Best Ayia Napa Relaxing Beaches

 Лучшие пляжи Айя Напы - где самый лучший пляжный отдых в Айя Напе
26 November 2021 Irina Zholnirova

The beaches of Ayia Napa are famous for their beauty and safety. The geographical location of Ayia Napa gives all the advantages of wonderful beaches: small waves, cozy coves, beautiful views. Let's learn all of them and highlight the best beaches of Ayia Napa.

General information about the beaches of Ayia Napa

Both inside and outside the town of Ayia Napa there are a huge number of beaches that can boast a variety of characteristics. Some are marked with Blue Flags (the international quality mark of the beach), others are famous for picturesque views, and still others are secluded.

But all beaches have something in common:

  1. High water temperature. The southern position of Ayia Napa gives a great advantage: in summer, the water in the sea warms up to almost 30° C, and in winter it cools down only to 16-17° C. This means that seasoned people can visit any beach and swim even in the winter months.
  2. Cozy coves. Many of the beaches are protected from strong winds as there are practically no high waves and muddy water here.
  3. Each equipped beach is sandy. The municipal authorities make sure that guests of Cyprus have a comfortable holiday, including children.
  4. There are no more picturesque wild beaches to be found. Here the situation is reversed: the coastline is often rocky, and in some places it is impossible to swim at all. But this does not negate the magnificent photo shoots at the open sea.
  5. Absolutely all of the beaches are free to visit. Therefore, you can relax for free on almost the entire coast - you don't need to rent an umbrella and a sunbed.
  6. Rescuers are always on duty. There is no need to worry about safety on each equipped beach.

Also, almost all the beaches of Ayia Napa are easily accessible. They do not need to be reached by bus for an hour. Most beaches are either within walking distance or 5-10 minutes away by taxi.

TOP 11 beaches in the city or in close proximity to Ayia Napa

If you are vacationing in Ayia Napa, then you do not need to travel far or even walk. Each municipal beach is well equipped and comfortable for guests.

Makronissos Beach West

This is a small beach at the western part of Makronissos Cape. It is sandy, but there are stones along the edges of the cove. Ideal for those who appreciate the sparseness and privacy, as most vacationers rush to the nearby Makronissos East Beach (on the eastern side of the cape).

There is never a crowd on this beach - even in the hottest season. If desired, you can walk to the ancient tombs on the cape, and then walk around the neighborhood and have a delicious lunch in a cafe.

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Dome Beach

A small beach that is part of the Makronissos West. It is near to the hotel of the same name, it is open to all visitors. 

It's nice to relax here: you can have fun on the water, or you can lie quietly and peacefully and sunbathe. It is safe for children to play on the shore: the beach has a mild slope, and there are almost never big waves.

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Makronissos Beach (East) (Blue flag)

A huge, spacious and very comfortable beach for all kinds of vacationers. The territory is covered with soft sand, there are showers, toilets and changing rooms, sun loungers and umbrellas are available for rent, you visit it with a large company and family.

On the territory of the beach, there are two centers at once: for diving and for extreme water sports. So active tourists will not be bored. For lazy persons, the beach also has all the amenities: Wi-Fi, bars, lots of space for playing with children.

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Landa Beach (Blue flag)

Big, beautiful, with a coating of white sand. In a bay with light turquoise water. It's all about Landa Beach.

Indeed, the place is magnificent: both picturesque and comfortable. On this beach it is nice to relax with friends or family. You can drive water transport or play games on sports grounds. Who gets tired, it's not far to go to cafes and bars. 

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Nissi Beach (Blue flag)

It is positioned as a year-round beach but actually... it is: some vacationers swim in seawater in winter. A pleasure for them, why not if the weather is good?

In summer, the beach is completely different: Nissi turns into a lively beach, which is very popular with young people. In the morning and in the afternoon, families with children rest here, and in the evening it's time for a party that does not subside even at night. So Nissi Beach can easily be called a "multifunctional" beach.

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Latchi Adams Beach

Quite a picturesque place 10 minutes drive from Ayia Napa. This is a small and cozy bay and a beach, very beautiful and at the same time well equipped for vacationers. There is a rental point with sun loungers and umbrellas, showers and toilets, entertainment for adults and children.

However, there are two things to keep in mind. First: the beach is small, and there is a gentle entry into the water only in the very middle of the bay. There is a rocky descent along the edges, there is a ladder there. There are large stones on the sandy bottom of the beach, so it's worth swimming more carefully.

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Vathia Gonia Beach (Blue flag)

A small but very pleasant beach, which is located in close proximity to the center of Napa - you can walk here. The bay is called Sandy Bay. It has a mild slope and a smooth sandy surface, so the place is suitable for families with children.

Vathia Gonia is liked by tourists and locals for its intimacy, for its silence – and for the opportunity to go snorkeling or diving. In addition, there is a well-developed infrastructure: there are beach equipment, changing cabins and restrooms.

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Pernera Beach (Blue flag)

Do not confuse it with the beach of the same name near the village of Pernera, Protaras – it's in a completely different direction. If you came to Ayia Napa for a family vacation, then this place will definitely appeal to you. Cream sand, which smoothly goes into the water, palm trees all around. And in general, the beach is quiet, not overpopulated.

Be careful! There are rocks at the bottom somewhere, so it's better for children and sensitive adults to stay closer to the middle of the bay. Otherwise, the beach of Pernera is pleasant: there are showers, toilets, changing cabins, equipment rental and Wi-Fi.

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Pantachou Beach and Limanaki Beach (Blue flag)

Two large beaches in one bay. In general, they are both good, but from the Pantachou side the slope is more mild and has no stones. There are a lot of stones at Limanaki beach, and there is a boat parking nearby.

During the season, it is quite crowded here, and there is an explanation for this: developed beach infrastructure, accessibility and a magnificent view of Cape Greco. You can just swim and sunbathe on the beach or do water sports and entertainment.

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Glyki Nero Beach (Blue flag)

Located very close to Pantahu Beach, still close to Ayia Napa. Therefore, in the season it is crowded here, but comfortable because cafes, restaurants, rental and entertainment outlets work. 

Of all the beaches of Ayia Napa, Glyki Nero can be called the cutest: it seems that here it is, a soft sand. But there are also views of the sea caves of Cape Greco. Isn't this a miracle? You can relax on the beach of Glyki Nero both with company and with children.

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Katsarka Beach

A small and partially landscaped beach is located not so far from the center of Napa. Nevertheless, it is always quiet and peaceful here: families with children prefer more comfortable places, since there are really a lot of stones here.

But to relax in silence on the Katsarka beach is the very thing! If you are looking to get a peaceful vacation near the city, then you should definitely look here. Moreover, there is equipment rental on the beach.

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TOP 6 beaches of the district and suburbs

If you move from west to east along the coast, you can find a large number of excellent and well-maintained beaches. 

Sirens Beach

A small and quiet beach, ideal for lovers of beautiful landscapes and sparsely populated. It is located far enough from Napa, so there is no influx of tourists here even during the season.

Another reason for the low popularity of Sirens Beach is the stony nature. Yes, it adds beauty to the landscape, but many people find it inconvenient to step over the pebbles. But among the newlyweds, the beach is very popular: marriage ceremonies are often held here.

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Ayia Thekla Beach (Blue flag)

A very convenient, picturesque and not too busy beach of Ayia Thekla is located some distance from the city itself, but it's still easy to get here. 

The main attraction of this area is a small but very pretty church. She also gave the beach a name. You will easily recognize her: it appears quite often on postcards and photographs of Cyprus.

In addition, the beach of Ayia Thekla is clean, with a gentle entrance, and clear turquoise water. The whole family enjoys relaxing here, even if there are small children.

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Ammos Kambouri Beach (Blue flag)

Well, a very intimate beach! And, we must admit, it has a special charm. You can rent a booth or an umbrella with a sunbed. There are also cafes and changing booths on the beach.

However, the coast is rocky: it will be inconvenient to rest here with small children. But there is also a plus – it is convenient to go diving and snorkeling on this beach. And take beautiful photos, where without them!

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Kermia-Limnara Beach (Blue flag)

Due to the distance from Napa, it is not crowded even in the season. Although the conditions here are truly the best! Nearby is the Kavo Greco National Park, the water is turquoise, the entrance to the sea is sandy and gentle. The entire infrastructure of the beach is at the service of vacationers.

Families like to relax on the beach of Limnara, as noisy parties gather not here, but in the city. And there are rescuers on duty at Limnara, always a calm sea and beautiful views.

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Konnos Beach (Blue flag)

Purely geographically refers to the beaches of Protaras, but, in fact, can be included in the list. And it's hard to leave it aside: this is one of the most beautiful bays of Ayia Napa!

Konnos beach has snow-white sand, a gentle entrance to the water and a developed beach infrastructure. It's great to relax here for both adults and children.

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Fig Tree Bay Beach (Blue flag)

Also part of Protaras, and also cannot fail to be mentioned. A magnificent beach where you can relax and have fun - depending on what you expect from your vacation. Although Protaras is a family vacation spot, hangouts gather here too.

A big plus of this beach is a water entertainment center and several excellent cafes. This means that you can spend the whole day by the water and not get bored! Take your time, get here from Ayia Napa – and you will see one of the most famous places in Cyprus!

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A selection of wild beaches in the suburbs

There are people who prefer to relax exclusively on wild beaches: it's always quiet there, there are almost no people, and you can relax properly. In some places it is possible to swim safely, in others it is better to avoid swimming. Let's see what you can find from the "wild" in Ayia Napa.

Liopetri Beach

A small and unequipped beach in the village of Liopetri. What is it good for? It offers magnificent views of the sea and the Cyprus "fjord" - the natural attraction of Liopetri.

Here you can also taste delicious fish dishes in taverns. And picnics and photo shoots are often arranged on this beach.

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Katergo Beach

A tiny beach covered with shells and their fragments. It is notable for them, as well as the opportunity to go into the water and swim. However, in the latter case it is easier to walk to the beaches of Sirens or Ayia Thekla.

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Poseidon Beach

In fact, it is considered part of the Ayia Thekla beach. Only really wild: the coast is quite rocky here and it is impossible to rent beach equipment.

But the beach has another advantage: a beautiful view and an arch for photo shoots. Newlyweds often come here to take pictures for memory. Sometimes exit ceremonies are held.

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Ziatzi Beach

Very quiet place, as there is nothing nearby. The beach is really very secluded and pleasant. You can even swim here - only carefully, since the coating is still rocky.

The beach is ideal for walks, sea picnics and getting an even tan. Only it is better to take everything you need with you, otherwise you will have to walk half a kilometer to the nearest cafes and shops. 

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Mikri Landa Beach

A small beach in a cozy cove is quiet and calm. The big Landa is buzzing next door, but there's a different mood in the air. There are a lot of people and fun, but here it's quiet. That's just a sunbed and an umbrella, as well as a snack, you need to take with you.

Mikri Landa beach is good because you can swim here: entering the water is quite convenient. The water warms up well in summer, and strong waves are rare for this beach.

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Sea caves at Cavo Greco

Swimming here is unrealistic. This place can hardly even be called a beach. Rather, a rock with an amazing view of the sea. It is not for nothing that Cyprus is proud of Cape Greco: here is a truly fantastic landscape!

The bizarre shapes of the beach shores rising high above the sea will inspire anyone. It is not for nothing that photo shoots of all varieties and colors are arranged at this place. In addition, the Kavo Greco Nature Reserve is protected by the authorities of Cyprus and is considered a national treasure of the island.

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Loukkos Tou Mandi Beach

Another spacious, but unsuitable beach for recreation. You can swim here, but be careful: it is better to use a specially equipped pier. It has a ladder leading into the water, like in a swimming pool.

There is nowhere to lie down to sunbathe on the beach, but you can sit on large stones. And nearby there are places for walking and a playground.

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