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26 October 2020

Limassol city overview: a place to live, relax and invest

Limassol – the largest seaside city in Cyprus.

A paradox, but Limassol is more lively and exciting than the capital of the island Nicosia. Foreigners and local citizens aim to move into this city for various reasons, but all of them can be combined into one: Limassol – a real megalopolis by Cyprus standards.

General characteristic of Limassol: difference from other cities of Cyprus

Limassol – is the second-largest city in Cyprus. By importance, it is sharing the first place with Nicosia, surpassing it in one critical point – Limassol has an entrance to the sea. Precisely, it is stretched on 15 km along the shore, excluding the distant suburb.

Infrastructure in the city is very developed, and everything is required – practically in stepping availability. Banks, hospitals, shops, kindergartens, offices… Here it is comfortable to live for working people, families with little children, and pensioners. There are no restrictions for anybody.

The culture and entertaining life of the city are in full swing. Despite of other coastal towns (Larnaca and Pafos), in Limassol, the fun does not get quiet even in winter. Unless something that is slightly reduced. But theaters, cinemas, parks, bars, and restaurants are always open, but almost no one closes for the season– at least in central and non-touristic districts.

Limassol differs from rough business life: on a level with Nicosia, it runs the business of the country, also takes tourists and foreign visitors who came for work. Employment here is relatively hard to find: provided that the person is located on the island legally and speaks English or Greek language.

By the way, Limassol is an international city. Here is the least number of indigenous citizens (unlike the Larnaca, Nicosia, and Pafos), but foreigners here are too much. Almost 20% comes from the Russian-speaking part of the population.

In this connection in Limassol, you can find Russian kindergartens and schools, practically any specialist (from the repairman to the doctor) who explains in Russian, places with Russian signs, menus and prices, even Russian shops with buckwheat and black bread. In general, the nostalgia will not torment here.

Besides, you can only live long enough without knowledge of official languages (English and Greek) only in Limassol. Newcomers are quickly acquiring Russian-speaking friends and find services with Russian-speaking specialists.

In a certain sense Limassol – the first city in Cyprus. It perfectly fits as for the relax, so as for permanent/season life. In the vicinity, there are a lot of attractions and natural beauties. Also, there are clear beaches. For a comfortable life, there are places with a sufficiently high level of service. 

Limassol districts, their advantages, and disadvantages

Because Limassol is a big city, it is divided into a few districts. Each of them has its features. Some of them are purely touristic, and they are not suitable for permanent living. Others, on the contrary, are distant from attractions and are perfect for long staying.

  1. Old city. The center of Limassol (if you look on the map). The ancient town has narrow streets, old buildings, and many attractions in direct closeness as befits. This is a perfect place for tourists: history is close, and the sea is not so far. It is more difficult for permanent residents – despite the coloring there are appearing difficulties with parking, moving through narrow streets and lack of new buildings.
  2. The central district. Roughly speaking, it is "girdling" the Old city. This is the skyscrapers district without elite housing where you can rent an apartment of any size for the short or long term. Everyday life here is in full swing: in stepping availability, there are located hospitals, kindergartens, banks, and various organizations' offices. The district is perfect for those who do not think of life without the big city's rhythm. Moreover, you can buy/rent the housing as on the coast so as far from it.
  3. Neapolis (New city). It is also called "Era" or former "Debenhams." It is in no way inferior to the Central district: there are too many shops here, facilities, and property for any taste and color. Vacationers rarely visit the Neapolis center – in general, they meet only near the coast. 
  4. Germasoyia. The closest east suburb of Limassol and it is an integral part of it. It has an entrance to the sea and the "hinterland." There is more quiet, clean, and green compared with the above districts. As the Neapolis, it is in demand among the tourists and local citizens.
  5. Touristic zone or "Touristria" (Mutayaka and Agios Tychonas). This is big and stretched out along the sea district for vacationers. Transport runs well here, but in the shops and bars, everything is more expensive, and it is far from the center. So the Tourist zone is entirely built up with hotels or houses where the apartments are rented by the day. Practically, there are no locals here.
  6. Amathus district (Parekklisha and Pyrgos). A quiet place where you can rest and live. This area is distant from the city, but it is not a problem for those who have a car. The main thing for which this area is valued – is cleanliness, silence, and closeness to the sea. Lovers of rural life will be delighted from Amathus.

As the separate district of Limassol could be considered Ypsonas. It is located so close to Limassol that it is quite often mistaken for part of the city, although Ypsonas – independent municipal unit. The south part belongs to the British forces of Akrotiri and is controlled by the British police of Akrotiri. There you can find beautiful villas and residential complexes with a view of the mountains.

Purchase: primary and secondary property of Limassol

And the primary and secondary property is enough on the Limassol property market. The direct property now offered mostly elite: in skyscrapers that building in the central part of the city and along the seafront (Germasoyia, Mutayaka, Neapolis, etc.) or villas located in Limassol Marina, in the Amatus district, Agios Tyhonos, etc. But you can find a new apartment, for example, in Neapolis.

Secondary property is presented in abundance. The most expensive options are located in the Old City and Central district. Neapolis and Germasoyia are in no way inferior. You can buy a small apartment (one-bedroom apartment or studio) and enough spacious housing for three bedrooms in the city.

If you want to buy a private house, it is better to take a closer look at Germasoyia, Mutayaka or Parekklisha – in this part of the city are offered many pleasant options. The land for building is more complicated to buy – generally, it is believed outside of Limassol but nearby.

Rent: features of short-term and long-term rent in Limassol

In general, vacationers are interested in short-term rentals. Practically in any district, you can rent housing daily. Here are working two options: apartments for rent by the sea but they are expensive. Sometimes, it is cheaper to take a voucher to the hotel. A second option – to rent an apartment on the 2nd or 3rd line and get to the sea longer but at the same time save money.

Everything is much simpler in the off-season: practically at any point in Limassol, you can rent housing for a pleasant price. Even in the Old city, it is easy to find an acceptable option by the price.

Also, with long-term rent, there are not any troubles, besides one thing: a high price for apartments and houses. According to the statistics, Limassol – the most expensive city in Cyprus in this plan. Everything is explained with a significant demand for Limassol housing.

If you set a goal, you can find apartments for the acceptable price – not in the center but this place; getting to the center is easy and quick. For example, in the Mutayaka, there are not so bat options in upper Germasoyia or Agios Afanasios, far from the sea.

Conclusion: why Limassol – the best city for a person with any needs?

Summing up, I want to say one thing: Limassol – a perfect city for those going to have an active rest or moving in from foreign megapolis.

Here is everything that is needed for a pleasant vacation and permanent life:

  1. The sea is not far, and the beach awaits almost at any time of year
  2. A resort city with a lively life – not a frequent fact in any country
  3. Developed infrastructure and everything necessary for living 
  4. Ease of buying or rent of the property
  5. Opportunity to find a good job 
  6. Active culture life, rest of the most different directions is possible.
  7. The rich history and beautiful architecture in the center
  8. Internationalism and a significant number of Russian speaking people.

Of course, that is not all advantages of Limassol. Each person will find in this city something for himself. Of course, there are disadvantages, but they are also individual.

As the saying goes, until you try – you do not know!

But there are not so many who wants to drive out from Limassol, living there for some time. 

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