TOP 10 main trends in housing design for 2022

ТОП-10 главных трендов в дизайне жилья на 2022 год
17 November 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Autumn is the best time to think about the next year. Interior exhibitions have been held, major brands have released their new collections, which means that conclusions can be drawn.

The modern design of an apartment or house requires the study of every detail. Today it is very important that everything is not only beautiful and stylish, but also practical and functional. 

Among the main trends of 2022 that await us in the interior design of apartments and houses, we can highlight:

Functionality and technologies

The prolonged quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic has forced us to rethink and, as a result, realize that items in an apartment or house should not be luxurious or expensive, but comfortable and functional. Therefore, it is worth introducing modern innovations and technologies into your home. At the same time, objects in your home should have more diverse characteristics and functions than we are used to. Thus, the first trend is to create a functional and modern space around yourself.

Environmental friendliness and non-consumption

A long stay at home also gave an opportunity to reconsider the personal significance and contribution to world ecology. The epidemic has become a wake-up call from nature, so another trend in interior design in 2022 is environmental friendliness and reduced consumption. If you have cluttered up your apartment, then it's time to clear the space of everything superfluous. For example, you can refuse paintings on the walls or objects reflecting belonging to a particular religion. You should not believe advertising and buy meaningless items that clutter up space, and subsequently the planet.

Glasses and mirrors

Being locked up for several months, the designers realized how important the connection with the outside world is - with daylight and nature — and how much the glass surface can give us during self-isolation. Transparency makes the space visually larger, which has a positive effect on the mood of a person. This trend implies the use in interiors of more glass, mirrors, large windows and other opportunities to make the interior of your home lighter, transparent and airy.


Generally speaking, minimalism will remain the main trend of the next year, and most likely for at least three or four more years. And this is easily explained. Nowadays, there is an abundance of information — in the form of text, pictures, video content and other things, at home you really need to throw off this unnecessary ballast, have a lot of free space where you can give a rest to both ears - from loud and not always good music, and eyes - from advertising colors from the palette. Otherwise, it is unlikely to recover quickly.

Minimalism is good because with the help of standard household items and interior, it is easy to transform the interior into any other. It is enough to add accents in almost any style to the basic gray and beige tones, and your home will be transformed, if not beyond recognition, then significantly. In general, the phrase of a modernist architect Mies van der Rohe Less is More didn't reflect reality as accurately as it does now. It is the whole essence of minimalism - laconically, clearly and straight to the point.

Home office

The pandemic has turned our idea of work upside down: someone remained in the home-office mode, many companies switched to a hybrid format of work. And the previous experience made it clear: at any moment, the world can expect a new lock down.

An equipped workplace in the house has been a real 'musthave' since 2020, and in 2022 this trend will not go anywhere. This is taken into account by both designers and developers. Even if the housing area is small, it is possible to allocate a corner for comfortable work. 

There are several directions within this trend:

  1. Multifunctional transformer furniture is the best, and sometimes the only solution for single rooms and studios.
  2. Competent zoning - partitions and screens will help you to retire and work without being distracted by anything.
  3. An office on the loggia is another option for small apartments.
  4. Rational use of space, for example, more and more often a mini-office is organized by the window, using the window sill as the basis for the desktop.

Smooth lines

Because of the pandemic, we began to spend more time at home, and this affected the perception of the interior. The focus in the coming years will shift to creating the most cozy and comfortable atmosphere, which means that shapes and silhouettes will soften.

Even now, in fashionable living room interiors, rectangular furniture with pronounced angles is replaced by smooth, curved lines: round armchairs and tables, spherical lamps, sofas in the shape of a crescent. The trend is any streamlined shapes and a variety of textures that flow into each other and turn the space into a cozy cocoon. Moreover, it does not necessarily have to be a perfectly smooth circle — pay attention to the forms inherent in nature with their imperfections and sometimes the lack of perfect symmetry.

This trend is associated with the return of fashion in the 1950s and 70s, so if you don't like modern trends in their purest form, you can safely add objects of that era to the atmosphere: round bubble lamps as an accent on the ceiling, armchairs and sofas with corduroy upholstery, bright and cheerful decor. All this is perfectly combined with high-quality eco-friendly finishes and pronounced textures.

Spa-style bathroom

Another post-teen trend that has emerged as a result of rethinking the role of the house. At the moment when fitness halls and beauty salons were closed, all beauty treatments had to be moved home. And, as it turned out, it is absolutely real to arrange a mini-spa at home. To do this, it is not necessary to have a private house and a large bathroom. Even within the framework of a city apartment, you can add wellness elements to the bathroom.

The following techniques will help in this:

  1. Pleasant to the touch textures - wood, marble, linen and cotton.
  2. Thoughtful lighting - create several lighting scenarios: from a bright overhead lamp to soft muted lighting that will help you tune in to relax.
  3. Pleasant aromas - arrange your favorite cosmetics and candles on the shelves, use a diffuser with incense during water procedures.
  4. Zoning of space – even on a small area, with the help of finishes, palettes and different textures, you can visually and tactilely highlight a household unit, a relaxation area, and so on.

Modular sofas

Modular sofas are one of the hottest trends that will definitely not give up in the near future. Interior design is now experiencing an era of functionality and reasonable minimalism, the concept of which perfectly fits the idea of modular upholstered furniture.

What is good about modular furniture:

  1. This is not a separate item, but a whole system that includes seats, poufs, couches, drawers and shelves, a sleeping place and so on.
  2. All elements are selected individually — you choose only those elements that you need, and in the right quantity.
  3. The result is a unique, mobile and ergonomic product that fits exactly into the size of the room and meets the lifestyle of the owners.
  4. Modular sofas are made in a modern design, thanks to which they perfectly fit into minimalistic, loft and contemporary interiors. They are not used in pure classics, but they are suitable for contrasting eclectic design, in which several different directions are mixed.

Accent wall

There should be a focal point in any room that attracts attention and creates a wow effect. Its other role is to divert the eyes from the imperfections of the decoration or to mask inharmonious proportions (for example, if the room is narrow and elongated).

In the coming year, more and more projects with an accent wall are waiting for us. This technique cannot be called innovative, but it is definitely on trend.

What is important to consider when selecting a type of wall:

  1. It will attract the eye, which means the finish should be of high quality.
  2. In the hall it can be a TV area or a dining group, in a private house you can beat the fireplace.
  3. Moderation is important — in contrast with the accent surface, there should be a calm finish.
  4. You can designate a certain area with a bright tone of the walls, an active pattern on the wallpaper, a shelf with decor or a mini-gallery of paintings and posters.

Wall-to-wall storage systems

The designers' projects highlighted another trend that will only strengthen its position next year — not to be afraid of a large scale. Τhere are full-wall storage systems or built into a wide niche.

It can be an open shelving, shelves of different heights for books and decor, a showcase-type bookcase, a design that includes both open and closed parts.

This format is good not only because it gives enough storage space and uses the useful area of the vertical surface to the maximum. At the same time, an accent wall looms, which does not need to be decorated in any way.

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