Best Protaras Relaxing Beaches

Лучшие пляжи Протараса - где самый лучший пляжный отдых в Протарасе
29 November 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Visitors to the beaches in Protaras consider them to be some of the best on the entire island. If you love a beach holiday, then you should definitely visit the southeast coast of Cyprus and swim in the warm turquoise water. Oh yeah, and enjoy the views! Because the shores here are truly picturesque.

General characteristics of the beaches of Protaras

Definitely, the whole southwest of Cyprus is the most beautiful place to stay. Not only is nature very beautiful (Cape Greco with its sea caves, small islands, clear water) - the beach infrastructure is also very developed here. You can do one of the water sports, sunbathe beautifully, hang out, spend time with your family and children. In other words, Protaras is truly ideal for relaxation.

So, the reasons why the beaches of Protaras are attractive:

  1. Most of the beaches are sandy and have a mild slope. This makes your stay comfortable and safe, even if you have small children with you.
  2. The entire coast of Protaras is full of bays, and a lot of beaches are located there. This protects the coast from strong waves and unpleasant winds, which is especially important in the off-season.
  3. The beach infrastructure is highly developed. On almost every beach, even the smallest, you can rent sun loungers, umbrellas and use the changing cabins.
  4. All the beaches of Protaras are free for everyone. You can bring your sun lounger, snack, and enjoy your vacation at no extra cost.
  5. The water along the entire coast of Protaras is simply amazing - clean, transparent, with a magical turquoise hue. It is pleasant not only to swim in such a place, but also to take great photos.

By the way, many Protaras beaches are marked with the Blue Flag - this is a special international quality mark. It says that this is a clean and safe place with everything you need to relax, including vacation with children and people with special needs.

Of course, it is difficult to single out the best beaches in Protaras, since everyone has their own concept of the ideal. Someone needs a developed infrastructure and events, someone needs a family vacation, and someone needs silence and solitude. But, the variety of Protaras beaches allows everyone to choose a place to their liking.

TOP 6 beaches in close proximity to Protaras

Those staying in the center of Protaras will have convenient access to the nearby beaches. Among them are those that are considered the best beaches in the area.

Fig Tree Bay Beach (Blue Flag)

Perhaps, it is worth starting from this beach. It is one of the largest, cleanest and most beautiful on the entire south-east coast of Cyprus. Fig three is covered with sand, no rocky areas are observed. The entrance to the water is shallow, which is important for young children and the elderly.

The infrastructure here is so developed that you can wonder. Fig Tree Bay Beach has changing cabins, restrooms, showers, drinking fountains, cafes, water entertainment center, beach equipment rental, wi-fi. And of course, lifeguards are on duty during daylight hours.

On the map

Sunrise Beach (Blue Flag)

This beach has an interesting history. In fact, these are three beaches combined into one. Each of them has its own name, so tourists sometimes get confused. So, to clear up the confusion, here are the Sunrise Beach "middle names":

  1. the municipal beach, sometimes called Yianna Marie, is located to the north;
  2. the Sunrise Beach itself is in the middle;
  3. Vrissiana Beach - located to the south.

All three beaches are well equipped and have a full range of amenities and water activities. There are practically no stones, and the slope is mild. Ideal for any type of holiday.

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Vyzakia Beach

The little beach is practically within the city limits. A great place for those looking for privacy and tranquility without losing comfort. Here you can easily change clothes (there are cabins), take a shower and rent a sun lounger.

Vyzakia is perfect for a measured family vacation. The entrance to the sea is very shallow and mostly sandy. It will be convenient and safe for everyone, young and old.

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Nisia Loumbardi Beach (Blue Flag)

Another small but well-maintained beach located in a pretty bay. The water is bright turquoise in color, so if you want cool photos, then take a look here, you won't go wrong.

Despite the intimacy, the beach offers vacationers all the amenities and services: cabins and restrooms, beach equipment rental, a bar and Wi-Fi. Rescuers are on duty right there. Swimming in Nisia Lombardi is great, there are no stones and sharp depths.

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Green Bay Beach

Not the largest, but definitely one of the most interesting beaches in Protaras. Divers from all over the world gather here: both beginners and seasoned divers. It's all about the proximity of a natural cape: there is a diving school and diving equipment rental. And behind the cape itself there is an underwater sculpture park. We will talk about it in the section on wild beaches.

Green Bay Beach is located in the recess of a cozy bay. Entry into the water is smooth, there are stones, but you can easily find areas with a sandy bottom. It will be safe for children and adults. To services of tourists - changing cabins, showers, sun loungers, observation of lifeguards and even wi-fi.

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Mimosa Beach Protaras

This beach is located in a small bay. Of course, there are stones, but the central part is full of sand and is convenient for smooth diving into the sea. And it's also very nice here!

From the infrastructure - umbrellas and sun loungers for rent. If you want something more, you can always quickly walk to the cafe a little further from the coast.

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TOP-8 beaches of Pernera

It would be more correct to call Perner a resort village. It is also part of the Protaras area. Pernera is located to the north, and it is famous for its developed beach infrastructure - not all of Cyprus can boast of this.

Pernera P Beach (Blue Flag)

The excellent beach of Pernera P (not to be confused with the beach of the same name in Ayia Napa) is located in a round bay completely covered with light sand. An ideal place for families with children and families.

All amenities, including Wi-Fi and water activities, are presented right on the coast. The diving center is within walking distance.

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Kalamies, Golden Coast or Louma (Blue Flag)

It impresses with its size, infrastructure, amount of entertainment and views. Everything is beautiful on Kalamies beach: from the picturesque panorama with the church of St. Nicholas to the amenities and a huge number of institutions. There is even a yacht harbor where you can rent a boat. In general, everyone can find something to do: both adults and children.

Towards nightfall, the beach turns into a hangout for young people. There are quite a few bars and entertainment venues here. There are also five-star hotels around, which guarantees good service.

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Minas Bay or Sirena Bay

A small beach, but nevertheless it is well equipped. It is very convenient to enter the sea on soft sand, there are few stones - and it is very easy to notice them in clear water. There is everything for guests on the shore, including Wi-Fi and a restaurant.

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Vrysoudia Beach or Scarabeo Beach

Another small beach on the shore of a small bay. It is very nice and safe here, you can relax with children.

You can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, there is a cafe nearby. But for water activities you will have to go to another, larger beach.

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Agia Triada Beach or Trinity Beach (Blue Flag)

This beach is considered by many to be the best of all in Pernera. And they are right: plenty of space, a beautiful enclosed bay, everything you need for a first-class vacation. The small church next door adds a Cypriot flavor so pleasant and sunny.

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Ellines Beach

A very small, literally tiny beach - this gives it an atmosphere of peace and solitude. Rest here will be calm, peaceful and safe. From the infrastructure there is a rental of umbrellas / sun loungers and cafes, but a little further from the sea.

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Polyxenia Beach

Another small beach in Protaras that has only hotels nearby. However, the entrance is free, and you can have a quiet and good rest by the sea. It is convenient to swim - entering the water along the sand and with a smooth slope, which will appeal to both adults and children. A sun lounger and / or umbrella can be rented.

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Marlita Beach or Potami Bay

A chamber beach with massage cabins and water activities. There is Wi-Fi and beach equipment rental. But at the same time, it is always quite quiet and calm here - the place is not a party place, but rather a family one.

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Beaches of the suburb of Protaras

Some distance from Protaras, there are also wonderful places for swimming and relaxation. They can be reached on foot or by renting a taxi.

Konnos Beach (Blue Flag)

One of the best - and this is no exaggeration. It is a large, spacious beach among picturesque cliffs. A great place to pamper your eyes and relax properly.

To get to Konnos Beach, to the white and soft sand, you need to overcome some descent from the main road. But all vacationers are covered by the "wings" of the bay. It is quite crowded during the season, but there is enough space for everyone. As well as entertainment with excellent service.

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Malama beach

Small in area, but at the same time very developed in terms of infrastructure, the beach. There are water activities, a rental point and even lifeguards are on duty. Several cafes are located nearby. So you can safely relax with children and without them.

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Kapparis Beach or Fireman Beach (Blue Flag)

An excellent place for a quiet holiday close to Protaras. It is located in a cozy bay with light-colored rocks, so the photos will be great. In addition, cautious people and families with children will love the gentle descent of the coast into the sea.

And what is interesting is that during the season it is not as crowded as expected. Probably, the fact is that water entertainment is not provided, therefore they rest here mainly in quiet companies.

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Armyropigado Beach or Scouts Beach

Difficult name should not scare you off if you are looking for peace and quiet - all this can be found on the beach of Armyropigado. Entry into the water is perfectly smooth and smooth, there are basic services - changing cabins and a rental shop for beach equipment. And here you can also see an absolutely stunning sunrise!

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Wild beaches of Protaras

Not every tourist of all the comfortable beaches of Protaras will prefer wild, unequipped places. But do not give them up right away: yes, in some currents of the coast it is not very convenient to swim. But what kind of views there can open! This is the value of wild beaches, especially when it comes to Cavo Greco.

Ricky Beach (Xistaria Bay)

A very small beach near Protaras, surrounded by stones, but the entry into the water is sandy. A very quiet and secluded place worth looking for next to the hotel of the same name. Ideal for those who do not want to join the crowd of tourists and prefer to relax alone.

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Trinity Wild Beach

It is located very close to the equipped Trinity, but very different from it. There are fewer people here, there is no infrastructure. At the same time, the views from the bay are excellent, and entry into the water is pleasant: there are not too many stones, mostly the bottom is comfortable.

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Wild coves in Green Bay

This bay in Protaras is a real treasure for divers. In such a small space, there are several water entertainment centers, including a diving school, and there are also truly picturesque places.

Many of them are quite good for swimming, although they do not have beach status. For example, Turtle Bay is a mini bay where you can swim with turtles! Not always, but only if you're lucky. Nearby are underwater sculptures - a kind of training park for divers.

Turtle Bay location

Underwater sculptures on the map

Dog Friendly Beach

In Cyprus, it is strictly forbidden to bathe animals in public places. Even on wild beaches. Therefore, there are several special dog beaches on the island.

There is one near Protaras - not far from the buffer zone. Mostly locals come here with their pets. Of course, people shouldn't swim.

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Kamara tou Koraka natural bridge at Cape Greco

If you leave Protaras and head south, straight to Cape Cavo Greco, you will find great places to swim or take photos. Indeed, the landscapes are magnificent here: whimsical white cliffs that take on the most magical forms.

One of these sights is the weathered bridge-like arch over the water. It's dangerous to walk on it, but you can take photos nearby.

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Blue Lagoon and its caves

The coolest thing is that you can swim in this place! It is easy to go down into the water over the stones, and then you should definitely swim along the sea caves. Moreover, there are always few people here, most likely due to the fact that you must walk to the Blue Lagoon. It is located on the territory of a national reserve, and transport does not reach here.

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The Lighthouse in Cape Greco

Of course, this cannot be called a beach, but the place is really awesome. From above, you can view the surroundings, and this is the blue sea and beautiful rocky shores. You will also have a large and beautiful lighthouse behind you. In general, this location of Protaras is simply excellent for walking! And on foot you can reach the Blue Lagoon (see above), there is a good descent into the water for swimming.

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