5 Life Hacks to use mirrors in interior design in Cyprus

5 лайфхаков по использованию зеркал в интерьере на Кипре
20 October 2022 Irina Zholnirova

Mirrors in the interior have several functions. You can and you should use these different functions to achieve the most successful effect.

Here you can find 5 life-hacks: where, how and what kind of mirrors you can put in your apartment in Cyprus to make a stylish and beautiful interior. Let's get started!

1. Invisible partition

Many new apartments in Cyprus have an open-plan dining room. This means that the area of ​​​​the hallway, living room and dining room (and sometimes the kitchen) is a single room. If you don’t want to “destroy” the layout with dividers, then zoning and mirrors will come to the rescue!

A mirror of any form (floor to ceiling mirrors, cabinet mirrored walls or a mosaic composition) can be used instead of a room divider.

Such a partition has several advantages:

  1. does not "eat up" space;
  2. becomes a “soft” divider, which does not “break” one room sharply into two areas;
  3. if it is a cabinet or a shelf, then it also has a real function.

It is important to mark the boundaries of such a partition so that it does not merge with the real space at all, otherwise some injuries may occur. If there are children in the house, it is better to use unbreakable mirrors.

2. Light multiplication

The mirror perfectly acts as a "copier", reflecting one light source and spreading its "copied" reflection around. This technique is very important for any apartment where the windows don't bring enough natural light. Also, mirrors as a “light multiplier” will come to the rescue if many lamps cannot be installed for some reason.

To get the right result, you need to follow a few recommendations that designers give:

  1. Bedroom: you can’t put a mirror on the opposite side from the window as this will make the space “endless”, which is not comfortable at all. It is better to install large mirrors to reflect light on the side of the window. Living rooms and offices: mirrors should be placed in front of the window so that the natural light comes from opposite sides and fills the entire space.
  2. You should not place the mirror so that direct sunlight falls on it, especially in summer. The hot Cypriot sun will quickly spoil the surface.
  3. Many artificial light sources in the room: it is better to use several small mirrors - one for each lamp.
  4. The light fixtures under the ceiling: it makes sense to make the ceiling partially mirrored - it will perfectly reflect the light and scatter it throughout the room.
  5. Long and narrow room (where the windows are placed on one side): you can make a whole gallery of mirrors. At the same time, you need to place them under a slight and invisible slope to direct the reflection of light to the right points.
It must be remembered that the light should be reflected gently and diffused, and not hit the eyes. That is why it is important to set the exact angle of incidence of light and not to use the reflection of direct and bright light rays - whether they are solar or artificial.

3. New ('fresh') decoration

We had a special article where we explained why apartments in new buildings in Cyprus are often rented out finished in the style of minimalism and hi-tech. The thing is that an open layout and large rooms with panoramic windows are the best in these styles. In addition, minimalism fits perfectly into the philosophy of Mediterranean life and is liked by many people for its functionality.

It is interesting that minimalism, constructivism and high-tech suggest a minimum of decorations - they do not strive for their complete absence, but dictate that they be useful, and not just beautiful. And the mirror in this case is just perfect! It can decorate and diversify the space, while remaining as functional as possible.

It is recommended to use mirrors in odd frames or sets of small mirrors. Sometimes a mirror can be made the center of the whole composition by placing furniture around it.

4. Your own Narnia

Unfortunately, sometimes there are some shortcomings in the apartment or just elements that you would like to hide. These can be niches, doorways that are asymmetrical to the wall, irregularities, and so on. Mirrors are here to help!

Mirrors have one great feature: they not only hide things behind them, but also remove the focus of attention from them. That is, both you and your guests know that somewhere behind the mirror there is a niche, but the eye glides past this area without clinging to it. This is possible due to reflection and some "merging" with the environment.

Mirror cabinets, lockers and shelves work just the same way. They can be placed anywhere in the room without looking big, bulky, or taking up space. But here it is important not to overdo it. For example, a whole kitchen mirror set will be just too much for you and your guests.

5. Some magic with space

How you can go without visually expanding your apartment! Here you need mirrors (or panoramic windows)! They (mirrors) can be used in three ways at once:

  1. In depth. Reflection deepens the space and creates additional perspective. One large mirror works well for this, but you should not put two mirrors opposite each other - otherwise there will be a maze effect and confusion.
  2. In length and width. A large solid mirror seems to “push back” the wall on which it is located, thereby expanding the overall space. It is worth noting that this works with really large mirrors that take up at least a third of the entire wall.
  3. In height. The mirror, which goes from the very bottom to the very top, visually “raises” the ceiling. The room seems taller and freer. You can reinforce the feeling with several narrow but high mirrors at several points in the room at once.

Usually, large and frameless mirrors are used for these purposes, but in some cases compositions from “fragments” are also suitable. Here you need to look at the interior itself and what its best aspects you want to emphasize.

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