10 reasons to invest in Ayia Napa property

10 причин инвестировать в недвижимость Айя-Напы
15 November 2022 Irina Zholnirova

Ayia Napa is a resort famous beyond the island. It is famous for its pristine beaches, vibrant nightlife and unusual nature. Gradually, this small town turns into a comfortable corner not only for recreation, but also for permanent life. Many investors have already purchased housing in Ayia Napa. What is the reason for the growing interest in Ayia Napa real estate? We tell in our article.

Reason #1: Attractive housing prices

Everyone knows that cities (Limassol, Paphos, Nicosia and Larnaca) have higher housing prices. This is not surprising. The demand for real estate here is great, and Ayia Napa, due to its size, cannot compete with them.

A couple of examples can be given to illustrate. Luxury villas in Ayia Napa and Limassol, in the second - luxury villas in Ayia Napa and Paphos. Obviously, with approximately the same class level in Napa, you can buy a house with a larger area (both housing and a house adjoining plot).

Ayia Napa and neighboring Protaras are likely to see a construction boom soon. Projects are being implemented on the territory of the town that even 5 years ago would have surprised everyone - both local residents and investors. All this means that Ayia Napa property prices will rise. Maybe not as fast as in certain areas of large cities, but in 5 years the benefits will already be tangible.

Reason #2: Good weather and great beaches

No matter how strange it may sound, the weather in different parts of Cyprus may vary. For example, in the west (Paphos district), winds often blow, and the water temperature in the sea is always 1-2 degrees lower. It also rains more often and a little, but still cooler in winter. In the mountains of Cyprus, snow falls at all.

Ayia Napa in this regard is one of the warmest locations in Cyprus. It is located in the southeast of the island, so that the sea in winter keeps the temperature at least 18 degrees, and in summer it can warm up to 30 degrees. The air temperature is also slightly higher. At the same time, there are not so many winds in Napa: the entire coast is indented with bays that protect the coastline, and the sea - from excessive excitement. There are literally no storms in Ayia Napa.

They have the excellent sandy beaches. Many believe that Ayia Napa and Protaras have the best and most comfortable beaches in all of Cyprus. And indeed it is. The coating is sandy, the sea is calm, warm, and the water is transparent. Families with small children usually stay here: swimming on the beaches of Ayia Napa is not only convenient, but also safe.

Reason number 3: excellent ecology

Cyprus (especially the East Coast) is famous for its climatic and ecological characteristics. There are some reasons of it:

  1. there are no large ports - neither passenger nor cargo, only fishing villages nearby and two luxury marinas;
  2. low road traffic - there are rarely traffic jams, so the air is not polluted;
  3. there are no manufacturing enterprises;
  4. the weather is sunny 300 days a year - vitamin D and the no seasonal colds;
  5. the movement towards conscious consumption is gaining momentum.

How is the environment related to the demand for real estate? It would seem that these are completely different things. But there is an explanation. More and more people go to Cyprus for rehabilitation or for other health reasons. And this usually lasts longer than the 2 weeks vacation: convalescents stay here from a month to a year. Some prefer to rent a house (which creates demand among landlords), while others buy their own property.

Reason #4: Rising demand for permanent residence

Previously, few foreign buyers seriously considered Ayia Napa for permanent or long-term residence. If real estate was bought here, it was only for holidays. The pandemic, the increasing popularity of remote work and the opportunity to get a “digital nomad” visa have changed the situation very dramatically.

At the moment, more and more people are no longer tied to one place. Someone prefers to have several small studio apartments in different cities and countries in order to time by time move from one place or another.

That's why Ayia Napa is becoming an increasingly popular wintering town for remote workers and freelancers. They are happy to plunge into the sleepy silence of Ayia Napa, calm in the off-season, enjoy the warm southern sun and even manage to swim in the sea. All this means that very soon Napa will become a year-round holiday destination, like Limassol or Paphos. Also, people who want to have their own corner on this beautiful island will be drawn here.

Reason #5: Great demand for rentals during the “hot season”

Since we mentioned the “cold season”, we cannot remain silent about the hottest (in every sense) time. This is the period from late spring until November, when Ayia Napa is literally bursting with crowds of tourists. Places to rest are booked much in advance (usually six months in advance), so in fact it is very difficult to find accommodation.

Absolutely all types of real estate are in demand for rent: from small hotel rooms to luxury villas on the coast. Also, Ayia Napa is characterized by a rarity of apartments, as there are more private buildings. Therefore, if you invest in one of the new projects in Ayia Napa right now, you can make great money in the season of high demand. But in winter? Here is the answer to this question.

Reason #6: Bright Life in Summer – Quiet Life in Winter

This contrast cannot fail to appeal to those who love the change of seasons and the changing circumstances of life in general. In addition, you can live in Cyprus for six months - exactly in the season that you like. In the summer, Ayia Napa is full of nightlife: there are a huge number of bars, clubs, dance floors and everything else, which is ideal for youth recreation.

Tip: if you like Ayia Napa for everything, except for parties, then take a closer look at Protaras. It is very close and has the same advantages, but it is better for a quiet family holiday.

In winter, as already mentioned, it is very calm here. Many vacationers rate this as an absolute plus and come here to take a break from dusty, noisy and dirty cities.

Reason number 7: the proximity of Larnaca airport

This can look not very important, but it can greatly simplify the life of those who regularly travel. The terminals can be easily reached both by taxi and by car.

Larnaca Airport is the largest on the island. Every year it breaks all records in terms of passenger traffic: in 2019, before the pandemic, it handled more than 10 million people!

So it is not surprising that this airport has a lot of international flights in almost all directions. Its proximity to Ayia Napa is often decisive for those who come to visit the island several times a year, as well as for those who regularly go on business trips.

Reason number 8: the opportunity to purchase property in the center

Ayia Napa is not a dense development area. Therefore, buying a home here near the very center is not a problem (unlike the same Limassol). But little by little, a movement has begun towards improving the central part of Ayia Napa, there are not only luxury real estate, there are more affordable options.

Of course, Ayia Napa is small, but there is one plus in this: EVERYTHING is in nearby. This is very convenient for those who, for example, work a lot and do not like it when business trips are forced to "wind" tens and hundreds of kilometers in one city. Also, this “concentration” is liked by families with small children, especially young mothers.

Reason #9: Developing Infrastructure

Since the eyes of foreign investors have already fallen on Ayia Napa, the first reforms and improvements have begun in the town. The most significant was the project of the Ayia Napa Marina complex. This is a whole resort with its own promenade, a line of boutiques and restaurants, a yacht harbor, high-rise apartments and luxury villas.

Of course, the proximity of such a project already makes Ayia Napa real estate more expensive. This means that by the end of the construction there will be a very developed area of ​​recreation and entertainment, never seen before in the eastern part of Cyprus.

It would be strange to assume that this will all end soon. The infrastructure will continue to evolve to meet the high standards set by Ayia Napa Marina. In any case, buying a property next to this complex (or within it) will be one of the most profitable investments.

Properties available for purchase in the Ayia Napa Marina project

Reason #10: High-rise building potential

Ayia Napa Marina is the only high-rise building in Ayia Napa. But there is no reason to assume that it is the last.

It has already been noted above that Ayia Napa almost entirely consists of private buildings. Apartments are a rarity. And rarity, as you know, stimulates demand. In addition, an apartment in Ayia Napa can be the most profitable investment: it is easier to rent or sell, and it also requires less maintenance costs. Therefore, as soon as high-rise buildings begin to appear here, it is recommended to calculate everything well and evaluate how promising it is for you to invest in this property.

Detailed information about all projects in Ayia Napa can be obtained from the specialists of the No. 1 real estate agency in Cyprus DOM by phone +357 23 010 149, or in person at: Protaras Avenue 243, Paralimni 5290, Famagusta.

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