7 types of landlords in Cyprus. How to get along with each of them?

7 типов арендодателей на Кипре. Как найти общий язык с каждым?
9 April 2020 Maxim Arte

We have already picked tenants to pieces but don't want to leave it at that, as renting an apartment in Cyprus is quite an event! Some people take this step with great responsibility, analyzing current offers, while others pick the first available option on the spur of the moment. 

For some tenants, housing rental is a forced necessity. Someone wants to grow up and start living separately from their parents (grandparents or exes). The reasons could be different, but every tenant is bound to meet their landlord. How will he/she look like? Will this person makes the tenants' life more comfortable or more difficult?

You never know whom you can meet at the doorstep of the house you took fancy to, especially at tourist season height. We had a try to describe the tenants, and our audience is likely to encounter.

1.The Sherlock

The motto: no bank transfers, cash only. May I take a photo of your passport?

Instead of Sherlock, a tenant may meet genius Miss Marple. Such people are too suspicious and eager to unmask others. Even if a prospective renter appears a sweet angel, Sherlock suspects the tenant of organizing at least a drug den or a cathouse on the premises. After examining the passport and studying the tenant's biography, Sherlock adds in triumph that the neighbors are bound to inform him of the resident's misbehavior. Despite they have been trying to avoid meeting him for many years. Although there are some advantages: such landlords don't like making a deal with new people, so it's relatively easy to come to terms about the renewal of the lease, provided you will be able to stand the test of living under close supervision.

Tips and tricks

Be the first! Try being adequately suspicious and check if there are any unpaid household bills. It would be best if you also talked to the prospective neighbors. They are sure to gossip about the problems of former tenants and the character of the landlord.

2.The gallant

The motto: one doesn’t exclude the other.

As a rule, this type of landlord is single, but every direction has its exceptions. At first, the rentier may hide his true intentions but soon visit you regularly on some flimsy pretext. As we know, marriages are made in heaven, and you might meet your Mr. or Mrs. Right; however, in most cases, such pushiness on the part of the landlord may give you a hard time.

Tips and tricks

Set the boundaries. Of course, one can place extra toothbrushes in the bathroom or different slippers near the door, but the tenant had better limit the number of landlord’s visits by writing it in the tenancy agreement.

3.The Businessman 

The motto: nothing personal, just business.

Such a behavior model is one of the most comfortable for both parties. The Businessman will not start small talk about sea temperature or advise a good beach in Limassol, but the communication will be as short and formal as possible. What is more, any household problems, such as plumbing repair or replacement of the furniture, will be settled quickly.

Tips and tricks

Let your imagination run wild. Usually, the Businessman is very scrupulous about concluding a tenancy agreement, especially regarding the rights and obligations of the parties. This landlord is sure to embrace any initiative of the prospective tenant. For example, you can agree on the door locks replacement. So the tenant will be able to ensure the property's safety if the former residents kept the keys. It would be best to put a new key in an envelope, sign it and give it to the Businessman. In theory, the landlord will present the sealed envelope when you vacate.

4.The King

The motto: you are so lucky to be here. Now you can kiss my hand.

The King is not a polite and delicate person. A tenant can recognize him by such remarks as "you'd better not damage anything!" or "there are so many tenants who want to live here." He fancies himself an upmarket housing owner even though he owns a shabby apartment studio in Neapolis, Limassol. This landlord wants the residents to be servile and pay the rent on time or even in advance. The rent is likely to be more than the average market price. Only people longing for adrenaline can deal with the King.

Tips and tricks

Check together with the household appliances owner to work correctly and list the property in the apartments before moving in. You should specify all the details, including the manufacturing company's name and even tiny defects of the furniture and household appliances. It is much easier than trying to prove that you haven't stolen the owner's vintage cut glass before moving out.

 5.The Mommy

The motto: we are not strangers, aren't we?

Of course, a tenant may have to deal with a pappy but meeting an older woman is more likely. She is really interested in her residents' lives and always ready to take part in solving any of their problems, even doing laundry or baking rolls. Whether it will be comfortable to communicate with such an owner depends on the tenant's personality. Some people are glad about such a touching attitude, while others would rather be less disturbed.

Tips and tricks

Keep your distance. Same as in any relationship, it is essential to demonstrate the landlord your amiability and responsibility; however, you should keep a safe space and avoid too much attention on the part of the owner, joint tea drinking, and heart-to-heart talks.

 6.Just like you

The motto: we are of one blood, you and I!

This person is the one who rents out and takes apartments at the same time. For example, this personage rents out a house in Cyprus and takes a flat in Moscow. In this case, there will be a full mutual understanding between the parties. Such a landlord will never visit you on early Sunday morning or tell you off for a new mat in the bathroom. The only thing necessary for the rentier is the timely payment since it dramatically affects their solvency. Furthermore, empathy on the part of the landlord is a bonus!

Tips and tricks

Stay alert! In this case, you should be ready for a sudden, and nonreversible rent increase. Even if you get along with this landlord, the latter will have to do it if they must pay more for the rented housing.

7.Always away

The motto: don't call me, I will be away from the island.

You will see this personage only once while signing the contract. This type of landlord disappears as soon as he has given you the keys and got the deposit. The person seems to be a perfect landlord. However, the residents will not be able to engage such a rentier in repairing the dripping faucet or the broken chair. This man either delays or ignores solving similar problems. He is unaware of the price increase because he doesn't live in Cyprus on the plus side. 

Tips and tricks

Discuss with the owner if it is possible to fix the things at the tenant's expense and ask him for a discount on the number of repair costs, but it is better to insist on adding this clause in the contract.

All in all, landlords in Cyprus are not as wicked as they are said to be. Don't forget that there is nothing extraordinary or complicated about finding a home to rent.

The primary advice - to keep calm and try to find the appropriate landlord. We wish you good luck! And do not forget to follow your heart and intuition! 

Source: DOM LiVE
Photos: pixabay.com
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