Recommended appliances and furniture to be in a rental property

Какой техникой и мебелью должна быть оборудована квартира на Кипре
15 September 2020 Irina Zholnirova

It is most convenient to rent a house for both short or long term with furniture and household appliances. What must be in a rented property, what you can do without.

Long term rent in Cyprus

As a rule, long-term tenants do not have their own complete furniture. Therefore, renting out an empty apartment in Cyprus is a rarity, although it also occurs.

If the landlord offers a furnished apartment, it must have the necessary minimum of household appliances and furniture.

What appliances are required:

  1. Fridge. You need to pay attention to its size as a large family cannot live with a small one.
  2. Washing machine. Now life without a washing machine is impossible to imagine. It is definitely worth checking how clean it is, whether an unpleasant smell comes from it.
  3. Oven. Sometimes you need not just burners, but also an oven. And it often goes separately from burners or is completely absent.
  4. Air conditioning. You cannot live in Cyprus without air conditioning. It cools the air in summer and heats it up in winter. If the air conditioner operates only for cooling, you need to ask the owner for a heater. It is also worth checking the cleanliness and serviceability of the appliance.

It is assumed that there will be a basic set of furniture in the apartment.

If the apartment does not have, for example, a coffee table, you can politely ask for it.

What can (and should) be required:

  1. Beds or sofas in all bedrooms.
  2. At least one roomy wardrobe, but several are better.
  3. Kitchen set including dining table and chairs.
  4. A set of chairs or stools.
  5. Writing desk.

The obligatory list also includes plumbing. Of course, an apartment or house must have at least one bathroom with a toilet and a shower. Ideal if there are 2 or even 3 bathrooms for a large living space.

Also, the landlord should think about additional things that will make the apartment or house more comfortable, cozy and thoughtful.

This is an incomplete list of useful devices:

  • baby things on request: small bed, student desk, high chair, etc.
  • dehumidifier, it's especially useful in houses located close to the sea, as well as in winter
  • water softener connected to the water supply system
  • a vacuum cleaner
  • functional interior items: whatnots, shelves, mirrors, tables, armchairs, additional lights
  • a set of kitchen appliances: a coffee maker, an electric kettle, a toaster, a blender, etc.

If an apartment or villa is well-equipped and at the same time has a designer interior, it will be in demand even at a price higher than the market. Because it is pleasant for tenants to live in comfort and beauty.

Short term rent in Cyprus

People checking in for a period of 3 to 30 days (on average) should have everything they need. Therefore, the requirements for the arrangement of an apartment or house for daily rent are somewhat different than for housing with a long-term perspective.

It is reasonable to have these appliances:

  • small refrigerator (with or without a freezer)
  • a washing machine: optional, but without it, renting out for more than a week is much more difficult
  • an electric kettle, maybe a coffee maker and a toaster
  • good air conditioner
  • at least dual burner
  • hair dryer, iron and ironing board, they are also optional

Which furniture should be in case of short-term rent? Everything is much more complicated here. Some landlords prefer the Laconian style: several beds, next to them there are small bedside tables, in the kitchen should be only the most necessary. On the one hand, this tactic is not devoid of logic: tenants do not need much, and the landlord does not need to spend a lot of money. But in this case the interior needs to be decorated in a minimalist style so that it looks fashionable, and not meager.

If we talk about a standard situation, then the average set of furniture is as follows:

  • at least one double bed + sofas or single beds
  • small kitchen set with dining table and chairs
  • one small chest of drawers in each bedroom
  • pedestals, shelves, ottomans.

Short-term tenants may also ask for a small set of dishes: as a rule, several plates, spoons, a saucepan and a frying pan are provided.

Buy real estate in Cyprus: with or without furniture?

Usually they sell empty houses or apartments in Cyprus, even renovated properties are mostly empty. Housing with furniture is bought less often, but this also happens.

As a rule, these are the following situations:

  1. Buyers purchase their first home in Cyprus. These are either young people who did not have time to make their own property, or people who just moved from another city / country.
  2. Sometimes buyers ask to leave large household appliances (refrigerator, washing machine, TV), so as not to move the old one from the previous home as transportation can be more expensive. Over time, old appliances are replaced with new ones.
  3. Real estate buyers are planning to rent out the newly acquired living space almost immediately.
  4. The furniture and renovations are in the same style, the efforts of a good designer have been made, and real estate buyers (as well as sellers) do not want the property to lose its beauty. Some personal items (such as beds) are replaced with new ones, but they are carefully selected to match the interior.

Of course, the landlord or seller of real estate has the right to furnish an apartment or villa as it suits them best. But the more comfortable the accommodation, the faster it finds its tenant.

Tenants prefer to choose an apartment a little more expensive, if they are sure that there will be no need for new repair, the plumbing will not leak, and they will not have to spend money on furniture and household appliances.

So the conclusion is simple: a well-furnished apartment in Cyprus is beneficial for both landlords and tenants.

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