Suburbs of Paphos

Ближние пригороды Пафоса
7 May 2021 Alexey Efremov

When describing the features of each location, we will focus on 3 key parameters: site development + environment + infrastructure.


Geroskipou - on the map

Geroskipou (or Yeroskipou) is located just 3 km from the city of Paphos. The name of the village means "sacred garden" in Greek.

The real estate development of Geroskipou, which has almost merged with Paphos, is very diverse.

The central part is "strung" on the old highway to the international airport. This is a historical area with the Byzantine Museum of Paphos, the church of Paraskeva and fountains in the square. There are many shops around, which offer traditional handicrafts, pottery and the famous local delights. There are also coffee shops, taverns, restaurants, butchers and fish shops.

In the northern part, towards the industrial zone, there are private low-rise buildings and apartment complexes. Apartment complexes, townhouses, houses and villas are located southward, towards the sea. There are also several modern cottage villages and tourist hotels behind a vast agricultural area, in the immediate vicinity of the sea.

The environment is very colorful. However, it can be said that Geroskipou is inhabited mostly by the local population and the expats permanently living on the island. You will find tourists only in hotels or apartments near the beaches.


The infrastructure of Geroskipou is good. The place is located at a comfortable distance from Paphos International Airport, you go to the airport by bus or by taxi, the latter is no more than €25. One of the best private medical centers, Royal Artemis, is located here. The biggest banks in Cyprus have their offices here. There are big supermarkets. The sandy and pebble beaches of Geroskipou have recently undergone renovation and are equipped with everything you need. As you can expect, they have the blue flags. There is also the Aphrodite Water Park and Luna Park. Lots of gymnasiums, sports grounds and other facilities. Thus, everything that you may need will be nearby.

Timi, Mandria & Anarita

Real estate development

Timi is next to the Paphos International Airport. Mandria is located to the west on the seashore. Anarita is located further from the sea on the shore of a reservoir formed by the Asprokremmos Dam. There are no multi-storey complexes in these villages. Several modern cottage villages with townhouses and maisonettes have been built in Mandria and Anarita. In Timi, unlike Mandria and Anarita, there are private houses with small plots of land.


Timi is populated mostly by Cypriots as there are not many foreigners. Mandria and Anarita are quite international. Nevertheless, the way of life is unhurried and rustic everywhere. The relative distance from Paphos can be a disadvantage for extroverts, but it will be ideal for introverts.

The infrastructure is quite typical for Cyprus: 2-3 taverns, a supermarket, periptero (24/7 with everything you need), a coffee shop, a bakery, a gas station. Mandria has an office of the Société Générale Bank. Two well-equipped intimate beaches, which tourists usually do not visit. One is in Mandria, the other is not far from the Filiotis fish tavern.

That's all. For something special, you will have to go to Geroskipou or Paphos, which will take 12-15 minutes by car.

Kuklia (Secret Valley Golf Resort, Aphrodite Hills Golf & Spa Resort Residences)

Real estate development

Kouklia is located not far from the so-called 'Rock of Aphrodite', a place which tourists visit as they are told that the beautiful goddess once emerged here from the sea foam. Now it is a small village. But in ancient times, the sanctuary of Aphrodite in Old Paphos, whose ruins are in the center of the village, attracted pilgrims from all over the Mediterranean world. Here, according to legend, the events of the famous legend of Pygmalion and Galatea happened.

In modern Kouklia, the main attractions are two golf clubs with beautiful 18-hole world-class courses: Secret Valley and Aphrodite Hills. Actually, they affect the real estate development nearby. If the center of Kouklia is built up with old stone houses, then the villages near the golf courses consist of luxury houses and villas with panoramic sea views and big gardens.

The population is a cosmopolitan community which loves playing golf.

Infrastructure is ideal for the prestigious location as there is everything you need. If you cannot find what you need nearby, you have a cellphone and a concierge service. :)



The real estate development here looks like Geroskipou.

Perhaps because Chloraka is the second largest suburb of Paphos. There are villages near the sea which consist of villas and guest cottages for rent. They are actively building luxurious villas on the slope, from which you can see a fantastic sea panorama with the dry cargo ship Demetrios II stuck in the reef. A little further, there is a large number of new comfortable complexes with swimming pools. Now the Chloraka coastal zone is a neighborhood full of modern houses which are bought by expats from Europe.


Chloraka was settled by the British even before they began to develop the Peyia region and the coast towards the Akamas Peninsula in the West. There is a significant number of cheap real estate in the village which were built in the 90s and now inhabited mainly by British pensioners. Property on the slope and closer to the sea belongs to wealthier and younger residents, mostly foreigners. It should be borne in mind that a significant number of refugees from Syria and Iraq have recently settled in the old buildings of Chloraka.


The infrastructure of Chloraka is good. There are chain supermarkets and restaurants, medical centers, veterinary clinics, bank offices and much more. There is always the opportunity to buy something edible within walking distance. There is a cobbled promenade along the coastline with observation decks and electric lighting. Here is one of the most popular beaches - St George Beach.

Emba, Lempa & Kissonerga

The housing of the neighboring villages are mostly low-rise. The plots are interspersed with banana plantations and other orchards. After the announcement of the imminent construction of a large marina and a cruise terminal in Potima Bay, they started to construct modern hotels and residential complexes on the coastline.

The population is mixed. We can say that the ratio of locals to foreigners is 50/50. The inhabitants are different. But, on the slopes near the Potima Bay, there is an area, where the minimum property value is €4 million.

The infrastructure here is a little 'poorer' than in Chloraka, but as villages are close to each other, everything that is located in Chlorasa can be used by residents of other villages. Emba has a theater and is one of the best restaurants in the region, according to Trip Adviser, To Steki tou Thanasi. Lempa is famous for Cyprus College of Art. And Kissonerga will soon have the largest marina in the Eastern Mediterranean for 1000 yachts and a terminal for cruise liners.

Peyia (Peyia, Agios Georgios, Coral Bay, Sea Caves)

Peyia's real estate development varies greatly from area to area.

It was a small village which was chosen by the Brits in the 90s. Since that time, a gentle slope in the direction of the Akamas forest has been actively built up with private houses and residential complexes.

The coastal resort area of Coral Bay with two picturesque bays and sandy beaches is a typical tourist area full of hotels, villas and cottages for the summer season, which lasts in Cyprus from April to November.

Sea Caves is a prestigious area where houses with good land plots are built by wealthy people.

Agios Georgios was a small fishing village before. Then, thanks to a small harbor, a yacht club appeared here and small villas and family pensions began to be built around. Then, several villages of villas were built on the border with the Akamas Peninsula National Park. Finally, the ambitious CapSt. Georges Beach Club Resort with a large number of upscale residences and a 5-star hotel appeared here.


You can learn from the description above that the vast majority of people in Peyia and nearest villages are wealthy foreigners and British pensioners.

The infrastructure is good enough. Lots of sports facilities. Olympic swimming pool. Show jumping fields and stables. Peyia does not have her own theater, as in Emba. But there is an equestrian club and the only big zoo on the island, which is very popular among children. The beaches of Coral Bay and Corallia have a well-deserved reputation.


Tala & Kamares

Real estate development: the center of Tala is concentrated around the Holy Temple of Birth of Savior Christ. It is surrounded by old traditional Cypriot houses. There are comfortable houses with swimming pools and a few apartment complexes on the slope, which are bought out by foreigners. Near the monastery of St. Neophytos, there is the village of Kamares which is located on the terraces of a steep slope. It is completely built up with villas, which offer stunning panoramic views of Paphos and the sea coast.


More than half of Tala's residents are British. The rest are mostly Europeans. Kamares real estate was bought by foreigners. Luxurious residences of wealthy Chinese have been built in the village.

The infrastructure is quite common for island settlements. However, if you want serious shopping, you will have to spend 15 minutes to get to the Papantoniou supermarket in Chloraka or go a little further, to Paphos. The village has the wonderful sea views, but the nearest beach is actually at least three kilometers away.

But if you have a pool in your yard, how often do you need sea baths?


Mesogi & Tremithousa

The real estate development of a significant part of Mesogi and Tremithousa was completed in the 80-90s. But there is also a number of quite modern real estate. Mostly these are houses, villas and townhouses. But there are also apartment complexes.

Population. A significant part of Mesogi is a trading area and an industrial zone with food and processing industries. Cypriots prefer to live here. In the eastern part, there are villages where real estate was purchased by foreigners. There is no such clear division in Tremithousa as expats and native Cypriots are mixed in equal proportions.

Infrastructure is the best here (second after Paphos). It is home to many shops and car dealerships for most of the popular car brands, as well as the island's renowned wine producer Ficardos.



Real estate development

Most areas of Konia were built up in the 90s of the last century. Nevertheless, in the last few years, several villages of small residences with swimming pools and gardens have been built for foreigners who prefered Konia despite its remoteness from the sea.


Due to its location, it is not the most popular place to buy property. But many foreigners working on the island rent and buy real estate here because of the favorable prices compared to near resort property.

The infrastructure can hardly be called good. But you won't die of hunger. And for everything else, you will have to spend 10-15 minutes by car.

Tsada (Tsada, Olimpus & Vikla Village, Minthis Hills)

Real estate development

Around the village of Tsada, which consists of locals, there are several villages where mostly foreigners live, such as Olympus, Vikla and Mint Hills. All three are built up with modern complexes with a peculiar architecture. Vikla and Olympus seem to be drawn for promotional pictures for tourists gathered to visit the Mediterranean. It may seem that you are in Italy or France. The Mint Hills are increasingly cosmopolitan, there are luxury high-tech residences. The surroundings of Tsada are characterized by bizarre relief and stunning panoramas.


Quite wealthy people from all over the world spend their holidays here or even the rest of their lives.


The highlight of the Tsada neighborhood is definitely the Minthis Golf Club. It is the ideal place for those seeking to buy or rent property here. The rest is quite typical. The proximity of Paphos makes available everything that the fourth largest city in Cyprus can offer. Daily trips to the beach can seem exhausting. But 30-40 minutes by car will hardly stop someone if they want to swim in the Mediterrenian sea.

Brief summary:

  1. Geroskipou is a promising resort suburb of Paphos with a large selection of quality resale and new real estate. It is planned in the near future to build here an ambitious Eden City project of the famous Hungarian entrepreneur Sándor Kenyeres. Part of the project will be located on a specially created artificial island. There will be a yacht marina, a medical center, a five-star hotel and more… and a number of residential real estate.
  2. Mandria and Tala are suitable for those who prefer a secluded, quiet life.
  3. Kouklia and Tsada are the golf fans' choice.
  4. Chloraka, Kissonerga, Mandria and Peyia are the best places for sea and beach lovers.

If you go to live in Paphos or its picturesque surroundings, you will live in paradise on earth.

Where else can you see such sunsets?

You can learn more about real estate in Paphos here, as well as get professional and free advice from the DOM real estate specialists.

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