Education in Larnaca: kindergartens and schools

Образование в Ларнаке: детские сады и школы
3 November 2022 Irina Starinskaia

Larnaca is one of the best cities in Cyprus for families with kids who go to kindergarten or elementary.

The quiet and cozy coastal city has a number of public and a dozen of private educational institutions that accept children from all over the world on the same conditions.

It should be noted that if parents want their child to attend a local or foreign university, the school must be recognized and registered by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth, be in the list on the ministry's website, and also be able to issue an appropriate diploma.

If you have a preschooler, you can choose any kindergarten or educational center you and they like. Some private schools have groups for kids 2-3 years old and even younger, then these kids can attend elementary, this is very convenient when adapting and learning foreign languages.

Let's get started.

There are Greek, English, Armenian and Jewish schools in Larnaca, also a Russian-speaking center has recently appeared.

It is believed that Greek schools are ideal for those who plan to live on the island permanently. However, there are Greek and English lessons in almost any educational institution. It is important to note that usually kindergartens and schools finish the daytime program at one o'clock in the afternoon, so parents need to think about what to do with their child and... plan the family budget.

Public gardens and schools

All children in Cyprus have the right to free pre-school education, regardless of citizenship and legal status. You can choose an educational institution among those closest to the place of residence of the child and their parents (the address can be confirmed by water or electricity bills). Lists with addresses of public educational institutions by district are located on the website of the Ministry of Education of Cyprus.

Enrollment in public kindergartens and elementary schools usually begins in January. Those who enter for the first time need to fill out a questionnaire on the website of the Ministry of Education online or come to the school in person.

Kindergartens accept children from 3 years old. It may cost about 40-45 euros per month, plus an annual fee and annual insurance in the amount of 30 euros. For children who have to go to school (age from 4.8 years to 5.8 years), visiting the garden is compulsory and absolutely free, as well as the public school.

Public kindergartens and elementary schools are open strictly from 7:45 to 13:05. Therefore, working parents plan the rest of the day at their own discretion: someone takes the child to the office, someone finds after-school classes, hires a nanny. Some public schools offer their own after-school classes for 50 euros per month.

Attention! Leaving a child under the age of 12 at home without adults is considered a crime in Cyprus and is strictly punishable by law.

Nareg Armenian School

Did you know that many different cultures and religions coexist perfectly in Cyprus? There are several Armenian schools in Cyprus, one of which is located right behind the Finikoudes promenade. The Armenian educational center of Larnaca - Nareg Armenian School - has a kindergarten, which accepts children from 3 years old, as well as primary and secondary schools. Children are taught in Armenian, but English and Greek are also taught. Education in school and kindergarten is free, but only Armenians can enter there.

According to statistics, over 3,000 Armenian speakers live in Cyprus today. Most of them are the descendants of those Armenians who arrived on the island at the turn of the 19th-20th century.

Private gardens and schools in Larnaca

Most of the private kindergartens in Larnaca are Greek. The website of the Ministry of Education states that out of 30 private preschools, only 4 are English-speaking. All of them are accredited by the Cyprus Ministry of Education, Sport and Youth.

Payment in private schools and kindergartens is usually made several times per year. The average price is 2.5-4 thousand euros per year. Often, schools of the same name in different cities of Cyprus are not connected with each other.

Nursery schools are distinguished by soft adaptation to the educational process, a lot of activities and games. Pre-Primary and Primary schools are attended by children who are a bit prepared. Here everything is already a little stricter: they read books, learn the basics of mathematics, have homework. In the Pre-Primary School, children go for a walk every day, so the quality of the surrounding area is important. Lunch boxes are prepared by parents at home. Sometimes schools offer hot lunches for a fee. Extension after one o'clock in the afternoon is also always paid separately.

King David Private School Larnaca - Jewish Kindergarten and School

About 2 thousand members of the Jewish diaspora live in Cyprus, most of whom came from the UK, Russia and, of course, Israel. The first and only synagogue in Cyprus was built in Larnaca in 2005. Other important cultural facilities were built on its basis, including a kindergarten for children 2 years old and younger (Wonderworld Nursery Larnaca) and a kindergarten for kids from 3 years old (Wonderworld kindergarten). They are available to everyone, not just members of the Jewish community.

The Cypriot International Jewish School King David Private School was opened in 2006, which can be attended only by the Jewish community members.

As part of the curriculum, the school focuses on the study of Hebrew, mathematics and English, which are taught by a professional team of teachers and staff. Education in elementary and high schools is paid - about 4.5 thousand euros per year, payment is made twice a year. Kindergartens are paid monthly, the payment is 350 euros per month.

Education in an English school is a great start for those who plan to further their child's education in one of the universities in Europe or America.

American Academy Larnaca

The American Academy of Larnaca is located in the city center and has a big territory, including tennis courts and its own soccer field. Spacious classrooms can accommodate groups of up to 25 children. The younger the class, the fewer children in it. In Nursery groups, the main teacher works with two English-speaking teaching assistants.

After graduating from the American Academy Larnaca Pre-Primary (Pre-Junior) School, the child is admitted without exams to the first class of the American Academy Larnaca Primary (Junior) School, and from there to the senior classes of the Senior School American Academy Larnaca.

For elementary school children, an after-school program is provided for a fee, and high school students can choose a free hobby group. In addition, the school has many interesting educational programs, language courses for children and adults, as well as tennis, basketball and football sports sections within the Sports Academy of the same name.

An important distinguishing feature of the school is the developed technical side: a convenient website, electronic diaries for all students, as well as the ability to pay online. The educational institution provides a discount of 10% of the annual fee not only for the second, but for each child, if several children study. At the same time, prices are relatively low in Cyprus: an elementary school costs about 3.5-5 thousand euros per year, a middle-high school costs 6-7 thousand euros.

The American Academy of Larnaca is one of the oldest schools on the island of Aphrodite. It was founded in 1908 by two missionaries from the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America who originally came to the island to run a missionary school. The founders secured permission to open a boys' high school and opened the American Academy of Larnaca. First they had 60 students.

Med High

This private school is located in the center of Larnaca, opposite the Archaeological Museum, a 5-minute walk from the Finikoudes promenade. Once there was the first Cypriot school for girls. A beautiful building, which adjoins Med High - the Catholic monastery of St. Joseph, which has been operating here since the middle of the ΧΙΧ century. The modern school is small, but cozy and very popular with both locals and foreigners, so you have to wait a long time to get a place for your child. Those who are lucky enough to get into the group will be surrounded by care and attention. This is especially important for those who give a one-year-old baby to kindergarten. For those who want to continue their studies at Med High, you need to remember that the building of the elementary and high school is located about 2 km from the kindergarten.

Med High was founded in 1995 as a multicultural international school. Following the British curriculum, it offers a quality education for children aged 12 months to 18 years. Med High consists of the Med High Pre-School (Pre-Elementary), Junior School (Elementary), High School (Middle and High school), Learning Center and Summer School.

Perhaps the only disadvantage of this educational institution is that you can pay by cash or bank transfer, so many parents choose to pay the entire amount at once. This method of payment is encouraged by the school in the form of discounts and bonuses. The average price of training is from 4 thousand euros to 7 thousand euros per year.

Little Gems Montessori Nursery

A small but popular kindergarten "Little Gems" is located near the center in the Sotiros area, right behind the Metro supermarket. In addition to laying a solid foundation for the future of schooling for the Little Gems, children are allowed to freely follow their nature, rejoice, develop and laugh, cry and express their opinions, and instruct teachers to their heart's content. Be sure to read about the wonderful Montessori method if this is new to you. The kindergarten is accredited as a preschool educational institution.

Pascal Larnaca

All educational institutions under the Pascal logo in Cyprus are part of the prestigious network of English schools of the same name. The first school in Larnaca was opened in 2003, the oldest school in Cyprus was founded in 1988 in Nicosia. The cost of the kindergarten is not much different from other private schools on the island, but about 30% higher than in the American Academy and Med High.

Schoolchildren joke that Pascal even has a spa for children. Pascal Private Primary School & Kindergarten has a gorgeous pool and a beautiful area with greenery, flowers and trees. For parents, there is convenient parking and the opportunity to provide the child with many interesting extracurricular activities, for children, there is a spacious garden Pascal Private Kindergarten Larnaca with a large walking area, a swimming pool and, most importantly, a truly leading teaching staff. Children from the age of 3 to 18 study at the school. Primary, middle and high school are located in Aradippou.

Little Acorn Nursery School

A small and slightly fabulous kindergarten, Little Acorns, has recently moved from a tiny building in the center of Larnaca to a spacious building in Livadia. It is considered English, but in fact it is a cozy international community for preschoolers from 2 to 5 years old. Four out of 5 teachers speak excellent English, and one teaches children Greek. Once a week, kids are taken to the Gymnastics Sports Center in Larnaca. Payment for the morning garden is made monthly and amounts to 350 euros. Lunch breaks are charged separately.

Andaschka Kindergarten

A favorite place for Russian-speaking mothers is the Andashka trilingual kindergarten in Larnaca. Basic education is conducted in Russian, but children are also actively learning English and Greek. Everything is as it should be in a classic Russian kindergarten: the aroma of kompot in the corridors, 4 meals a day, wooden beds for daytime sleep and a music teacher with a beautiful piano. Payment is made on a monthly basis.

If parents are busy after one in the afternoon, you should pay attention to the kindergartens and schools of Larnaca with after-school classes, as well as special training centers that work in the afternoon.

After school

Happy Faces After School Centre

Happy Faces is a daycare center for children aged 6 to 12. At about 1 pm, the bus collects the children and takes them to the educational center, located next to the Larnaca Aqueduct. Here, children are fed a hot lunch and help with their homework. Then they have the opportunity to engage in creativity, sports or their favorite school subject. In their free time, children play and socialize.

Russian educational center "Exodus School. Cyprus IT Hub"

In September of this year, a new project was launched in the suburbs of Larnaca for those who want to study in Russian. This is a great alternative to online learning in Russian schools, since children no longer have to sit at a computer for 6 hours - teachers have come to Cyprus for them! Meanwhile, everyone is being helped to officially attach to a Moscow school in order to pass mandatory all-Russian tests and exams.

Exodus Primary School is located in the village of Oroklini. Today, children from the first to the sixth grade are taught in small groups. The center also organizes educational activities for adults and children.

In the afternoons and on Saturdays, Exodus has a Russian school officially associated with the Vita school (mathematics, Russian, reading and other school subjects), after-school classes and clubs. Today, the center has teachers and children from Belarus, Ukraine and Russia.

Educiber Education Center

A few steps from the elementary school of the American Academy is the educational center Educyber Education Center. You can bring your child here after school or entrust it to the drivers of the center. In addition to the standard program with homework, you can choose from English, Greek and computer classes. In addition, the center takes its wards to the pool.

Isida Kids

The children's development center, located near the Church of St. Lazarus, has a mini-kindergarten for children 3.5-5 years old and after-school classes for children 5-9 years old. Here the child will be helped to do their homework (in Russian, English and Greek), fed a hot lunch and organized leisure activities. There are no more than 10 children in groups.

Detailed information about all projects in Larnaca can be obtained from the specialists of the DOM real estate agency by phone +357 24 030062, or in person at: Agias Faneromenis 21, Faneromeni 6025, Larnaca, Cyprus.

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