Top 5 Interior Design Trends in 2021

Топ-5 главных трендов в дизайне интерьера в 2021 году

A year ago, our home was one of many locations where we spent our life. Moreover, it was often not the most important one.

We spent most of the day at work and en route: in buses, cars. We spent our leisure time most often outside our home: in the cinema or in restaurants. Exhibitions, café, picnic, biking, morning jogging and dinner with a glass of wine at a nearby tavern. The house was a place to go to bed and clean up in the morning.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed everything. We started to understand how important our home is.

In May, the third lockdown ended in Cyprus and, despite the active vaccination, nobody can guarantee that there will not be a fourth one. Most of the Cypriots work, chat with friends, study without crossing the threshold of their own home. We have somehow adapted to this lifestyle and adapted our living space to it. Of course, this was reflected in the interior design as well. Even if we become mobile again as much as it was before the coronavirus, life will never be as it was.

Leading designers testify that the main word that describes the interior in this strange period is comfort.

Comfort, practicality, coziness, convenience have replaced pretentiousness and conceptuality. The interior for the public, designed to emphasize the status and taste of the owner of the home and to make an impression, was replaced by the interior for homemates, as it should be comfortable and proportionate to those who constantly live in the house.

Everything should be comfy!

Luxurious comfortable soft furnishings, cushions, chestnut woods, warm colors, shelves full of books. Not books, which spines are combined with color, but favorite novels from childhood with covers shabby from frequent reading.

The house is filled not with designer furniture, but with chairs and dressers from a flea market, or inherited from parents or even grandparents. They can be remade and given new life. Fluffy towels, handmade candles, art from local artisans. Basically, the tendency is to embrace what you have, what is well done, and what makes you smile.

Another mandatory requirement is the versatility of the living space as the house should be not only a cozy nest, but also an office.

As a result of our newfound focus on the convenience of 24/7 living, some previously hot trends are fast going out of style. Until recently, people invested in designer furniture. Now people are actually spending all their time in their living quarters, there is a demand for large, soft, comfortable sofas and armchairs that allow them to relax comfortably. Minimalism fades into the background. As we spend more time in our homes, we need more objects to hold our attention. All the empty space becomes suffocating.

In 2021, rooms with no purpose, rooms used only for receptions and meetings with friends, furniture that has no other function than to show status became less popular. In 2020, we learned that every day is for life and should be lived in the best possible way. The unnecessary excess is gone, convenience and functionality have come.


Aquamarine will be the color of 2021. The azure blues inspired by the Aegean sea.

It is a smart choice for creating contrasting colors in a room with neutral tones and in combination with warm grays and whites.

What we need: joyful, playful design, handwork

Why is everything so serious? Design experts believe it's time to bring a sense of pleasure to our homes.

Maintain sophistication by choosing elegant sculptural décor in organic forms or unexpected color accents.

Pottery brings beauty and sincerity to everyday life. Ceramics are both functional, decorative and create an earthy, artisanal feel in any space. They ground housing, even in a high-rise building.

Warm bronze age in the bathroom

Warm metals such as rose gold, copper and brass will be the main trend in lighting fixtures and metal fittings in bathrooms.

They will be appreciated for both their aesthetics and the antibacterial and antimicrobial characteristics of copper and brass.

A bright saturated palette gives way to 50 shades of beige. This is one of the design jokes, but today the basic colors are at the peak of their relevance. Among the basic achromatic colors are black and white, a palette of gray, beige tones and muted pastels - all those shades that can be easily found in nature.

Organic, eco-friendly materials create a connection between home and nature

Natural and organic materials are already firmly rooted in our hearts.

Rattan, linen, jute and wood bring a handcrafted design to the space that reminds us of the natural world.

Longevity in 2021 will continue to be of great importance. We will see an increase in the use of outdoor materials inside the home: there are a huge number of great outdoor texture options that allow you to make a mess and not worry about frequent cleaning.

Light wood - preferably unpainted - will continue to emerge as a key material in base furnishings. But expect it to be used for flooring and walls. This is another nod to the natural world and bringing a textural element to other tonal interiors.

Your village, your grandmother

Did you know that recent online searches for houseplants have surpassed the shoes in Google?

Spotted begonia is projected to be the greenhouse plant of 2021. However, any other plant with characteristic patterned leaves will be found in every room of our home, especially bathrooms and bedrooms.

Trends are cyclical, and most of us understand that almost everything eventually comes back. But none of us expected the Grandmillenial style to become popular so dramatically, and this new take on traditional décor is only about to break out again in 2021.

This style is pure nostalgia and an ode to comforting, cozy memories of your grandmother's home. These are chintz, hydrangeas, weaving, botanical prints and matching porcelain. Just don't call it cluttered.

2020 slowed us down and forced us to take stock of our consumption. Resilient, durable brands will continue to gain traction, especially in the home space.

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