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26 May 2021

What is the best investment in 2021?

What is the best investment in 2021?

It is worth paying your attention to this question, as investments are the popular type of earnings in the 21st century.

This way of income is suitable for those who are not afraid to take risks and make important and deliberate decisions in a fairly short time. The first thing that can be noted is that it is highly discouraged to start investing or trading without some initial knowledge, basic information and market research.

Of course, this is not prohibited, but if you put a large amount on classic investments (such as gold) without any knowledge, then, in 98%, you can lose the entire amount (2% if you're lucky).

You can anticipate a rise in stocks, but you have to be either unique or an exceptionally talented and lucky person, which is very rare.

During the pandemic, the whole world started to work online and exchange markets, investments, trading and investments are all starting to gain momentum.

The percentage of investments (and not only) over the past year “skyrocketed”. Also, the number of investment products has increased as demand generates interest and return on investment.

How does it work?

1. Your need to learn more

You have to carefully research the market and what products are currently at the peak of popularity (or what has a good potential for growth in price). If the product is currently at its peak value, then you should wait a moment and buy the share / invest in the product when the price drops as much as possible. When it is at its peak again, sell the stock or make a profit that will rise several times in percentage.

2. Search for a company

If you think about stocks, you should learn how to trade, what tools you need for this, find a REGISTERED COMPANY WITH A LICENSE. As a company without a license is illegal and unregistered, that is, if your funds are lost, the company is not responsible, as you will not be able to sue it.

Otherwise, if the company goes bankrupt, then it will close and all your investments will "go bankrupt", because all the money in the company's account will simply be taken by its organizers.

This is theft and fraud. Thus the first thing you should ask is "Please provide a license for your company."

They call you if you register on the website of a trading company. As soon as you enter your data, they instantly appear in the company's database. There, accordingly, your phone number without which you would not be able to complete the registration and agents representing the company start calling you and how / in what to invest.

Your right is to choose whether you invest with or without help, but you must understand that all your next actions are solely on your responsibility.

3. Choose an investment object

Next, you will learn what to invest in this year, as well as what is no longer relevant, so as not to make mistakes that can be decisive, because the issue is delicate and requires a very careful and attentive approach.

Best investment options in 2021:

1. Electric vehicles

Based on the latest news, the whole world is going to switch to electric vehicles by 2035. The UK and US have already introduced electric vehicles into everyday life and installed charging devices throughout the country. Now it is one of the most popular topics for discussion and one of the most profitable investments, because the future belongs to sustainable transport. A new era is coming and the issues of a "healthy planet" and environmental friendliness will come to the fore. The following companies will be engaged in the development of 'green' cars: Honda, Hyundai, Tesla, Toyota. These companies are the best investment choice.


In recent years, AMAZON has become the richest company for investment, those who invested in this company at the initial stage are already millionaires, because their shares have risen by thousands of percent. It is still one of the most sought after and best investment companies.

3. Cryptocurrency

The world is smoothly moving to e-wallets, online banks, and paper money will soon lose its value. All this is aimed at the convenience and comfort of the consumer. Money in the whole world is now moving to the Internet, and this space has its own currency and its own market, which works according to certain systems.

A year ago, the Bitcoin exchange rate was about $5 thousand. Today the price is breaking all records: $55,000. And this is just the beginning. And those who bought bitcoins 5 years ago, when they cost about $400, most likely are already driving their own yachts. Bitcoin will grow and that's a fact!

4. Internet and social networks

Undoubtedly, the leader of today's top investment. Social networks and the Internet have become an integral part of our life, without which our everyday life will simply be unthinkable. Fortunately or unfortunately, this is an individual choice of everyone, but the best thing, of course, is to stick to the positive. In any case, it is always a profitable investment, because more and more people are registering on social networks. Those who invested in Netflix before the outbreak of the pandemic, their have already made huge profits too.

5. Microchips

No electronic gadget works without a chip. There are entire companies engaged in the development of these chips, and this year they are in crisis, thus even the PlayStation 5 has suspended they release for a little, as there are simply not enough chips.

But people are slowly solving this problem and a new batch is expected soon, which will be sold by computer and phone companies. A percentage of those sales (depending on how much you invested) will fall into your pocket.

6. Real estate

Especially real estate in Cyprus when the island's development and redevelopment boom began. Is it worth explaining how many times it pays off? Real estate investments can then be turned into a great business. If managed correctly, you have every opportunity to become one of the leading real estate companies and decorate our island with new architectural masterpieces. (But this option will suit you if you have lived here for at least 5 years and have proven people you can trust).

7. Gold

This is the currency that will never depreciate. Even when the financial market crashes, everyone gets money out of their investments and invests in gold. Gold is the only unshakable unit that will always stay afloat. It is always a profitable investment. Now the price of gold has dropped, which means it's time to buy it.

There are many more different investment ideas, but today these areas are the main ones.

The most important thing is to choose wisely the object of earning, carefully study the tools, nuances, trends and the market before starting to invest in anything.
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