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11 August 2021

Top 10 Major Mistakes in Kitchen Design

Making a kitchen is no less important process than drawing up a design project for a living room.

As a rule, the kitchen does not have a large area, therefore it is important to think over every nuance to provide a layout in such a way that the kitchen is not only beautiful, but also convenient and functional.

At first glance, it may seem that kitchen design is an easy task. However, this is not the case. It is not uncommon when, while creating a kitchen interior, inexperienced people make serious mistakes, which are very difficult to correct later. In addition, some elements and solutions in the interior of the kitchen are outdated for a long time and often speak of the owner's bad taste.

TOP 10 most common mistakes:

The working triangle is not well thought out

The angle of the working triangles form the work areas that are most often used in the kitchen - the stove, sink and refrigerator. The ideal distance is considered when all working zones are located in the corners of a triangle with equal sides. The optimal distance between working areas is not less than 1.2 meters and not more than 2.7 meters. The perimeter of the kitchen triangle should ideally not be less than 3 meters and more than 7.5 meters. Otherwise, you will either be too cramped and uncomfortable, or you will have to spend a lot of energy running around the kitchen.

Bad light

What used to be in all kitchens before is now considered bad manners. A lonely chandelier on the ceiling, not using different lighting scenarios will look tasteless and will make any interior cheaper. The kitchen is a multifunctional space. Therefore, for different tasks, you can use different light sources.

Don't skimp on lighting. It is not only a matter of beauty, but also a matter of safety. In the kitchen, you are constantly dealing with sharp and hot objects. Several levels of illumination are needed: an overhead light aimed at the work area, recessed lights under the top drawers, a lamp above the dining table. A separate (and challenging) task is to position the switches so that they are easy to reach.

Small working surface area

One of the most common problems in kitchen design is insufficient countertop area, as it is a multifunctional and frequently used interior element. Consider installing an island to avoid unnecessary inconvenience.

However, do not forget that if an island is too large or incorrectly located - it can cause a lot of inconvenience. Narrow aisles, difficult access to the kitchen triangle - you can get all this by chasing additional amenities.

Screaming colors

It is not enough to purchase a kitchen set and other necessary furniture in a modern stylish design. The interior is made perfect by every thoughtful little thing, including the color scheme of objects. This is very important, since dark colors will only work with sufficient lighting, and bright colors should be in harmony with the general background. Both options are used for different styles, it is only important to take into account some points:

  • facades should be lighter than the floor, but darker than the walls
  • ceiling and floor in the same tone is an unsuccessful decision
  • using no more than three colors is a great idea
  • the second most important details should contrast with background.

The use of a bright, flashy color in the interior of the kitchen as a background, or when an apron or facades are painted in bright colors, looks too pretentious. If you are looking for vibrant colors in your interior, try adding colored accents with lighting and chairs.

Minimalist sink

There is always room for space saving in small kitchens. But if you are the owner of a spacious kitchen and a large family, be sure to get a sink with a wing. You can always put hot dishes on its metal surface, and after dinner, you can place all dirty dishes on it without taking up the washing compartment.

By the way, some people like it when the inner contour of the sink is round, while others recognize only square. Oddly enough, neither one nor the other can be re-educated - the "wrong" shell will annoy for years. Therefore, do not experiment and for all repairs, keep the form to which you are accustomed.

Glossy fronts for kitchen units and massive handles on cabinets

Glossy kitchen fronts look impressive, but they are very impractical. Your fingerprints remain on such surfaces, you need to wipe them daily, so immediately add the housekeeper's salary to the cost of the kitchen. It is strange that the manufacturers did not think of immediately including it in the kit! The same goes for the microwave and the glossy refrigerator. Any dirt will be visible instantly. If, after all, life is not sweet to you without gloss, choose not smooth, but textured facades: prints on them are not so striking.

Another example of bad taste is improperly selected handles, which are often disproportionate to the proportions of the kitchen, out of style, or simply inconvenient to use. By the way, protruding handles are another insidious thing. Especially if the wardrobe is corner. They are able to reduce the opening angle of the door of such a cabinet from 90 degrees... to 87. It would seem a trifle, but at the same time the drawer stops sliding normally. Therefore, sometimes it makes sense to replace the protruding bulky handles with smaller ones or completely abandon them. In this situation, constructions that allow you to open the box by pressing on it will help. The second option is to replace the handles on the cabinets with grooves. The latest trend in kitchen design is the complete rejection of handles on facades.

Natural materials in decoration

Modern design trends favor the use of natural materials. However, this is not always appropriate in the kitchen. For example, the popular marble is very impractical. For all its visual appeal, this material has a porous structure. When viewed under a microscope, it resembles the underside of a mushroom cap.

Over time, pores become clogged with dirt, and the appearance of a marble floor or work surface deteriorates. The dirt penetrates deep into the marble, it is impossible to wash it off. It is better to give preference to an artificial stone. Its cost is lower, and it looks much better.

You should not use laminate in the kitchen (it deforms from moisture), parquet (absorbs water, grease and does not tolerate cleaning with aggressive detergents) and cheap tiles (one dropped pan or frying pan will instantly break a low-quality tile). And... the chipboard countertop, imitating natural stone, or laminate - natural wood, most often looks unpresentable. Today, one of the most popular floor coverings for the kitchen is porcelain stoneware.

Lack of space for small household appliances

Built-in appliances are good, but free-standing appliances are also indispensable. Microwaves, coffee makers or toasters all take up space. If you don't think about it at the time of planning your kitchen, then they will clutter up your countertop later. It is impossible to embed absolutely everything. To make your life easier, set the technique so that it is easy to reach and not have to bend over.

Electrical Outlet Locations

You should think over the location of outlets for large household appliances even at the planning stage. In this case, it will turn out to set the right amount and in suitable places.

For small appliances, it is more convenient to use 'cut-in' sockets. They can be hidden in a closet or countertop. Such sockets look more aesthetically pleasing, and not only in the kitchen.

Ignoring disposal problems

Finally, do not close your eyes to environmental problems. Modern humans simply cannot afford not to think about the future. Manage your trash by setting up separate containers for different types of waste. This inexpensive innovation in the kitchen will show guests that you are a thoughtful and caring person, and perhaps create a positive chain reaction.

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