How to prepare your home for winter in Cyprus?

Как подготовиться к зимовке на Кипре?
22 September 2022 Maria Markovna

It's getting not so hot in Cyprus from the second half of September.

And that means it's time to think about preparing for the winter season. In this article, you will find some tips and life hacks from those who have been living on the island for years.

Is it really cold in Cyprus?

Winter in Cyprus is mild, which is typical for subtropical climate, the air temperature on the coast during the winter months ranges from +15 to +20 degrees. At first glance, it sounds tempting, but do not forget that there is no central heating on the island, and it can be very cold inside your home. Especially at night, because the temperature sometimes drops to 5-7 degrees.

In mountainous regions, it is even colder in winter. The temperature here can drop below 0.

From December, a rather strong wind begins to blow, the weather becomes changeable, sometimes it rains. But in general, even in winter there is enough sun in Cyprus. The coolest months are January and February. However, it does not happen year after year, and it happens that you can walk around in a T-shirt during the whole Christmas holiday.

And many more are surprised to find that in winter it is warmer outside than at home.

Why is this happening?

The fact is that part of the secondary housing, which is built on coastal resort areas, is most often designed for the summer period and the tourist season. Such properties have thin walls, large panoramic doors and windows, as well as well-ventilated rooms, which is certainly great for hot weather. But in winter, you will feel uncomfortable in such apartments, because not only are they blown by cold winds and drafts, but such apartments are not insulated in any way. Well, the lack of central heating, to which many are accustomed, is also felt quite acutely, especially out of habit.

How to choose a warm house in Cyprus?

If you are looking for permanent residence in Cyprus, it is better to choose more modern buildings built after the 2010s. Well, most of the new buildings of recent years are perfectly equipped with both modern VRV air conditioning systems and heated floors. In such houses it will be more comfortable and cozy to spend the winter. However, we still do not recommend settling very close to the sea. The closer to the water, the more cold winds and dampness will be felt.

In favor of new buildings is also the fact that most of them have a class A energy efficiency certificate. This means that using electrical appliances for both cooling and heating of premises, you can save a lot. It's no secret that electricity on the island is expensive, and tariffs continue to rise.

Also well prepared for the cold are those houses that are higher in the mountains. Many of them are equipped with heating and even a fireplace.

What else you need to pay attention to:

  1. double glazing;
  2. warm floor;
  3. absence of cracks, cracks;
  4. shutters;
  5. floor covering: wooden floor or laminate in winter is more comfortable than ceramic tiles;
  6. We recommend opting for duplex apartments that are well ventilated: in summer it will be cool, and in winter there is less dampness and the risk that mold will settle.

How to prepare your house for winter? What will be needed?

If there are no warm floors in your home, think in advance how you will heat the rooms. It is better to stock up on all the appliances in advance, because when the cold season begins, the choice will be not so good, and prices will be higher.

The options are:

  1. Air conditioners in heating mode (pros - fast, cons - noisy, expensive).
  2. An analogue of an air conditioner is thermal "guns" that blow hot air around the room.
  3. Electric radiators. They do not consume as much electricity as air conditioners, but it will take longer to warm up the room.
  4. Gas heaters. Cheap and cheerful. But not very safe, well, they can smell gas in the room. In general, this option is more suitable for the street (in Cyprus, you can often find such heaters in cafes).

Electric sheets are also quite popular on the island. Agree, it is much more pleasant to go to bed in a dry and warm bed than to wrap yourself in icy damp blankets. Most often, such sheets are powered by the mains, they can be set to a comfortable temperature and, if desired, used all night. There are even models suitable for washing.

But if this option is not for you, in Cyprus you can always get warm cats that will come to your house with the onset of cold weather. In any case, this is most often the case with those who live in rural areas. Of course, this is a joke, although when it’s +10 at home, there’s no time for jokes and a variety of ways to keep warm are used.

Since October, large supermarkets like Jumbo have been selling warm pajamas - also a very useful purchase. Well, so that your feet do not freeze, buy warm slippers made of wool or ugg boots for the house. For a comfortable stay at home during the day, thermal underwear, fleeces, comfortable warm clothes are useful.

It is very important to insulate the floors. In the living rooms there are large carpets, in the bedrooms - small bedside rugs. For a nursery, foam puzzle mats are suitable.

While the street is warm and the sun warms, we advise you to open the windows. Of course, the room will not warm up strongly, but there will be clearly less dampness. To keep the clothes in the closets damp, you can purchase special moisture absorbers and arrange them on the shelves. A separate clothes dryer will also be a useful purchase, otherwise, after washing, clothes will dry for a very long time even in the sun. Well, in order not to have to fight mold, it is better to spray the walls and ceiling in the bathroom with special solutions in advance. The upper corners in the kitchen are also best treated in this way.

What else will help you survive the cold months:

  1. Candles, electric fireplace will add comfort and warmth to the house.
  2. Get a treadmill or exercise bike - there will be an extra reason to stretch and warm up.
  3. Hot drinks always warm well, and cocoa with spices, for example, will also cheer you up. A thermos or thermopot is also very useful things in the house in winter.
  4. It is better to keep warm blankets, woolen blankets on hand, so that you always have the opportunity to wrap yourself up and get comfortable.
  5. Do you like taking hot baths? You will definitely fall in love with Cyprus in winter!
  6. Hug more often your family. Or your cat!

Another life hack: when the tourist season ends, many hotels start selling spa and gym memberships with good discounts for locals.

And this is a great opportunity to warm up in a hot sauna or hammam. Plus, if the bracing sea temperatures don't inspire you, some hotels have heated indoor pools just for that.

Well, the main advice to everyone who stays to spend the winter in Cyprus: walk more! The weather is beautiful and ideal for long walks through the sunny Cypriot meadows and fields. And in general, when crowds of tourists subside from the island, exploring its corners is a great pleasure! And the peaks of the Troodos will delight you with snow and winter activities.

And in winter in Cyprus, we are waiting for meetings with flamingos, Christmas markets, rural festivals, flowering almonds and much more!

Well, if you want to get a really warm and cozy nest, contact our real estate experts!

Interested in housing in Cyprus? Check the DOMreal estate website! It has the largest real estate database in the country - more than 30 thousand residential and commercial properties in Limassol, Paphos, Larnaca, Nicosia, Protaras and Ayia Napa! As well as information about new projects and all developers of the island! Choose and contact professionals who will help you make the right choice!

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