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24 October 2020

10 reasons for moving to Cyprus with children

Life by the sea with children is like a real fairy tale... at first glance. Raising children is difficult in most cities and countries. But Cyprus is an exception. This is a real paradise for families with children of all ages!

1. Excellent ecology

Cyprus has very clean air. Because there is only one manufacturing plant on the island and even that one is quite environmentally friendly. This allows you to breathe clean fresh air both on the coast and in the mountains of Cyprus.

The rivers are clean, as well as the sea. Of course, you shouldn't swim just near the ports (Larnaca, Limassol). There are many beaches along the coastline, of which 60 are consistently awarded the Blue Flag. This means that the beaches are perfectly clean and comfortable here.

2. Wonderful climate

The weather is great in Cyprus. There are only 30-40 full rainy days a year, the rest of the time the sun is shining. As you know the sun = vitamin D and strong immunity!

It is most pleasant to be in the mountains in summer in Cyprus as there the temperature does not exceed +30 degrees. In winter, it is warmer by the sea: the temperature during the day does not drop below +10 degrees even in the coldest months (January-February)!

By the way, the sea on the southern coast cools down to as low as +17 degrees: this means that the family can become strong and swim all year round! Well, if you are warmth lovers, then you can simply buy wetsuits.

3. Healthy lifestyle

The Mediterranean is the place where you want to be healthy, fit and tanned. Doesn't matter if you are adults or children! All year round, you can play sports with your child in the fresh air: jog, swim (see paragraph above), go hiking in the mountains, ride a bike.

The proximity of the sea is also beneficial to health: as you know, viruses and bacteria do not linger in the salty air for a long time. In general, the entire local population here gets sick rarely and lives for a long time. Locals under the age of 90 are common on the island.

Finally, vegetables, fruits and berries ripen in Cyprus all year round. You can always find seasonal goodies at an attractive price in the markets. Thus, from childhood, a child can be taught a healthy diet.

4. Opportunity to go in for water sports

Diving, snorkeling, surfing, just swimming are all available for children and adults. You can practice at some sports center. But there is always an opportunity to master everything at an amateur level, just to keep fit. If parents lead an active lifestyle, then their child follows their sports road.

5. Ability to learn multiple languages

Children pick up a new language very quickly. Therefore, you can send your child to a Greek kindergarten and to be surprised to note that after 2-3 months they calmly communicate with Cypriot children in their native language.

English is taught in many kindergartens and elementary grades. So, upon graduation from school, a teenager will be fluent in at least three languages: Greek, English and your native language (if it's not English or Greek).

6. Education in the British program

To send a child to a British school (of which there are many in Cyprus) is an excellent solution for those who want to give their offspring a European education. The British school is known by their teaching methods, after which your kid can enter a British university.

Another option is to send a grown son or daughter to one of the Cypriot universities. Some of them are studying under the British higher education program, which means that their diploma will be highly valued in the EU.

7. Locals love children

The cult children on the island impresses foreigners. The kid is never reprimanded, and older children do not know what household chores are. Children here are trying to prolong their childhood as much as possible, isn't that wonderful?

In general, they always help a mother with a child, make a discount, forgive the mess made by the baby. Raising a child in such a friendly atmosphere is a pleasure for any parent.

8. There is enough entertainment for children.

If adults, even in large cities, complain about the lack of interesting activities, then there are no such problems for families with children. You can always find places for walking with kids (parks, playgrounds), learning centers, attractions, water parks, zoos, animal farms and much, much more.

9. Low stress level

This is very important not so much for young children as for teenagers. As you know, after 12-13 years of age, boys and girls begin to grow up, and hence there can be a tense relationship with themselves and the world around them.

In big countries, teenagers are tired of schools, of a hectic pace of life, of communications with peers, etc. In Cyprus, there are no such problems: both adults and children live according to the principle of "siga-siga" (slow life). There is time for everything. This has a very positive effect on the younger generation and relieves parents of unnecessary problems.

10. Opportunity to hire a nanny

Perhaps this is more of a plus for parents than for their children. But! In Cyprus, it is perfectly normal to use babysitting services.

Hiring a nanny in Cyprus is inexpensive and very easy. This significantly relieves parents and allows them to go about their business for several hours a day.

Moving to Cyprus with kids is a great idea! If you need to rent or buy real estate in Cyprus, contact the specialists of the DOM Cyprus real estate agency, all services are absolutely free.

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