Why do we love Cyprus so much?

За что мы так любим Кипр и почему здесь лучше, чем где бы то ни было?
15 April 2020 Angelica Michael

Why do we love Cyprus so much? And why is it better, that somewhere else? 

Our beloved Cyprus is:

  • Hot sun since May till September
  • Heavy rains turning into the rivers in winter time
  • Slender palms
  • Old eucalyptus trees
  • The sweetest cherry in the world and watermelons
  • Smellof thyme at warm summer nights.

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With such a different, but always beautiful sea, yellow venetian walls of Nicosia, crazy clubs in Ayia Napa, idyllic beaches on the east coast, the tranquility of Paphos and beauty of mountain forests. Cyprus – is not only beaches and the sea. It is also the venetian bridges and cool olive trees in the mountains, where the air is so clean, and the stars at night are so bright and close. There are monasteries made of yellow stone, a sense of full security, friendly people,mutual help and that perceived as an absolute standard of living.

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Why Cyprus?

Yes, WHY??  There are so many other countries in the world. There are wonderful Greece, beautiful France, enchanting Spain, magnificent Italy, charming Portugal in the Mediterranean.

• First benefit

Geographical position. Cyprus located only in 3-4 hours flight from Moscow and Kiev and most of European and Middle Eastern capitals, with direct flights from two International airports in Cyprus. Short distance between cities: the snowy mountainsides and the sunny coast are located only in 40 minutes away from each other.

• Second benefit

Economic and political stability. Low crime rate. Cyprus is a former English colony, and here, in comparison of other Mediterranean countries, is clearer administrative system, simple and logical laws and rules, and in general there are much more order and common sense than in Greece, for example.

• Third benefit

Quality of life, education, medicine, infrastructure. Good ecology. 330 sunny days per year. Real Estate for every taste and budget: villas, houses, apartments. High-quality food: magic olive oil, fresh fish, vegetables, fruits all over the year.

• Fourth benefit

You can feel quite comfortable with the most basic English (or without it, because there are Russian-speaking staff almost in all hotels, shops, restaurants). And if on the Greek islands you need to try to find someone who at list speak English, then in Italy, France, Spain and other counties, outside the tourist areas, English will not help you – it will be very difficult to live without knowing the language of the country.

• Fifth benefit

“Home in Cyprus” – it’s not an advertising in some glossy magazine, but it is a very real commercial prospect. Cyprus real estate – it is a great opportunity to secure a stable income (if it is an investment) or create a personal oasis of calm and harmony in a paradise. There are many options for buying or renting any property in Cyprus – from villas and huge luxury houses to budget maisonettes, townhouses, apartments and flats in all cities and areas of Cyprus.

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History with geography

Cyprus is located in the north-eastern part of the Mediterranean, off the cost of Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. For millennia, Cyprus belonged to many nations. A wonderful island, lying at the crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa, has always been attractive for ambitious people who spared no money, lives of their warriors to get dominion on this island and use of their advantages and natural wealth. Since ancient times, the island belongs to the Myceneans, Assyrians, Egyptians, Persians, Phoenicians, English, Order of the Crusaders, Arabs, French, Venetians, Ottomans at the different periods. The last were British. In 1960, the island gained independence.

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Cyprus – is a republic headed by the President. His term is 5 years. The largest political parties in the country are represented in the Parliament of Cyprus:

  • “Right” – DISY
  • “Left” – AKEL
  • “Center” – DIKO and EDEK
  • “Ecologists” and even representatives of the ultra-right ELAM party got two seats in the last parliamentary elections. 

As a result of the 1974, 38% of Cyprus was under Turkish occupation and become the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus and de facto – one of the provinces of Turkey, the Turkish protectorate. TRNC is not recognized by any country in the world. Real Estate in Northern Cyprus, acquired in the occupied territories, may be located on the lands that owned by Greek-Cypriots, and its acquisition can create major troubles, including the complete loss of property and money by a court decision (more details at “Orams case”).

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It’s quite hot in the summer period. If you are going to move to Cyprus, do not forget to put in your budget the amount of money for energy costs to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature both in summer and winter. From June to September, in most areas of Cyprus, the air conditioner is not something luxury, it is survival kit. It is comfortable only in the mountainous areas and in some coastal areas, without air conditioning. If the houses are located on a hill, or in places where is constant air circulation and the room is blown away by a breeze.

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In Nicosia, and in most of buildings in coastal cities, air conditioning is indispensable. The same thing in winter: yes, in Cyprus there are no extremely low temperatures, but when outside +12 and +14 inside, it is not comfortable and chilly. Aid conditioning heating, portable heaters, gas or kerosene monsters on wheels, central heating, or luxury in the form of underfloor heating – all depends from your income, the house or apartment in which you live, and also whether this property is rented or own, and from a number of factors.

But in general, the climate of Cyprus can be described as: hot summer (May-September), warm summer (March – May and September - November), a little rainy summer (November - March). In coastal cities in summer, the daily temperature is around +33 - +36, in Nicosia - +37 - +40. In the mountains +30 - +32. In winter, the daily temperature in the capital ranges from +6 - +8 (on rainy days) and +18 - +23.

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Cypriots are considered to be lazy, not obligatory, not punctual. This is stereotype like “all Russians drink vodka” or “Ukrainians eat fat”. Image of local residence for each foreigner is based on his circle of friends.

Our social circle is super-busy, very obligatory and extremely punctual Cypriots, so we are often ashamed of being late.

If you live in the village near the sea, where everyone wears shorts all year around, where bananas and oranges grow on the streets and ripe pomegranates and figs fall at your feet, then you will be surrounded by people from the same mainstream as you. And in 1-2 years you will understand the meaning of “siga-siga” style and the will not make much efforts to do something.

In general, Cyprus is a patriarchal island with a calm semi-rural way. The older generation (over 50 years) is religious, many of them go to the church every Sunday. 

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The younger generation, especially those, who studied for a long time and lived abroad, are almost no different from their EU peers. Hipsters, goths, hippies, yogis, vegans, crazy football fans, LGBT people – now Cypriot youth live that way, as they want. Millennials are the same as their peers around the world.

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Closer to 30 years (35- for men), those funny cheerful young people finish their studies in other countries and transform into serious lawyers, doctors, psychologists, architects, teachers, auditors, engineers, economists, psychologists.

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There are two qualities that mostly value in Cypriots - friendly, respectful attitude towards other people, as well as a desire and willingness to help.

Maybe, we are just lucky for people. But they always help when you get into an accident on the highway, pay for you when you don’t have coins to pay for the bottle of water at the kiosk. They listened and helped with the documents when you go to renew your residence permit in Immigration office.

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The phrase “cities of Cyprus” is quite funny, because there are only 4,5 cities. The population of the biggest cities – Nicosia and Limassol - barely exceeds 200 000. Larnaca and Paphos are like “babies”, together with villages and suburbs - 80-100 000 people in each.

In general, cities are quite comfortable for living. The infrastructure in the new districts is well thought, and the streets are usually clean and safe – although the first condition does not apply to emigrant ghettos, but you are unlikely to settle there. However, despite the crowing, trash and smells of distant lands, it is quite possible to roam at any time of the day (well, if you are a lover of exotic).

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There is not too much crime on the island – like small robberies and night explosions and arsons of each other’s cars. Cypriots love to remember how they did not close their cars and doors to the houses about 20 years ago. But these “new Europeans” came from Eastern Europe and that’s all.

But in fact, that everything is not so bad, and the crime rate in Cyprus as a whole is low.

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Cypriot media sometimes shock the residents with clickbait headliners like: “Terrible Murder in the Village near Paphos.” Bloody details and below in small print: “A pensioner killed a neighbor’s cock in revenge in revenge, because that neighbor occupied his parking place”.

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Cost of living in Cyprus

Cyprus is not cheap country. Life in generally is more expensive than in the most EU countries (but real estate is cheaper), and significantly expensive, than in Asia and other countries of the world.

So, thinking about Cyprus high costs, you can consider it with only fact – compared to Russia and other “cold” countries, where is dark and no oranges, olives and sea. You can live much happier with less money in Cyprus. A house or an apartment near the sea is the best investment in your own happiness….

Or maybe you would like to have a house in the mountains of Cyprus with overlooking the green valleys or reservoir and show-capped peaks of the Troodos in winter…

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Cyprus property

This is the best combination of price and quality. Design, construction, finishing materials – at all stages the highest quality standards, that established in the EU are applied. 

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Beaches, mountain trails, palms and citrus trees on the streets are free of charge. If you want snow and ski – welcome to Troodos. There is snow from January to March and its look fabulous under the amazingly blue sky.

In the mountain villages you can find 12-course meze with excellent wine and the stories of the grandfather-owner of the tavern.

It just seems that the air of Cyprus smelled of smoke from constantly frying souvls (barbecue) – we know that in fact the air here is full of hedonism and joy,

Try, breeze deeply, live in joy!

Source: DOM Live

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