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26 December 2020

Buying property in Cyprus to live with children

Cyprus is a great place to live and raise children. Excellent ecology, ideal climate for health, ocean of fresh vegetables and fruits all year round...

The only thing you need is to choose the area and type of housing in order to settle your family and children and live in Cyprus as comfortably as possible.

1. Which area of Cyprus to choose for living with children

Undoubtedly, the most convenient place for those who have children of any age is a large city. Because of the close distance to kindergartens and schools, entertainment facilities, clinics and other important places. The largest and most comfortable cities in Cyprus are Nicosia (the capital of the island) and Limassol.

Nicosia is a large city with convenient areas for living, and it has one significant disadvantage it doesn't have. Otherwise it is a good place to raise children.

Nicosia has many kindergartens (including English-speaking ones), different schools, parks for walking, children playgrounds, children clubs and events. You can always find a good doctor, nanny, tutor for your kid.

Limassol is a lively seaside town in the southernmost part of the island. The situation with educational and entertainment institutions for children is no worse than in Nicosia.

Paphos is another city located in the west of Cyprus. It is not as well developed as Nicosia and Limassol, but it is also comfortable for living with a child. You can always find a good school or kindergarten, take your baby somewhere to relax, find children events and clubs. By the way: Paphos is considered to be a sports city, there are many playgrounds and coaches. Therefore, young athletes love to live here.

Larnaca is a quieter city. It is chosen by families who prefer a calm way of life. The disadvantages of Larnaca is a small number of entertainment (for both adults and children).

2. What you need to remember when choosing a Cyprus house or apartment

It is necessary to understand how the local Cypriots live on the island, what their customs and principles are. Cypriots have a special attitude towards children: locals literally carry children in their arms, they give the kids all the best, they don't force them to do household chores, of course, they give them a separate room.

Cypriots are used to having a lot of personal space. Moreover Cyprus ranks first in terms of the number of square meters of housing per person in Europe! This means that it's better to find a two room apartment for a one kid family and an even larger place for a bigger family.

2.1. Choosing an apartment

Apartments are called both 'apartment' and 'flat' in Cyprus. Apartments necessarily should have a living room as well as at least one separate bedroom.

Cypriots usually don't sleep in the living room. Thus a family with 1-2 children should consider the option of a two-bedroom apartment. If there are more children or they are old enough, then three bedrooms will be needed.

If you buy house in Cyprus, you need to pay attention to its safety and comfort: if the electrical wiring system is old or not, if the room windows and walls have cracks, as well as you need to check when the last whole house overhaul was made. It is better to take an apartment in good condition, because overhaul will not be easy if you live with a child (especially a small one) And it can occured to be more expensive.

The area to live with children should not be remote fr om the city center and not overpopulated. For example, life in a tourist area with children will not be very comfortable: there are always crowded streets, many visitors, more than half of the neighbors are daily tenants. At the same time, schools and entertainment may not be within walking distance.

It is better to choose the working and residential areas of the city. It can be a suburb: there is also a developed infrastructure. There are schools and kindergartens nearby, as well as public transport stops. The child will be able to go to school or to additional classes by walking.

In addition, it will be convenient for parents to meet and pick kids up if necessary. And it is easier for adults to arrange their own lives in a busy area: there is work, banks, shops, clinics and doctors' offices.

2.2. Choose the apartment/house

Houses in Cyprus, as a rule, are spacious: a number of square meters is enough even for a large family. But also you need to remember that you will have to pay a lot for utilities: in particular, for light and heating the home (electricity or gas). Therefore, if the family consists of only three people and you don’t want to take a large house, you can pay attention to townhouses and their 'relatives' - maisonettes.

While choosing a house, you need to look at the following parameters:

  • there is no damp and mold (it is especially dangerous for small children)
  • the heating system is working (at least in the bedrooms)
  • the house area is safe for children to play
  • there are all the necessary infrastructure (water can be several hours a day in remote villages during a drought summer period)
  • close distance to kindergartens and schools

The latter is the most important. You shouldn't look for a village that is too remote as you will have to spend a lot of time on the road to school and kindergartens. In addition, it can be boring in small settlements: there are few peers, and most of the population is elderly people or farmers.

If you prefer rural life, it is better to choose large villages, which have their own school, clinic and where there are many families with children.

3. Areas of Nicosia. Where to live with kids? 

Perhaps only the very center (the historical and tourist part of the city) will be uncomfortable for living with children in Nicosia. All other areas (including the suburbs) are just perfect to raise a child.

When buying a home, people usually consider these locations: Strovolos, Aglantzia (Aglandjia in local pronunciation), Lakatamia and Engomi. They are close to the city center, but at the same time real estate here is not overpriced, and at the same time has a well-developed infrastructure.

If you want to live in villages, you can take a closer look at those whose population is 1000 inhabitants and above. In addition, a good option is to buy a house in a small village in the Nicosia region, located very close to a large village. So it will be possible to take the child to school in 10-15 minutes and at the same time live in a quiet and peaceful place.

4. Areas of Limassol. Where to live with kids? 

Limassol looks like Nicosia: the historic center of the city is beautiful and interesting to walk, but not to live. It is more convenient to live a little further from the crowds of tourists, for example, in the Central District or Neapolis.

Both areas are full of municipal and private kindergartens, schools, and other children's educational centers. There are parks and playgrounds nearby, as well as cafes and restaurants, theaters, etc. Everything that can be interesting for both children and adults.

Germasogeia is the closest suburb of Limassol. It is quiet and comfortable at the same time. There are more private houses here than apartment buildings: therefore, it is advisable to buy a villa or a small house in Germasogeia.

Another area of Limassol that is classified as elite is Amathus. People, who settle with children in Amathus, almost every day visit the city. Some prefer to raise children away from the hustle and bustle of Limassol, but others don't like Amathus for it's silence.

5. Areas of Larnaca and Paphos. Wh ere to live with kids? 

Paphos and Larnaca are less busy cities. Although in summer they are full of life as tourists from all over the world come here. In winter comes calmness and silence.

Mostly people with kids settle in the city centers or in its very closest suburbs. A big exception is the Paphos suburb named Polis (in the north of the district). It's pretty quiet there, but there are also schools, gardens and a hospital.

Foreigners usually do not settle in the remote areas of Paphos or Larnaca. First, because of the language barrier, not all Cypriots are fluent in English. And for a child, especially for a kid who already speaks his native language, it can be difficult.

Secondly, entertainment in such places is rare. Children will not have the opportunity to go to child clubs, participate in social events, etc. And it is often problematic to travel to the city with children.

Of course, you can live in Cyprus with a child everywhere. It all depends on the preferences of the parents. Someone needs a quiet and peaceful life in the far village, so all additional children activities can be held online. Others cannot imagine themselves without an active city life.

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