How to make a cozy apartment in Cyprus: 6 tips for landlords.

Как сделать уютной квартиру на Кипре: 6 советов арендодателям
15 March 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Any landlord wants to rent out their apartment/house to good people who keep the property clean and tidy. And they don't want their real estate to be vacant for a long time after these good people decide to move out. Both can be solved by creating coziness and comfort in the apartment.

Lifehack # 1: study about your competitors

It sounds strange, because the landlord is not a sales manager. But, in fact, it is worth learning about competitors to become better than the others! So, first of all, you need to find out who your 'rivals' are and which advantages you can have.

Everything is very simple:

  • Open real estate websites, find the property for renting in your area or city.
  • Make a selection by price: according to the price you want to rent out your housing for.
  • Look at the pictures: what do people offer? Are there many options where tenants can move in with their animals or children? What is about the renovation and furnishings of these properties? Are utilities included in the rental price? And so on.

In general, from the photographs you can immediately understand what they do and do not have. If in your price segment other landlords offer a minimum of furniture and a bit of renovation, then just a little magic over the design is enough (how to do this without extra costs, see below).

If everything in your property looks good, and you do not plan to make a luxurious renovation, provide some kind of pleasant service for the tenant. For example, promise to add missing items upon check-in for a fee. Or offer to take charge of utility bills (so they can give you money and you pay for bills). It will not be difficult for you, but very pleasant for the tenants.

Lifehack #2: write your ad correctly

Oddly enough, coziness can be created even before a potential tenant looks at the apartment. A good, polite and pleasant homeowner is the first step towards comfort for your future tenants.

Therefore, pay attention to the compilation of your ads. Beautiful and real photos are needed. There should be at least 8-10 pictures.

Bonus: if contacting the specialists of the DOM real estate agency, you can get free video and photo shooting for your property!

Write simple and clear. Don't be afraid to use the pronouns "I" or "we". It's great if you write the text in both Greek and English (or even in Russian). If the tenant feels that the landlord is friendly, then the apartment seems more pleasant to them.

Lifehack #3: cleanliness and repair

Of course, the apartment should be clean and have pleasant smells when tenants visit it. If required, it is necessary to make small but basic cosmetic repairs.

Advice: It is very useful to include in the tenant agreement that the tenants should hire a cleaning service or clean the property when they decide to move out. Everyone is different: somebody needs to wipe the windows and floors before moving out, while others need to renovate the whole apartment/house. If you don't want cleaning to become a surprise for you every time, it is recommended to include this clause in the contract.

Redecoration allows you to maintain comfort in any apartment, even one that is pretty old.

Here are some tips for those who don't want to spend a lot of time, effort, and money for renovating the interior:

  1. Your property needs to be in color and stylistic harmony. It is not necessary to make a luxurious renovation with expensive furniture as it is enough to choose a nice design and make repairs according to it.
  2. You even don't need a designer, if you want to do everything at the highest level! Choose universal colors, look on the Internet for color combinations ideas. Find three colors and buy things and materials only in these shades.
  3. If you have a small apartment, it is important to visually expand its space. It is not so difficult: there should be a minimum of furniture and decor, very light colors of decoration and furniture, more mirrors.
  4. Wall paint is the best solution. Wallpaper can blister or get moldy. While wall paint can be easily 'refreshed' at any time.
  5. Porcelain stoneware is the ideal for floors. Linoleum or laminate flooring can dent or scratch fairly easily, while parquet is expensive and difficult to maintain. Porcelain stoneware tiles will be a solution for centuries.
  6. Plumbing. You cannot save on plumbing as cheap taps and mixers cause too many problems.
  7. Switches and outlets. They also need to be checked and fixed/changed periodically.
  8. It is better to immediately install windows and doors that the property is warm in winter.

In general, the ideal renovation for a rented apartment is one that remains for a long period of time. Stain resistant, durable and cleanable flooring, walls, and furniture are all you need to reduce your repair costs. If you have them, you will be able to rent out an apartment to families with animals and children, and don't be afraid that they will cause some damage to your property.

Lifehack #4: the choice of furniture

Choose furniture that is good, durable and part of your décor. The ideal option is one that you can always update or clean/wash.

It is not necessary that there be a lot of furniture.

You need to have:

  • kitchen set
  • dining table and chairs
  • one or more beds
  • you can put a sofa and armchairs in living-rooms
  • spacious wardrobe
  • hallway furniture
  • dressers, coffee tables, desks depend on the free space
  • household appliances (refrigerator, stove, washing machine, as well as microwave oven, TV and air conditioning).

Ask previous tenants. Perhaps they were missing something? Then this can be added to the apartment. In general, do not hesitate to ask the tenants about their comfort as they may give you some really useful ideas.

By the way: furniture also needs periodic repairs. A table with a broken leg or creaking cabinet doors will definitely not add comfort. Therefore, before the entry of new residents, be sure to check all fittings and the condition of the furniture.

Lifehack #5: nice little things

The apartment automatically becomes more comfortable if everything is taken into account... even the smallest detail. This is very little time and effort for the owner, but it is a huge plus for the tenant.

So, what else can pleasantly surprise the potential tenant of the apartment:

  • a couple of pictures as empty walls don't really look good
  • small but useful household appliances such as a blender, toaster, coffee maker, or dehumidifier
  • no useless things that are in dust all the time,
  • small carpets instead of large one; they look better and allow tenants to remove them if the tenants don't like them
  • a crib, changing table or desk for lessons, if the family has a child, a scratching post and pet beds for families with animals.

For those who rent out housing for short-term rent, it is important to take care of additional nuances.

The people who rent for a short-term cannot bring everything they need. Therefore, you need to provide them with as many things as possible.

What could it be:

  • all the necessary utensils, including kettles, pots and pans, or... maybe a slow cooker?
  • clean and crisp bed linen and towels; it is perfect, if they are part of the decor
  • small disposable items and private hygiene products (just like in a hotel), slippers, shower caps, new toothbrushes, small bottles or samples of shampoo and shower gel
  • small appliances: hair dryer, a set of chargers for phones, a Wi-Fi router, etc.

And again the same advice: don't be afraid to ask the tenants questions! They will be happy to tell you what was not enough and what was too much. Of course, it is not necessary to adapt to the wishes of everyone, but if the same remark is repeated time by time, it should be taken into account.

Renting out an apartment can be both a simple and difficult task. DOM real estate portal can help you to make everything easier. Here you can post an advertisement for the sale or rent of housing in Limassol, Paphos and Larnaca. There is also the Lifehacks section where you can find useful information!

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