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City: Paphos
Direction of development : Houses , Apartments
Site: https://maispa.com/
Contact number: +35726822221


Our Company

Maispa Developers has been creating island lifestyles for discerning clients since Paphos became the new world of real estate in Cyprus. We are recognized as setting a hallmark in locating the most sought after areas for our architect designed projects....


Sometimes it is not enough to read what we say about ourselves, so we have included some letters we have received from our happy customers.

Proud member of the Cyprus Land and building association.

Cyprus Land and Building!

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№ 47962
Venus Villas
Paphos / Geroskipou
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№ 47961
Akamas Sea View Villas
Paphos / Pegeia
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№ 47960
Tala Sea View Villas
Paphos / Tala
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№ 47959
Kathikas Bungalows
Paphos / Kathikas
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№ 47958
Prengos Sea View Villas
Paphos / Neo Chorio Pafou
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№ 47957
Green Valley (Polis)
Paphos / Polis
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№ 47956
Pomos Bungalows
Paphos / Pomos
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№ 47955
Limnos Gardens
Paphos / Universal
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№ 47954
Tomb of the Kings
Paphos / Tombs Of the Kings
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№ 47953
Venus Gardens (Apartments)
Paphos / Geroskipou
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№ 47952
Akamas Gardens
Paphos / Polis
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№ 47951
Mesa Chorio Villas
Paphos / Mesa Chorio
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№ 47950
Rizza Gardens
Paphos / Pegeia
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№ 47949
Marina Villas
Paphos / Pegeia
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№ 45650
Venus Sea View Apartment
Paphos / Geroskipou
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Адрес: Limassol, Cyprus,
Телефон:+357 25 212 212, Электронная почта: info@dom.com.cy