Common expenses in Cyprus

Коммунальные платежи на Кипре
13 April 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Utility bills in Cyprus.

Types of the utility bills and their prices – one of the main questions that you definitely should know before buying or renting property in Cyprus.

Cyprus is not the most expensive country in the EU in the cost of servicing of residential real estate, but if you compare with other countries of CIS, the expenses can seem quite impressive.

The total cost of maintaining a residential property in Cyprus consists of several components:


Electricity charges –the most expensive part of expenses in Cyprus. This is especially felt in the winter time, when you need to use it for water heating and heating appliances every day. The average amount for one-bedroom apartments at this time – about 80 EUR per month. In the summer time – it is a little bit cheaper. But the price for each month can be different and vary in one or another direction.

As the Power Stations in Cyprus use fuel oil, that the price of the electricity directly depends on the cost of oil. As a fact, when the oil raises in cost, the price of the electricity in Cyprus also rises and vice versa.

Payment for the electricity in Cyprus is made according to the meters.

On average, 1 kW costs about 20 cents in Cyprus. The price depends from the tariff, which a customer is served: for home, commercial or industrial.

All individuals are calculated according to one of the categories of home tariff:

  • 1 – constant cost during the whole day
  • 2 – the cost depends on the time of the day
  • 3 – preferential tariff for the poor

Full details about prices you can find at official web-site of the Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC), and can also by telephone – 1800.

Electricity bills send every two months by post or by e-mail, by the customer request. You can pay the receipt by cash or by card at the EAC office, at bank, via ATM or online at

NB! In case of buying property in Cyprus, you need to conclude an Agreement with Electricity Authority of Cyprus (EAC). However, when you renting property in Cyprus, you need to be prepared to transfer of electricity meters to your name by owners’ request. In this case you should go the EAC office with passport and rental agreement.

The owner’s presence is not required. As a tenant, you need to pay a deposit of 350 EUR. The procedure does not require a lot of time. An invoice will be transferred within two business days.


The same as an electricity, water in Cyprus should be paid according to the meter.

There is a small fixed amount of 22 EUR, which is required to be collected, and monthly fee for the sewerage – 0.64 EUR for each cubic meter of used water.

The cost of water is cheaper than for electricity. But you need to consider, that the water tariffs in Cyprus are progressive. If your consumption exceeds 120 cubic meters, you will pay by higher rate.

The average cost for the 1 cubic meter is about 0.9 EUR. Also, it depends on the area, where the property is located.

The Water Development Department in Cyprus has small branches throughout the island. And they set the final prices for their areas.

Thus, if water is used economically, then the receipt for a one-bedroom apartment will not exceed 30 EUR per month. In case of living in a house or villa, the bills will be at least twice higher, as in most cases the water may also use for swimming pools, lawns and watering plants.

A bill comes send once a quarter by post. You can pay in by cash or by card at the office of the Water Supply Department, in any bank, through ATM. But the easiest way is to register at and pay only for water and electricity.

NB! In case of buying property in Cyprus, you need to conclude an Agreement with Water Supply Department. However, when you renting property in Cyprus, you need to transfer of water bill to your name by owners’ request. In this case you should go the with Water Supply Department with passport and rental agreement and pay a deposit of 250 EUR.

If you have any questions, you can contact them by the following numbers:

  • +357 25 830 000 – water utility branch in Limassol
  • +357 22 698 000 – water utility branch in Nicosia
  • +357 24 822 400 – water utility branch in Larnaca
  • +357 23 821 323 – water utility branch in Famagusta

3. Gas

The next utility item in Cyprus is gas. It can be used not only for gas stoves. Many people in Cyprus buy gas bottles to heat the premises in the winter time. As the most of the housed do not have central heating, some people equip their homes with a gas heating system, and others use compact gas heaters.

You can buy gas in special bottle in almost every kiosk and supermarket in Cyprus.

You need to pay 40 EUR as a deposit for bottle. Next time, you will change the bottle to the full and will pay about 20 EUR for gas. If you will use it economically, one bottle of gas lasts for several months.

4. Internet and television

Today is very difficult to imagine our life without Internet. Therefore, the Internet presence in every home in Cyprus. There several providers on the island. Each of them offers many different options for every budget and requirements.

On average, you can connect to the Internet 50 mb/s speed for 50 EUR per month.

You can order additional TV and telephony services for extra 10-20 EUR per month. If you rent a property, you need to sign a contact by yourself with the Internet provider. All costs for those services you need to pay separately from the monthly fees for rental housing.

5. Collection of garbage and annual sewer bill

Every year, usually in Autumn, the owner of property receives an invoice for the garbage collection, from Municipality.

The average amount is 150 EUR per year. The exactly amount depends from the area of residence.

Some municipalities can take also small additional tax on various infrastructure projects within the area near of the property.

Also, once per year you need to pay tax for the maintenance of sewerage. It is about 80 EUR.

NB! In case of long term rent, these payments are also covered by the tenant.

6. Common expenses in Cyprus

Many owners of property and tenants also should pay for operating expenses, or common expenses.

Common expenses include the following services (depends on type of theproperty):

  • Gardening services
  • Swimming pool services
  • Cleaning and improvement of the common area
  • Elevator services
  • Electricity for outside near the house at night time and pool
  • Irrigation water

If we are talking about complex or an apartment building, that the total bill for common expenses is divided into all owners. Depending on the provided services, approximately each owner is charge about 40-50 EUR per month.

Owners of the private house / villa pay for the services of a gardener – 50 EUR and for the swimming pool – 100 EUR individually.

NB! But sometimes, the owner of the property includes common expenses to the cost of monthly rent fee.

Source: DOM LIVE

Ellie Ginger
Ellie Ginger
15 April 2020 19:14
It is not entirely clear, I quote - "If we are talking about a complex or an apartment building, then the total bill is divided for all residents. Depending on the set of services provided, 40-50 euros are collected from each tenant monthly." If 2 people live in one apartment (both owners), then everyone will pay 40-50 EUR?  
Kirill Ravchenko
Kirill Ravchenko
16 April 2020 17:39
Ellie Ginger Apparently it meant the distribution between apartments, not tenants. Since the number of residents is difficult to calculate, given the tourist nature of Cyprus.
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