How to prepare an apartment or house in Cyprus for sale

Как подготовить квартиру или дом к продаже на Кипре
26 September 2020 Irina Zholnirova

You decided to sell your property in Cyprus but still don't know where to start... DOM LiVE has prepared some sales recommendations for you.

So, 10 life hacks for you, if you want your buyer to fall in love with a house or apartment at first sight!

The first impression is the most important!

Preparing an apartment or a private house for sale is not about repairing the home, but creating a pleasant and most comfortable atmosphere. Simple life hacks will help you emphasize the advantages of your property.

All efforts are aimed at ensuring that a potential buyer, on a subconscious level, received a positive impression. If he does not completely fall in love with your apartment, then he will definitely put it in his mental top of competitive options.

Action plan

Before rushing into the maelstrom of sales, you need to calculate the time, effort and finances. A plan makes the task much easier.

What should be done:

  1. Make an estimate. Of course, you can spend a large amount and then include it in the cost of the object, but this is not always justified. Therefore, it is wiser to allocate a budget based on what you can do, and where specialists are needed.
  2. Estimate how long the sale can take. This is important so that you can calculate the deadlines for putting the apartment in order.
  3. Thoroughly inspect the apartment and decide what "defects" it can be sold with, and what is better to fix it.
  4. Decide whether you will act on your own or through a representative.

Once the plan and budget are in place, decisive action must be taken.

Life hack # 1: Redecoration

Redecorating real estate requires less investment and time, while the effect is amazing. An apartment or house immediately becomes fresher, cleaner and brighter.

If there are any serious defects in the home and you do not intend to fix them, do not keep silent about them, but also do not pay too much attention. It is better to mention them in passing after the potential buyer has examined the house.

Life hack # 2: General cleaning

It's no secret that the overall impression of freshness and cleanliness is one of the most important. Therefore, the apartment for sale has to be thoroughly "generalized". It often makes sense to hire a cleaning team as you can save a lot of time and effort.

Life hack # 3: Increasing space

Even the smallest apartment can seem as spacious. It is enough to remove all unnecessary furniture and accessories.

An important rule to remember is that the perfect is the enemy of good. You should not make your home empty and uninhabited as this will completely deprive it of its coziness and charm.

It is also worth emptying all the small spaces: wardrobes, pantries, balconies, and so on. The buyer, examining the apartment, mentally tries to understand what they can put inside them. And therefore, there should be as much space as possible, at least visually.

Life hack # 4: Creating a neutral style

All not important things, jewelry and other things are better to be removed. They interfere with the perception of the apartment and form a certain impression. The buyer is interested in the least informative appearance of the home as they visualize their plans and mentally arrange their furniture.

Life hack # 5: Remove all personal belongings

Photos, clothes, even pets are all superfluous in an apartment that has already been put up for sale. They should be removed, and not in the closets and pantry (as mentioned above), but in another place. You can temporarily bring them to relatives or friends.

Life hack # 6: Take care of lighting

The light should create a comfortable and free space. Therefore, it is better to schedule a display of an apartment or house during the daytime.

If at least one room is not sufficiently lit or shows are held in the evening, take care of pleasant light. Simple but bright warm light lamps are suitable for this. Floor lamps and sconces can be placed in small rooms.

Life hack # 7: Taking care of smells

As soon as the buyer enters the apartment, they should feel pleasant on their subconscious level. Therefore, nasty smells are unacceptable!

Animals and their belongings should be relocated at the time of the sale, and if there is any smell, it should be gotten out with disinfectants and fragrances. It is recommended to get the "aromas" of dampness, staleness and other unpleasant things out. Also, do not start cooking just before the scheduled inspection.

But making coffee for customers is a great option.

If it is not the owner who will be showing the house, then there are following useful tips:

  • arrange in each room a bunch of flowers or a composition with citrus peels and cinnamon sticks
  • once every 2-3 days, wipe the baseboards with water with essential citrus oils, tea tree, vanilla, pine needles; but it is better not to use chamomile, lavender and other soothing aromas
  • sprinkle the curtains with good, but not "heavy" perfume.
Important: it is necessary to abandon air fresheners, aroma lamps and oriental sticks as not all of these smells are perceived positively.

Life hack # 8: Take high-quality photos

Hiring a photographer and taking a dozen great shots is almost a 30% success rate. The number of potential buyers will increase, and a positive image of real estate will be formed in advance.

Life hack number 9: Improve the house area and the facade of the house

If it's a private house for sale in Cyprus, you should especially worry about its appearance. A gate, paths, lawns, the house should be clean and comfortable.

What exactly is worth doing:

  • remove all rubbish, heaps of leaves, firewood piles, etc.
  • mow the lawn
  • paint all visible important areas: gate, porch, stairs, front door, etc.
  • chack that the walkway and entrance are well lit
  • wash the walls of the house
  • wash the windows
  • arrange potted plants if there is no vegetation in the garden
  • all veranda and balcony furniture must be clean.

If the territory has a swimming pool, gazebo, other objects, then their appearance and cleanliness should also be taken care of.

Life hack # 10: Hire professionals

You can skip all the steps to prepare your home for sale by entrusting it to professionals. This will save you time and hassle.

For the sale of luxury real estate in Cyprus, it is better to invite a designer as they can make everything ready for new tenants.

Are you planning to sell your property in Cyprus? We have a solution for you!

Contact Dom Real Estate and the company's specialists will come to your property, help you properly estimate the cost of your property and give useful recommendations, take excellent photos and conduct video filming, as well as post your property on their website and on the websites of partners, as well as on various advertising and thematic sites. Your apartment or house will be presented in the best possible light and will sell even faster than you expected.

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Source: DOM LiVE
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