Accommodation for students in Cyprus

Квартира для студента на Кипре
29 March 2021 Irina Zholnirova

Higher education in Cyprus is prestigious, interesting and not as expensive as universities in other EU countries. But freshmen and their parents always have concerns about where the student should live, what they should eat and how they should communicate with locals in a foreign country. And of course, it's worth starting with the choice of housing.

1. Dormitory, renting or buying property?

The first thing that is associated with the phrase "foreign student" is a university dormitory. This option is often cheaper and more convenient. The university is nearby, and your freshman is surrounded by other freshmen.

But not everyone wants to live in a student dormitory (or hostels as some call them). Conditions are not suitable for everyone, and getting this place is not so easy, as you need to prepare all documents in advance.

Therefore, many parents, when sending their big kids to study in another country, think about a separate apartment or room. There are many options: someone buys real estate and moves to live in Cyprus with their child while they are studying. Others buy a small living space so that the student can rent it out or sell it after graduation. Still others are considering renting.

Everything has their pros and cons. But, if we are talking about the fact that the student does not live in a dormitory, it’s still better to think about buying a home in Cyprus. At the very least, this is a safe investment. Apartments will continue to rise in value for at least five years. As a maximum: after graduation, the student may want to stay on the island.

2. Where is it better to buy or rent an apartment for a student in Cyprus?

First of all, it all depends on the location of the university. Five of the seven universities in Cyprus are located in the capital Nicosia, so let's start with this city.

2.1. Student housing in Nicosia

Nicosia is the only capital in the EU divided into two "states". The southern part belongs to the Republic of Cyprus, and the northern part belongs to the unrecognized TRNC.

Considering this fact, it is worth choosing housing in the southern part of the capital. Universities are located very close to the center. You can buy or rent an apartment here, however, they cost more than in the suburbs. If possible, pay attention to the areas of Agioi Omologites, Palouriotissa, Agios Dometios, Engomi.

Slightly cheaper, but also convenient for living and studying at the university, are the districts of Aglandjia, Strovolos, Platy, Makedonitissa and Latsia. Here you can buy or rent an apartment at an affordable price.

Advice: quite often students live together (2-4 people) and rent an apartment. It is more convenient than living in a student dormitory, and cheaper than renting a living space alone.

In Nicosia, public transport runs well enough, so that the students don't have problems getting to the university. And if you know that Nicosia is one of the most developed and densely populated cities in Cyprus, then there will be no difficulties with other aspects of life.

By the way, in Nicosia you can easily find English-speaking people and facilities that provide services in English. In addition, many of the government offices that that foreigners need to visit are located in Nicosia.

2.2. Student housing in Paphos

Paphos is home to the multidisciplinary University of Neapolis, which is located in the heart of the city. However, this does not mean that it is necessary to look for housing in the nearest location.

Paphos is a small city where it is easy to get around by car, public transport, bike or on foot. Perhaps it is possible to find a good apartment some distance from the center, but in a good area.

Many people pay attention to Neapolis, Moutallos and Melanos. The suburb of Paphos is also a great option, especially if you have your own car. For example, in Chloraka, Emba or Geroskipou it is quite calm and comfortable. At the same time, the trip to the center of Paphos without traffic jams takes no longer than 10 minutes.

2.3. Student housing in Limassol

Limassol is a large and dynamic city, young people are never bored here. In addition, a lot of Europeans live in Limassol, which is convenient for those who feel insecure when studying in a foreign language.

There are two universities in Limassol: Frederick University and a branch of the University of Nicosia. They are not so far from the center, so you can choose almost any area for living.

The historical part and the center of Limassol are old houses, there are practically no new buildings here. But the prices in these areas are the most biting. Developed and lively areas are Neapolis and Mesa Geitonia.

If you are not afraid of the remoteness from the center, but at the same time you want peace and quiet, you can pay attention to the nearest suburb. These are Kato Polemidia, Agios Athanasios and Germasogeia. Also, good places include Mouttagiaka and Zakaki.

2.4. Student housing in Larnaca

Larnaca also has a branch of the University of Nicosia. Larnaca is a quiet and calm city that lives a hectic life only in season and only along the coastline.

Otherwise, it is a peaceful ancient city with low housing prices. Its advantages are the proximity of beautiful natural and architectural attractions, as well as the airport. This is important if relatives want to visit the student more often.

3. What apartment should a student choose in Cyprus

The simplest and cheapest option is a studio apartment. It is compact in size, cozy and does not require large utilities. For the first time, this is perhaps just perfect. Buying or renting a studio will cost significantly less than purchasing a full-fledged apartment.

Another question is if the parents want to move with their kid. If so, then they need to choose apartments that are more spacious, with at least two bedrooms. Sometimes the best option is buying a private house in the suburbs. The disadvantage of living at home is that you have to go to the city center all the time, but this is not a problem for everyone.

Finally, the purchase of real estate can be a reason to move. When buying an apartment or a villa in the amount of EUR 300 thousand, a foreign citizen gets the right to obtain permanent residence in Cyprus, quickly and easily. For the buyer and the whole family. Therefore, when choosing a property, you need to focus not only on the main goal such as student education, but also on additional ideas and tasks.

The website DOM has over 20,000 properties in Cyprus. A selection of housing with photographs, expert advice, useful articles and live hacks, this can be very useful if you want to move to Cyprus for the purpose of study, work or travel.

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