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19 December 2020 DOM LiVE
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Cyprus is well known for its warm and mild climate.

But also the island of Aphrodite has cold winters.

You can clearly feel all the delights of winter in January-February, when the temperature drops down to +10-15 degrees in the coastal regions of Cyprus, as well as to minus degrees in the mountains.

It is not the North England frosts, but because of the high humidity sometimes in winter you can feel the real North cold, and warm clothes will not help you. In Cyprus we often have a paradox that in winter there is much warmer outside than in an apartment / house.

The vast majority of housing in Cyprus is completely unsuitable for cold winters: thin walls, thin glass, large windows, as well as surprising holes in the walls.

But the real problem becomes much bigger as the most apartments / houses in Cyprus do not have the central heating system. Therefore if you don't use any heating devices, your rooms will be absolutely uncomfortable to live.

In Cyprus getting up in the morning sometimes turns into a test of fate.

First you need to find your inner strength to jump out of the warm bed into the dark morning cold. You need strength to go to the shower (water also needs to be heated!), and then you have to get out of the hot shower.

Sometimes you have not enough time for breakfast at home, so you quickly pull on your clothes and run to the nearest cafe, which is already full of local residents. While slowly sipping coffee, they discuss the local news. You are in hurry and you think only about a large mug of hot tea or coffee!

After getting your hot tea or aromatic coffee you start to wonder: "How can I get warm in Cyprus"?

In order to warm up the air in your apartment / house (at least slightly higher than outside), in winter in Cyprus local residents have to use:

Air conditioner

Warming up a room with an air conditioner is one of the most popular and (at the same time) the most financially expensive way to heat a home in Cyprus. Not everyone knows that in addition to cooling air conditioners are also capable of heating the air. The only problem is that most of them do not work at negative temperatures. But as you already know frosts in Cyprus are very rare, and usually they are only in the mountains.

Pros: useful in summer as well.

Cons: air conditioners absorb a lot of electricity, the room cools down quickly after the air conditioner is turned off, conditioners "eat" oxygen.

Convection heaters, radiators and other electric heaters

As the "cold weather" comes, electric heaters of various sizes, types and capacities become bestsellers in Cyprus. They are bought up without delving into prices and profitability. Yes, you can buy an oil heater in the old fashioned way. But no... among the variety of heaters that shops are full of, your preference must be given to the convector models.

In addition to profitability, convector models have an attractive design. When you choose your heater you should pay attention to the energy consumption class -- it preferably should be not lower than A +. If not, unpleasant surprises in the form of huge electricity bills can be avoided. And do not forget that the Cyprus electricity company has a special reduced “night” tariff. By using it you can save money and at the same time live in a warm place.

Pros: simple electric heaters are inexpensive in price, economical convection heaters are inexpensive to use as they absorb less electricity.

Cons: simple electric heaters absorb a lot of electricity, economical convection heaters cost a lot.

Gas heaters

Gas heaters are the best option for those who prefer “cheap and easy”. They work from a gas balloon that can be changed any time. This heater can be moved around the apartment / house. It looks quite aesthetically pleasing, and the cost is quite acceptable. One full balloon (that should be enough for a whole month) costs about €10-15. You can buy a balloon at any kiosk or small store on the island.

Pros: inexpensive to operate.

Cons: when using it you will smell gas, it is dangerous to leave it turned on near children, the gas heaters "eat" oxygen, you can get a headache if you use it for a whole day.

Diesel heater

Recently, the locals started installing diesel heating in their homes, which they turn on for a couple of hours every day day. The batteries are "powered" from a diesel boiler that runs on diesel fuel. But a couple of battery sections is not able to warm up the whole house. Thus it will be pretty expensive to turn diesel heaters for the whole day. Therefore, there is an autonomous source which works for a couple of hours, for example, several times a day. Savings, savings and more savings!

Pros: you can warm up your home quickly.

Cons: expensive to use.

Electric bed sheets and blankets

Worse than a cold apartment can only be a cold and damp bed, into which the residents of the island have to "dive" every day throughout the winter. However, many people solve the problem of cold bed with electric bed sheets or blankets. They have special heating elements that are located between two layers of fabric. At the same time, they don't waste a lot of energy, so they help to save money.

The large electric bed sheets have firmly taken its place in Cypriot homes and they are loved by many of the island's inhabitants. Even more, new residents in Cyprus, who are at first skeptical about this method of warming up, give up and buy an electric bed sheet. And this is not surprising, because it is reliable, practical in operation, compact and really irreplaceable in winter.

Pros: cheap to use.

Cons: we don't recommend to use overnight to avoid overheating.

Floor heating

It is a popular thing among the migrants of the island. After they buy house in Cyprus, they make repairs there and install heated floors.

They not only provide a comfortable feeling, but also distribute heat evenly across the height of the room. They do it even better than heating radiators and convectors. As the heat rises up from the bottom, the highest temperature falls on a person's legs and doesn't cause discomfort to the respiratory tract and head.

Undoubtedly in winter they give a certain comfort for residents, but this heating system should not be considered as the main method of warming up. It is quite acceptable as an additional one. Firstly, it is still very problematic to install them in Cyprus, and secondly, it is very costly to use them every day.

All this is very beautiful and even modern, but it is not cheaper than heating rooms with air conditioners at all.

Pros: livability and aesthetics of the system.

Cons: expensive.


Some houses for sale in Cyprus (especially in the mountainous regions of the island) have fireplaces. And they are not just a decorative element, the fireplace really gives warm, as well as a feeling of comfort and winter calmness. They can also give your an atmosphere of romance. Just imagine, you can sip Cypriot wine, look at the flames and listen to the pleasant crackle of firewood!

Unfortunately not all houses in Cyprus have the option to install a fireplace. Usually in an apartment building installing a fireplace or stove is possible only if you own a penthouse. Therefore some prefer to choose an alternative, an electric fireplace. Electric fireplaces also heat well, but they wind up so much that zealous residents grab their heads at the end of the month.

Pros: gives a lot of heat. Ideal for a romantic evening.

Cons: expensive.

What heating system do you use in Cyprus?

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Source: DOM LiVE
23 July 2021 11:29
air conditioners
"Minus: it absorbs a lot of electricity, the room cools down quickly when the air conditioner is turned off, they" eat "oxygen."

!complete nonsense!
of all that is listed above, air conditioners are at least 4 times more economical than ANY electric heaters

whether it is a convector or an electric. underfloor heating and about 40% cheaper than diesel.
Out of 1 kW of electric energy, the air conditioner produces ~ 4-5. 5 kW of heat, the exact value is indicated in the COP characteristic

for each air conditioner.
"it cools down quickly"- you just use it incorrectly, modern inverter air conditioners do not need to be turned off,

you should use them roughly like a diesel boiler, set the temperature and forgot about it for a couple of weeks of the season,

it does everything automatically by itself.
"they eat oxygen"is generally past:) there is basically nothing to eat it or interact with it in any way.
I recommend only:
1 take an air conditioner SUITABLE for your room needs so that it constantly works in a quiet mode

the greater the power of the air conditioner there, it is noisier!
BUT! if you take too weak, then the minimum mode may not be enough and you will have to turn on the average
2. buy quiet (premium) models of proven brands, noise levels for each mode are ALWAYS indicated in the characteristics

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