks very picturesque, thanks to the hill and the ruins of the church, located on it.

On the map

Church of St. Elijah

Located in Protaras, not far from Sunrise Beach. And she herself looks great, and the view is wonderful - all thanks to the fact that she is located on a hill.

On the map

Star Leisure Mini Golf

And again we remember that Protaras is a place for family holidays. Here you can sit both with an adult company and with children. Everyone will find something to their liking.

On the map

Official page

Magic Dancing Waters Live Show

It works only during the season, but every day! You book a table and have dinner with a magnificent view of the dancing fountains. The show starts after dark.

On the map

Official site

6.3. Cape Cavo Greco

If you like long walks, you should definitely walk or drive along the entire coast of Cape Greco. This is one of the most beautiful places in the Mediterranean, no kidding.

Here are just a few of what you are lucky enough to see (location links):

  1. Cyclops cave
  2. Church of Saints Cosmas and Damian
  3. natural bridge Kamara tou Koraka
  4. Blue Lagoon Bay where you can swim
  5. lighthouse
  6. sea caves with incredible views
  7. peace monument and observation deck (one of many, of course)
  8. the easternmost point of Cape Greco
  9. lovers tree.

And yet there are a lot of beautiful panoramas! Probably, it's not for nothing that weddings are held here so often.

6.4. The best beaches

All the beaches of the east coast are sandy, clean, with clear turquoise water. This:

  1. Sunrise Beach;
  2. Fig Tree Bay Beach;
  3. Konnos Beach;
  4. Nissi Beach;
  5. Makronissos Beach.
Read more about all the beaches of Ayia Napa in our article.

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