High humidity in your apartment in Cyprus

Высокая влажность в квартире на Кипре
25 November 2022 Irina Zholnirova

High humidity is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous. There can be mold on furniture, walls, and even closets. In addition, it negatively affects people with asthma, heart disease, and young children. Dampness in an apartment in Cyprus can cause allergies and other kinds of illness.

Despite the fact that Cyprus is an island, it is quite possible to have a comfortable level of humidity in housing. How to do it? Let's learn together.

Life hack number 1: determine the humidity level

It is worth noting that everyone has their own comfortable level of humidity. After moving to Cyprus, some mainlanders quickly get used to the local climate and feel good, while others need dry indoor air.

Experts recommend keeping the humidity level between 40-60%. It can be a bit higher in summer and lower in winter.

The easiest way to measure the humidity level inside your home is to buy a hygrometer. This device shows very accurate indicators of the “weather in the house”. It is highly recommended to buy a hygrometer if there are small children, the elderly, as well as those who have problems with their respiratory tract or the cardiovascular system.

You can understand if there is dampness in your apartment without any device by the following signs:

  1. unpleasant musty smell;
  2. light humidity of home textiles (curtains, tablecloths, carpets);
  3. fogging windows;
  4. mold in bedrooms, living rooms, children's rooms, it can be on wallpaper, furniture, floors, in corners;
  5. it gets very stuffy in hot weather.

Dampness in an apartment in Cyprus is especially unpleasant in winter. It is cold, and there is no good heating on the island. It is also difficult to regularly ventilate an apartment, since any opening of windows makes your room cold.

Life hack number 2: find the cause of dampness

The second step is to determine the cause of the problem. Of course, the climate of Cyprus can be blamed for everything, although it is considered one of the most comfortable in the world. It is subtropical, which means that its humidity is quite moderate. The maximum rates are observed in winter during rains, they can reach up to 80%. Usually, the humidity level is within the normal range of up to 40-60%.

However, dampness can occur in an apartment because of a variety of reasons:

  1. Poor ventilation. If a building is not designed correctly, it won't have good air circulation. The room will always be stuffy, and even open windows do not always solve the problem.
  2. Bad heat exchange. This can happen both in case of improper insulation of the room/building, and during apartment repairs (for example, plastic parts prevent air circulation and heat exchange).
  3. You cook all the time. Cooking can provoke dampness not only in the kitchen, but also in neighboring rooms. This is especially true for the “kitchen + living room” layouts that are popular in Cyprus.
  4. Drying clothes inside the house. This is a bad idea to dry your clothes inside in winter, if only the air in your house is too dry.
  5. Leaking pipes or plumbing. Dampness is first found only in one place, but later it can provoke the appearance of black mold for many meters around. Also, the leaking pipes may be not yours but of your neighbors.
  6. Leaking roof. This is a particularly pressing problem in private houses. It must be remembered that the roof requires regular inspection and timely repair.

Now that the possible causes have been identified, you can begin to eliminate them.

Life hack number 3: fix leaks

This applies to everything: both small plumbing and the roof already mentioned above. Timely and high-quality repairs will not only save you from dampness, but also save a lot of money.

Some people think that a slightly dripping faucet can increase your utility bills by 20%! What can we say about larger leaks...

Life hack number 4: warm your room

If you have a private house, then there may be less problems here. Qualitatively installed gas heating can solve the problem of dampness once and for all. It can also be a heated floor or a modern split system.

Make sure that the walls are properly insulated during the construction phase of a private building. No need to think that it is warm in Cyprus in winter. Yes, the temperature on the coast does not fall below +7 degrees. But in a house without heating, such a temperature is perceived as frost. So you should definitely think about this problem.

Hint: in modern new buildings in Cyprus, the problem of heating has already been solved. Therefore, It makes sense to prefer the new property.

If you live in an apartment, it is a little more difficult. You can install heated floor system or make internal insulation. Then it is worth entrusting the matter to professionals, otherwise there is a risk of depriving the room of good ventilation.

Life hack number 5: improve ventilation

Ventilation is not only a guarantee of a comfortable level of air humidity. It brings fresh air and gets rid of pathogenic bacteria.

Mini-fans in bathrooms that have a built-in motion sensor also help a lot.

Life hack number 6: install a good range hood

The kitchen hood is no longer a luxury. It helps to fight not only unpleasant smells of cooking in the house, but also dampness. It is important to clean the hood and turn it on the level which is needed (otherwise you will be surprised by electricity bills).

Life hack number 7: stop drying clothes at home

Drying laundry at home is generally a bad idea. And if in a private house it is quite realistic to allocate a separate room for laundry needs or make a canopy in the yard, then in an apartment a tumble dryer can be the solution.

Its major disadvantage is that it is too heavy. This option is not suitable for owners of one-bedroom apartments, and especially studios. In this case, it is better to have a washer-dryer. Yes, such a unit is quite expensive, but it will save you a lot of money on electricity consumption, as well as protect your health (which is priceless).

Life hack number 8: install high-quality windows

Any modern window should have a micro-ventilation function. True, when using this function, cold air can enter the apartment. In this case, blackout curtains can help: they will not interfere with ventilation, but at the same time they will allow the air entering the house to heat up.

If possible, it is worth abandoning plastic frames altogether and choosing wood. But it will be expensive, plus you need to install them correctly so that there are no gaps and drafts.

Life hack number 9: remove the mold

If there is high humidity in your apartment, it is better to refuse wallpaper. Walls covered with ordinary paint are much easier to clean from mold, and it is reluctant to form in such places.

Avoid placing furniture close to walls. But, if mold still does appear, here's what you can do:

  1. wash it off smooth surfaces with a mixture of soda, chlorine or lemon juice;
  2. use special tools from the hardware store;
  3. It is better to throw away moldy textiles, but if this is not an option, it is better to take the item to a dry cleaner.

Moldy wallpaper is pointless to wash: you have to re-paste them. In general, the fight against mold is a laborious task, so it is much easier to prevent its occurrence. Regularly check potentially dangerous nooks and crannies that are poorly ventilated.

Life hack number 10: buy a dehumidifier

If all of the above does not help or is costly, then take a closer look at the miracle of modern technology. Dehumidifiers are excellent at removing moisture, dampness, and odors. Some models even purify the air and disinfect it!

The main thing is to choose a device with an energy class A and above: so as not to consume too much electricity. Also, the minus of the dehumidifier is that it can only be placed in one room.

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