TOP 5 Mistakes That Almost Everyone Makes in Interior Design of New Apartment

ТОП-5 ошибок в интерьере новой квартиры

Sooner or later, this day comes… you are buying a new apartment.

According to one saying, in order to be a real man, one must build a house, plant a tree and father a son. This well-known expression is attributed to perhaps all the deceased classics, but in the Talmud, from where the saying originally borrowed, it looks somewhat different. It says that "a person must first build a house and plant a vineyard, and then get married." Well, God bless that real man!

We bought an apartment.

For everyone, the square footage of their home depends on the possibilities - someone buy a villa in Cyprus, while others get a modest studio or one-room apartment. And here the question arises of how to make it adapted for living. How to make repairs. Villa owners usually solve this issue simply - a cool designer is hired. The owner of a more modest real estate has to solve it without any advice.

To hire a designer is not a cheap deal, but without them it is very possible to make big mistakes. Let's analyze the main ones that would be difficult and expensive to solve, but to live with them would be terribly inconvenient.

1. Electrical network

A lot depends on it. If your home wiring is good, then everything in your apartment works and you can not think about your electrics for years. Errors, on the contrary, will remind you about problems almost every time your household appliances are turned on. Moreover, they are simply dangerous! With faulty wiring, you can face any surprises from short circuits up to the fire.

Other words, you should not save money on your electrical network. If you don't have enough money for a good designer, at least don't skimp on a good electrician. A good specialist will tell you what type of outlets and where they should be, will calculate the number of necessary light points and their power, will tell you how to make sure that you live comfortably and do not overpay. Electricity in Cyprus is very expensive, despite the fact that tariffs seem to have decreased during the pandemic.

Pay attention to the outlets, there should be a lot of them. Think about how the furniture will be located in the apartment, an extra outlet in the wall is much better than an extension cord. Make sure that they are in their place in the kitchen and bathroom, where the most powerful appliances are usually located and more outlets are needed.

2. Lighting

This issue is closely related to the previous one. At the same time, there are nuances, since the lighting is a little more closely related to design. Lighting is an important component of any interior.

Poor light can kill the most expensive finishes and ultra-modern interior. On the other hand, it is very easy to show excessive zeal. So, buying a designer chandelier can turn into a disappointment, because often the authors want to surprise, their work looks like art installations but they lack functionality. It is much better to use designer lamps as decorative lighting, and buy functional ones for the main lighting.

Another common mistake that is becoming a thing of the past is when there is only one source of light inside a room. For example, a chandelier in the center of the room.

By using multiple light sources, you can easily zone a space or create the desired atmosphere. Hang a sconce over the sofa, add a floor lamp to the armchair, place pendant lights above the dining table or bar, and place a table lamp on the console or dresser. This gives you soft, diffused light that makes any room the perfect place to relax.

3. Kitchen

It is a sacred place for a lot of people. It was here that the most intimate conversations took place. Think of your self-isolation. For many, it was the kitchen gastronomic experiments that helped to survive during difficult days of the lockdown. At the same time, the kitchen is a real place for relaxation, but for creativity and work, so everything here must be thought out to the smallest detail, so as not to interfere you, but to inspire.

The main mistakes that inexperienced designers-beginners make in the kitchen are non-observance of the rule of the working triangle "stove-sink-refrigerator".

You need to place your fridge, hob and sink next to each other, that will allow you to make fewer unnecessary movements and more conveniently use the kitchen.

A small work area is one of the most common mistakes in kitchen design. If you do not foresee in advance a sufficiently large work surface that is not occupied by kitchen appliances, sinks and stoves, subsequently you will not have enough space for cooking, and this will cause irritation and discomfort.

4. The size does not matter. Proportions matter

The size of furniture, decor, paintings on the walls, the height of ceilings, window and door openings, and even the width of the baseboards - everything matters in design. Due to this, a visual rhythm is formed. All objects should suit each other, or create a rhythmic pattern that is pleasing to the eye. Dissonance is justified if it is a technique. At the same time, it must emphasize the harmony of everything else.

When preparing a design project, the size of the apartment as a whole and of each room separately must be taken into account. For the correct arrangement of furniture and a visual increase in the area, it is necessary to correlate the dimensions of the furniture and the height of the ceilings, the width and length of the room. In accordance with this, levels are built (high and low furniture) and the room is zoned.

The secret to the right scale is a mixture of different shapes, heights and sizes.

There are many laws, many decisions, and even some intuition. If you do not want your room to look like a museum or an antique shop, then at least make sure that there is not much furniture in the room and it does not vary too much in height.

The time for headsets is over. Now, if the furniture is ideally matched to each other, this rather indicates not the great taste of the owner, but his lack of imagination. So leave identical items for catalogs, and in your home choose furniture that does not look like identical twins.

5. Style around the head

Stylistic mistakes made in the interior are the first thing that catches the eye of those who cross the threshold of your home. Of course, a sense of style is talent. Like any talent, the Lord distributed it among people very unevenly. A person does not always understand even their own desires, and creates an interior in which they will feel uncomfortable. Many desires hide "under the rug" and remain there forever.

The most common mistake is focusing on others, trying to impress friends or outperform neighbors. So you run the risk of being in a room where you will feel uncomfortable. Even the most hospitable house is primarily a home for the owner, and only then a club for gathering friends and relatives.

However, even the ability to explain to ourselves what we want in interior design does not always save the day.

Without enough practical experience, there is a risk of going to extremes and going into excessive severity or giving free rein to your fantasies, using too many techniques in one room. Only a strict balance allows you not to fall into chaos and maintain the necessary balance between monotony and the bacchanalia of color, boredom and unbridled gaiety.

The ideal design is considered to be an interior in which the eye does not get tired. At the same time, it is important that over the course of several years, individual details still attract the eyes of the owners and their visitors.

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