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18 May 2020

Products in Cyprus

Cyprus is popular not only as a wonderful sunny island but also as a place with very delicious food.

You can order in any tavern or restaurant in Cyprus and be 100% sure in insanely delicious food.

The first traditional Cypriot food that you should try are souvla and kleftiko. 

Cyprus is a European country, so the costs are not very cheap.

During your holiday in Cyprus, one of the options is to rent an apartment with a kitchen and combine the restaurant meals with self-cooking. Of course, if you are ready to spend your time on meal preparation.

You can find all the necessary food in Cyprus – buns and dairy products, local delicacies – halloumi, jerky, and olives and etc. The citizens of Cyprus, who came for permanent residence are usually do shopping once a week – on Saturdays or Sundays.

Most of the people prefer shopping in the supermarkets, while the others go to small markets, named “peripteros” and on Sunday local markets.

The largest shops in Cyprus are Lidl, Alpha Mega, Metro, Sklavenitis, and Papantoniou.

Each store has its own pricing policy and regularly organizes special offers.

All supermarkets accept cards and you can also use contactless payments.

There are plenty of small grocery shops and bakeries in the small towns of Cyprus.

Usually, the prices are higher than in supermarkets, but the main benefit that opening hours are 24x7.

The food in Cyprus is high quality and very taste. There are no such production lines as in other EU countries, so everything produces for local people and have high quality.

Cyprus is an agricultural country. That’s why there is a large variety of local fruits and vegetables in the shops. Also, you can find fresh fish and seafood in local stores. But the fish and seafood are not cheap, although they are mainly caught by the local fishermen.

Recently, local farmers have been paying more attention to the cultivation without any fertilizers. You can find such products in the shop with the logo “Eco”. Of course, the prices for those products are higher.

The range of imported goods is growing every year in Cyprus. This allows to find and buy familiar products by guests.

Average food prices in Cyprus:

  • chicken fillet,1 kg– 6-8 EUR
  • pork, 1 kg – 7 EUR
  • beef, 1 kg – 8 EUR
  • fresh fish, 1 kg – 7-10 EUR (depends on fish)
  • eggs – 2 EUR (12 pcs)
  • milk, 1 liter - 1.29 EUR
  • olive oil, 1 liter – 4.5 EUR
  • feta cheese – 2 EUR
  • water, 1.5 liter – 0.5 EUR
  • pasta – 0.5 EUR
  • rice – 2 EUR
  • potatoes, 1 kg – 0.99 EUR
  • cucumbers, 1 kg – 1 EUR
  • tomatoes, 1 kg - 2 EUR.

You can save some money buying products on Saturday farmers' markets.

You can buy there the most delicious and natural local products, fresh herbs, fruits, and vegetables from garden and for affordable prices.

If you miss about soviet champagne and semolina porridge, you can find it as well here in Cyprus.

Russians can find almost any product of their childhood in the Russian shops in Cyprus.

There is huge number of exclusive products: buckwheat, pearl barley, semolina porridge, sausages, sprats, sweets, mayonnaise, brown bread, seeds, and caviar. In general, the choosiest customer will satisfy his requirements but should be ready for overpriced.

If you miss literature in Cyprus, you can find them in bookstores with a wide range of books for children and adults. There you can buy novels, detective stories, textbooks, children’s books, psychology and parenting, history and science fiction, religious literature, cookery books and books about hobbies.  

Moms should not worry about products for children’s care.

Hygiene items and food for children are available in supermarkets, stores, and pharmacies. The variety of diapers is quite large and the prices are reasonable.

The most popular brands of baby puree are Nestle, Gerber, Hipp. You can find strollers, baby seats for cars, and other things for babies in all specialized stores in Cyprus.

The cost of food depends on the city of Cyprus. The most expensive city is Limassol, and cheaper – Famagusta, as the less popular city.

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