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5 October 2020

Golf in Cyprus - courses and reviews

Golf in Cyprus

 When we talk about golf, most of us imagine a golf club, a ball, an enjoyable machine for moving around endless fields, and European athletes passionate about this "luxury" sport.

All this is faithful, but only partly.

Golf, as a sport, is indeed entertainment. Of course, not cheap, but not as expensive as, say, stable maintenance, flying in a private jet, or participating in sailing around the world.

But first things first.

Playing golf doesn't have to be athletic, run 7 km, and focus on strength training. However, to become a successful golfer, you will have to walk a lot (despite having a golf cart).

To hit the ball a lot and learn to control the blow's force, hone the movement itself.

And develop an eye. In this case, you still have to get in shape and acquire all the necessary equipment, such as golf clubs, clothing, bags, and other golfer's equipment.

There is no fundamental difference in age and gender in this game, and absolutely everyone can play golf. The main emphasis is on the player's ability to control his movements and calculate the ball's route.

It doesn't matter who you are - an adult, a child, a teenager, or a wise man with gray hair. Golf is especially useful for people who want to keep their mobility and keep fit.

The key is the desire and ability to move on uneven terrain, as golf courses are a fantastic combination of plains, hills, pits, and, in some cases, bodies of water.

Often, golfers start from the Tee, a small hill, where they try to launch the ball as far and accurately as possible in the direction of the hole gold with flag.

If the ball ends up in a non-playable area (bunker), you still have to throw it out of this area.

To keep golf fields in good condition, they must be continuously watered, or the golf fields will dry out and become unusable.

Also, the fields need to be trimmed regularly. So which each golf club uses unique lawnmowers and has a team of gardeners and lawn keepers.

The golf fields also have trees, rocks, flowers, and other natural landscapes looked after by gardeners.

And although flowers have nothing to do on the fields itself. Many golf clubs plant them along the footpaths for beauty.

In the case of Cyprus, they are incredibly lovely, especially during the spring and summer seasons.

There are several golf clubs in Cyprus, such as:

Aphrodite Hills Golf Club (location)

The club located not far from Paphos. The Golf Academy provides several variants of personal training programs for all levels of golfers, including beginners.

Vikla Golf and Country Club (location)

Quite a famous golf club based near Limassol. Convenient for its location for residents of this city and surrounding areas. Quite a decent establishment. The club accepts all bank cards for cashless payments.

Training: Classes are taught by qualified instructors, offering a wide variety of lessons for all players' levels. The cost of a lesson for one adult (not a member of the club) will be € 30 (child - € 20). Discounts are provided for club members, as well as when purchasing a long-term subscriber.

 Minthis Golf Club (location)

Private golf club located near the monastery. Here you can study at a golf academy, play and have a good time at the clubhouse. It is mostly a resort where people relax, although the golf club periodically hosts competitions.

Training: You can order individual training with qualified trainers by appointment. The cost will be from € 40 per lesson. Discounts are provided for club members, as well as when purchasing packages of classes.

 Secret Valley Golf Course (location)

Training: The lesson for an adult is € 35 for 30 minutes (€ 60 for 1 hour). Discounts are available when purchasing subscriptions. Personal training is designed for all ages. Experienced instructors adapt the program to the level of each player.

Let's take a closer look at some of the Golf clubs.

There are several golf clubs in Cyprus, where both amateur and professional players train. Moreover, Aphrodite Hills Golf Club is considered one of the most prestigious clubs in the Mediterranean.

The first of its kind golf field appeared in Cyprus in October 2002 at the Aphrodite Hills golf resort in Paphos. The golf here is a great championship course, a golf academy with professional instructors and a 3-hole driving range, a great restaurant, and breathtaking views.

This golf course is designed for players of all ages and skill levels. The total area of the golf course is ​​more than 6,289 m2. It offers a beautiful view of the very place where, according to ancient Greece's myths, Aphrodite, the goddess of love and beauty, appeared from the foam.

The multi-award-winning course was designed by golf architect Cabell Robinson and is the perfect combination of sophisticated pot bunkers, perfectly trimmed Bermuda fairways, and tiered greens.

Competitions and international events are held here. Appreciations to which, the club has received something like an unspoken VIP status among golfers. Everything says it: entrance hall, bar, restaurant, club shop, and endless golf courses.

By the way, from October 29 to November 1, Cyprus will host a major golf tournament, "Cyprus Open," and from November 5 to 8, another equally significant championship will take place - "Cyprus Classic."

Hundreds of participants come to the Aphrodite Hills Golf Club at PGA National Cyprus to compete in the elegance of gesture and prowess in stunning natural surroundings.

Unfortunately, this year, due to COVID-19, it will be possible to watch the pros only online.

If you decide to take a break after a day of hard training - the golf club will gladly provide you with such an opportunity whether you are alone or with a company. Here you can enjoy drinks for all tastes.

And if you plan to stay for an extended period, then in Aphrodite Hills, it is possible to rent a villa or apartment, and even purchase your residence. More details available here.

The club has a kind of coat of arms hanging on the wall above the stairs leading to the golf shop. Original design, isn't it?

The restaurant is pretty good. The competition participants can quickly settle here. If we played golf, we would occasionally rest here.

The food is delicious here. I especially liked the fabulous cheesecake with raspberries and ice cream. If you ever visit this club, we highly recommend trying it.

Ice cream with raspberries was incredibly delicious. Of all the cheesecakes in Cyprus, this one tasted incredibly excellent. So, we can approve - the guys know their business!

However, despite all the professionalism and the claim to luxury, Aphrodite Hills hardly reaches the most beautiful and atmospheric golf club in the country.

 In our opinion, the most genuinely British Secret Valley Golf Club.

It is not difficult to get here at all. The Gold club building is located right in front of the parking lot. 

It looks like an ordinary house, but what awaits us behind its doors acts on the players like a breath of clean air. Everything is close by - bar, restaurant, specialized shop, and reception.

An excellent, spacious room with a fireplace is conducive to discussing the past or upcoming game over a cup of tea (or something more substantial).

In terms of amenities, the Secret Valley living room is in no way inferior to Aphrodite Hills. In our opinion, there is a more homely atmosphere here.

You can see the endless golf courses, forests, mountains, and palm trees outside the window. However, you don't have to go on a long, walking trip. The golf car park is only 10 meters away.

Players load their equipment onto cars and go to the coveted sites. This golf course is not as long as you might think, but it is stunning. 

Before reaching the road, the club guests can admire the fields' unbelievable views, launch sites, and training centers.

Usually, training "tracks" are covered with awning-sails, so that novice players do not overheat in the hot Cypriot sun. By the way: Secret Valley has the most of these tracks.

Created by "the British for the British," the golf club is located between the mountains, with a small mountain river, over which several bridges thrown. Everything around is conducive to spending the whole day here.

The lawns are in excellent condition. We have personally tested several clubs, and we can assure you: the balls fly far, but it is almost impossible to knock them out of the field - the length of the fields is too great. Or we are simply not that experienced golfers.

The lawns are in excellent condition. We have personally tested several clubs, and we can assure you: the balls fly far, but it is almost impossible to knock them out of the field - the length of the fields is too great. Or we are not experts.

If you run the ball into the forest, then you will have to look for it. Fortunately, the lawns are neatly mowed, and it is complicated to lose it, only if it is not stuck in branches and foliage. There are enough trees in the fields, as well as all kinds of paths and bunkers.

The farthest strikes obtain from a hill. If you hit from here, then technically, you can roll the ball to the hole with the flag in a couple of strokes. It requires skill and experience. All this comes with time, but you need to practice regularly.

The Secret Valley's pearl is two lakes that fit incredibly well into the overall landscape and make Secret Valley perhaps the most beautiful golf club in Cyprus. It has everything for the golfer of any level needs.

There is a unique island in the middle of this lake, where especially well-aimed players can throw the ball. However, if you don't calculate a little, the ball will sink, and it will be problematic to get it, and you will have to start from the same island.

Even though Cyprus was not originally a golf resort, Cypriot golf clubs quickly became popular throughout Europe and are now insanely popular among tourists and residents! Furthermore, the climate of Cyprus allows you to play almost all year round.

Source: DOM LiVE
Photos: DOM LiVE, Aphroditehills
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