The most popular areas of Limassol to live

Самые популярные районы для проживания в Лимассоле
8 June 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

For several decades, Cyprus has been one of the most attractive places in Europe to relax, live and work.

A many thousand-year history and culture, a warm Mediterranean climate, fresh fruits and vegetables, delicious wine, more than 300 sunny days a year - these are the very reasons why some visit this island again and again, while others relocate and live on the paradise island for a long time.

The cosmopolitan Limassol stands out among all Cypriot cities.

The city stretches majestically on the southern coast of Cyprus for almost 15 kilometers.

Over the past couple of years, there has been a real architectural boom, many new high-rise buildings and hotels have appeared. The city is increasingly beginning to resemble a megacity, in which people of different ages and nationalities flock.

Choosing an area in Limassol to live, everyone is guided by different needs.

However, when searching, you should carefully study the characteristics of each neighborhood. They are distinguished by their features, prestige and proximity to the sea. These factors must be taken into account when choosing the most optimal one.

Officially, the city is divided into approximately 15 districts, each of which has its own name and territorial zone. But conventionally they usually distinguish:

Old town - from the Old Port to the Municipal Park. The historical center of Limassol (on the map)

There is a huge number of attractions, social, economic and government infrastructure, as well as numerous clothing stores and cafes.

The old town is the heart of Limassol.

Visiting the Limassol Fortress or the Archaeological Museum, you can truly immerse yourself in the history and culture of the island of Aphrodite. You can walk through the labyrinth of narrow streets, feel like a local Cypriot, turn into a stunning city promenade or Limassol Marina, sit comfortably at a table of one of the cafés and immerse yourself in an endless coffee ceremony.

The old town is loved by tourists who prefer to live close to cultural heritage sites.

This area is perfect for active youth and people who are not afraid of the intense pace of life. The disadvantages of the area include the lack of good and large parking lots, a huge number of tourists, and constant noise. In addition, the main base of residential real estate in this area is made up of old houses.

The only exception is Marina Limassol, where the construction of elite villas and luxury high-rises buildings is actively underway, the cost of which is very high, on the other hand, it is fully justified by the conditions.

• Central area - from the municipal park to the Enaerios parking. Central region of Limassol (on the map)

The greening issue for Limassol is one of the most painful: the number of green spaces in the city is catastrophically small. Therefore, those townspeople who strive to be like an oasis of greenery and shady coolness settle in the central area where the city's Municipal Park is located. Here is a small, but cozy zoo.

This part of the city is predominantly high-rise buildings and is inhabited by married couples with children. Since most of the schools, kindergartens, various sections and circles, as well as banks, dentists, and medical centers are concentrated here.

There is practically no elite real estate in the central area, there are almost only economic options. Despite this, the cost of housing with low quality is quite high.

• Supermarket area "ERA" (formerly Debenhams) - from the Enaerios parking lot to the Crowne Plaza hotel. Limassol District Neapolis (on the map)

This area of ​​Limassol is the most developed in terms of infrastructure: many residential multi-storey buildings, various commercial and administrative real estate, entertainment, cultural and sports facilities, large supermarkets. A definite plus is the proximity of the city beach.

The most densely populated residential areas of the city are located here. Although this small inconvenience is more than offset by the advantageous location of the area. In most cases, even the absence of a car does not create any problems for residents, all the essentials are located at their fingertips.

Currently, the construction of the tallest building in the city is being completed in this area. Soon it will be adorned with a stunning 37-storey skyscraper ΟΝΕ - an ultra-modern high-rise complex of seafront luxury apartments in Limassol.

By the way, there are such iconic places in the city that everyone knows. So in this area this is the Debenhams store. It was recently renamed ERA. Residents of Limassol love it, as it is possible to shop, shop for food, and have a cup of coffee in a cafeteria with a stunning view of the Mediterranean Sea.

• Germasogeia is an area from the Crowne Plaza Hotel to the Londa Hotel. It’s the coastal part of Limassol (on the map)

It is distinguished by a calm atmosphere and an abundance of greenery. Germasogeia is located away from the city center, along the coastline and attracts people who want to live in their own home. After all, the area is built up mostly with low-rise seafront buildings.

Good infrastructure, lack of a large crowd of tourists, low traffic congestion make it quite attractive for a long life. The area is considered one of the most prestigious. Many argue that it is the best in Limassol.

Most people know this area thanks to the famous Dasoudi Park, which is home to a eucalyptus grove.

Dasoudi is the most popular place in Limassol city. Dasudi Park (on the map)

This is a home for Cypriot cats, and a center of attraction for thousands of tourists, a playground for the smallest residents of Limassol, as well as a wonderful beach for swimming and a beautiful park for day walks and evening gatherings. Dasudi has long been chosen by hundreds of mothers with children, athletes, and ordinary residents of the city. It is a pleasure to live in this area.

In recent years, tourists have also taken a liking to Germossoia. Therefore, in addition to numerous hotels, almost all coastal real estate is rented for short-term rent to tourists.

• The Tourist zone is an area from the Londa Hotel to the ancient Amathus. Districts of Mutayaka and Agios Tychonas (coastal part on the map)

Tourists are usually accommodated in this part of the city. The largest number of hotels in the city is concentrated here, you can find a huge number of travel agencies, small shops and kiosks with souvenirs and goods aimed at selling to tourists.

Anyone who has at least once traveled by bus 30 in Limassol knows that after the Londa hotel, there are lots of hotels. And all because of the tourist zone which begins here.

This is the best place for tourists to stay. Therefore, those arriving to spend their holidays in Cyprus on are in most cases settled in this area. Hence, the tourist area is not the most advantageous option for a long-term stay.

It is always more expensive here, there are more tourists, and the center is far away. But the biggest disadvantage is that there are occasional interruptions in water and electricity. In the tourist area, apartments are more often purchased by those who plan to rent them out or use them during the beach season.

• The Amathus area is placed from the excavations of ancient Amathus to the exit from the urban area towards Larnaca. Parekklisia and Pyrgos areas (coastal part on the map)

If you want us to describe the area in a nutshell, then comfort and prestige come to mind. Around mostly villas with large private grounds and townhouses. The construction of new residential complexes is now underway. This is the perfect place in Limassol for permanent residence.

This part of the city is considered the best for those who are tired of living in the bustle of the metropolis and are looking for solitude.

In fact, this is the outskirts of Limassol. Nearby are the ruins of the ancient city of Amathus. There are not many entertainments here, but the beaches are not so crowded. Around there are pastoral landscapes, peace and quiet, comfort and safety. What else do you need for a serene life in an ideal city?

There are so many beautiful landscapes, sun and warmth in this area, and the smell of the sea is so fresh and transparent that once you get to this little paradise, you don't want to leave it at all. Therefore, there are many who want to live here, which means that the cost per square meter, even despite the remoteness, is not the lowest in Limassol.

Now you know which districts of Limassol are prestigious, where businessmen live, and where are the areas designed for vacationers.

There is no point in arguing which area in Limassol is more preferable for living, since everyone has a very individual concept of “better”.

Source: DOM LiVE
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