Seven types of tenants in Cyprus. Whom will you meet on the doorstep of your apartment?

7 типов арендаторов на Кипре. Кого ждать на пороге квартиры?
2 April 2020 Maxim Arte

DOM LiVE strongly recommends looking more closely at your future tenant. It is always better to count your money to get for the rent while admiring the Mediterranean Sea than nervously poke at the smartphone screen and trying to remind your resident about payment. Of course, each tenant can be a real diamond or like a cat in a poke. But you can be prepared in advance for various scenarios if you know what to expect. 

So we have selected the TOP 7 types of tenants for you that you can meet in Cyprus. Let's check all their pros and cons.

1. COUPLE WITH CHILDRENПара с детьми.jpg

Big and friendly! The family with small kids, a devoted dog, and with a whole aquarium of fish. This type of tenant is the most reliable. The ideal candidate for homeowners on our sunny Island are couples aged 30-55 years. First of all, such people are guide by the following points: 

  • The presence of the veranda or large balcony
  • Not far from the schools and kindergartens
  • Several bathrooms
  • Spacious and isolated rooms

+ Stability! They move to a new place if they found a decent area with the right school or kindergarten nearby.

– Children! Children are like flowers. Each active child knows all simple truth that inaccessible to adults: the most beautiful and incredible portraits and landscapes obtain on the wallpaper, of course) The repair becomes very designer. Significantly if to cut the curtains currently and you are not allowed to play with sockets, it is indispensable. 

2. COUPLE WITHOUT CHILDRENпара без детей.jpg

The same family, but without children. The ideal variant, especially without any animals. It is rare to find such a variant for the landlord. Housing requirements are as follows: 

  • Fully equipped apartments (Internet, furniture, household appliances, etc.)
  • Modern repair
  • Not far from the beach and Supermarkets
  • Convenient Parking

+ Responsibility! Both are working a lot, as they did not busy raising children. So they will not try to evade of Responsibility and delay payment. 

- Probability theory. The appearance of children in tenants or their divorce (according to statistics, every 3rd couple divorce in Cyprus) can be an unpleasant surprise for the landlord. 

3. A GHOSTПризрак.jpg

Neighbors rarely see the ghosts. Such a person rents an apartment for "dates." But in this variant, the deceived wives and landlords do not know how his tenant will use an apartment. He can maintain the apartment in good condition, but he does not care about creating any additional comfort. So, the ghosts consider housing with a developed infrastructure and usually on Cyprus's first coastline. The other requirements are:

  • Not far from cafes / restaurants / bars
  • A first coastline or tourist area
  • Fantastic view from the window
  • Designer Repair

+ Rare presence. The ghost does not appear in the apartment every day. It means that the risk of damage to things almost reduced.

- Mysteriousness. A ghost can meet anyone. Maybe now he is drinking tea and plays chess with a friend. Or maybe not. Who knows...

4. A LONERОдиночка.jpg

A loner may be a student who is not constrained by funds, a careerist who is not burdened by family chores, or people who like to be alone. A single-tenant, as a rule, is democratic with his temporary home. The situation in the apartment usually puts forward the minimum requirements:

  • Sleeping place
  • Cooking area
  • A set of household appliances
  • Television

+ A tendency to loneliness. People live in proud loneliness and do not look for noisy parties, from which neighbors are furious. Especially if lovers of secluded life over 30, especially if they are so in love with their work, devote all their free time.

- Willingness to change. Loners can easily break loose and part with their temporary home because they do not need to look for a new right school for children or coordinate their decision with other residents.


The already graduated the University, left their hostels and rented an apartment - one room per person or two. Precisely in this age, there are more friends than money. And the picture of the happy life is formed by the "Friends" sitcom. This type of tenant is more suitable for owners of 4-room (or more) apartments and spacious houses in Cyprus because it is not always easy to find one family or two tenants to live on such a large-scale living space. 

The preferences are the following: 

  • Computer workspace
  • Wifi / Internet
  • Grocery store within walking distance
  • Non-Conflict Neighbours

+ Unpretentiousness. An old sofa, a wobbly table, or other minor and not very flaws are unlikely to confuse "yesterday's" students who settled in your apartment.

- A busy life. With such tenants, new flaws in the apartment can quickly arise through many friends' efforts and as a result of fun parties.

6. THE EXPATЭкспат.jpg

This type comes by invitation from the company. And usually, the company pays for housing—a prevalent kind of tenant in Cyprus. The main feature is the desire to move into the apartment quickly.

The preferences are the following: 

  • The ability to quickly cook food
  • Wash, iron, and dry clothes
  • Good parking
  • Soundproofing

+ Solvency. Representatives of this category are highly paid specialists. It is unlikely that they will ask for a discount, unless out of greed.

- Domestic disagreement. Specialists from the CIS countries are not accustomed to spending water economically. And they are unhappy with the lack of central heating in Cyprus. Domestic issues can cause heated debate between the tenant and the homeowner.


This type of tenant in Cyprus is represented mainly by builders or refugees from other countries. The main objective is to save on rent as much as possible. So therefore, their needs are minimized, and they are ready for almost any conditions:

  • Lack of furniture and household appliances
  • Air conditioner
  • Heating
  • Minimal Repair

+ Unpretentiousness. They can rent the most illiquid housing without repair, amenities, and low transport interchange. Owners of such real estate need to look specifically at this type of tenant.

- Chaos. When many people live in the same apartment/house who are not connected by either family or friendly ties, it is quite challenging to find someone responsible for damaged furniture or appliances. Add also some problems with payment, possible complaints from neighbors, and issues with Cyprus's migration department.

Of course, everything is relative, and there are exceptions to each rule. But there are many decent people among tenants in Cyprus. And do not forget, a contract with a written assurance by a notary/mukhtars with a tenant significantly reduces the chance of meeting an openly conniving attitude on his part. Good luck finding the ideal tenant!

Source: DOM LiVE
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