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TOP 7 Club Residential Complexes in Larnaca

The club complex is a house with a small number of apartments and its own closed territory. Today we will talk about how the club-house format differs favorably and what options for such housing are available in Larnaca.

What are the good club complexes in Larnaca

A closed area is always an increased security. At least in small things. No one will accidentally scratch your car, and children will not run out in the middle of the game on the road. Therefore, the closed complex format is gaining more and more popularity in Cyprus.

Another serious advantage of club-houses is its intimacy. There are few residents in the complex and, as a rule, everyone knows each other. These are people of approximately the same income, similar views, with a family and a good job. In other words, good relations develop with neighbors, no one bothers anyone.

Club houses in Larnaca are a separate conversation. Firstly, you can find options from comfort class to premium class. Secondly, the prices per square meter of Larnaca real estate are significantly lower than Limassol, Nicosia and Paphos.

Thirdly, this will not always be the case the demand for housing in Larnaca is growing every year, and therefore buying real estate in this city will be an excellent investment. It is especially profitable to buy apartments under construction. After the delivery of the object, the price may increase by 15%, and three years later by almost a third.

1. Wave Tower, Harbor

The elite 10-storey complex is located in the top location of Larnaca, in the Harbor area (near the marina). This means that the entire infrastructure around is maximally developed: cafes and restaurants, beaches, roads and interchanges, within walking distance of the historical city center, kindergartens and schools, shops, hospitals and so on.

Wave Tower is a chic project that, despite its scope, implies intimacy. There are only 13 apartments in the complex, approximately 2 apartments on each floor. The first floors are occupied by commercial premises and offices.

Each apartment has two or three bedrooms, spacious open and closed terraces, several bathrooms. The windows offer a magnificent view of the sea and the city.

The Wave Tower complex is ideal for living or renting. The Harbor location is a key one in the tourist and everyday life of Larnaca.

Learn more about the complex and a list of available properties with prices.

2. Ideal Living 4 Residence, Aradippu

The magnificent three-storey house consists of only 8 apartments and has a separate enclosed area with Parking. The plot on which Ideal Living 4 will be located is angular and closely adjacent to the park. All this guarantees peace and quiet for living.

Each apartment has good view characteristics, spacious terraces and excellent heat exchange qualities. In winter, the apartment is not cold (there is also heating), and in summer it is not hot.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the four-bedroom penthouse - it occupies the entire third floor and has its own roof garden. The penthouse also has a covered balcony and amazing views of the park.

It should be noted that Aradippu is the nearest suburb of Larnaca. The center can be reached without traffic jams in 5-10 minutes, and there is also a developed infrastructure nearby. The sea can be reached in 10 minutes. At the same time, the area is considered very quiet and peaceful, which is ideal for families with children.

Learn more about the complex.

3. Althea, Mackenzie

You can think for a long time whether this 11-storey building fits the format of a "club complex". But all the characteristics indicate that the club-house philosophy is implemented here 100%.

There are only 3 two-bedroom apartments on each floor, totaling 33 in the complex. All apartments have a spacious layout, high-quality finishes and large terraces overlooking the sea and the city.

A closed area with secured parking is a self—evident condition of a club house. But there is also a big "bonus" a green garden with a rooftop pool. It is open only to Althea residents.

A complete list of available properties with prices in this complex.

4. Krasas Hillside Residences, Krasa

The main feature of the complex is its mixing. There are two small three-storey buildings for several apartments, as well as 7 detached villas with private pools.

The villas have 3 bedrooms, several bathrooms and a rooftop garden. The apartments are slightly smaller for 1 or 2 bedrooms, with large terraces and a spacious layout. There are also double and triple penthouses with roof gardens and additional outdoor space.

Krasas Hillside Complex is located in a quiet and cozy location near the city center. Also, the residents of the complex can easily get to the airport or to the beach.

Learn more about Krasas Hillside Residences.

5. City Marina Residences, Harbor

The complex is located in the heart of Larnaca, in the Harbor area. This is the immediate proximity to the yacht harbor, Finikoudes beach, the fortress and to the city center. In addition, from here you can very quickly get to the Salt Lake, the airport, Cape Cavo Greco and other locations.

The City Marina complex itself is a 4-storey building with 8 apartments 2 on each floor. On the top floor there are apartments of the "penthouse" type, with a private roof garden and a unique view of the sea and the surrounding area. All apartments have 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, as well as several terraces and balconies.

Secure parking and a storage room are available to all residents.

Learn more about the complex.

6. Coral Residence, Mackenzie

One of the chic and outstanding projects in Mackenzie is Coral Residence. Magnificent architecture, thoughtful lifestyle, comfort and convenience.

It has 8 apartments (1, 2 and 3 bedrooms each) and 2 four-bedroom penthouses, each with its own roof garden. All apartments and penthouses have large panoramic windows and high ceilings, which creates a feeling of huge and free space.

Recall that Mackenzie is the dynamically developing nearest suburb of Larnaca. It can already be said that this is not a suburb, but a full-fledged district. Also, the beauty of Mackenzie is in his versatility. The tourist infrastructure is very well developed here, but at the same time there is everything for family life.

Learn more about Coral Residence and a list of available properties.

7. Kamares Garden Residence, Kamares

The Kamares district is located near the airport and the city center, it is worth noting the Salt Lake it is very close. This is not only a magnificent view from the window, but also the opportunity to walk along a well-maintained path along the lake at any time of the year.

Kamares Garden Residence consists of only 8 double apartments. The upper floors are occupied by 2 penthouses with spacious roof terraces and covered balconies near the bedrooms and living rooms.

The complex is designed for a quiet family stay: there is all the necessary infrastructure nearby. However, as an investment, these objects are no worse the demand for rent and subsequent purchase will always be high.

More information about the complex and a list of prices for available objects.
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