Akamas peninsula: lost paradise of Cyprus

Полуостров Акамас: забытый рай на Кипре
6 December 2022 Irina Zholnirova

The Akamas peninsula is located in the northwest of the island of Cyprus and is shaped like a claw or fang of a predatory animal. This place differs from all other territories in the wealth of its nature: it is so rich that you can hardly believe it! Most of the Akamas territory is a nature reserve, which is carefully guarded by the local authorities.

Living close to the rich Mediterranean nature has many advantages. But the peculiarities of the area can also have their disadvantages. In our article, we will understand how great it is to live on the Akamas Peninsula and whether it is worth buying property here.

Climate and ecology

Despite the fact that Cyprus is a small island, there are still slight differences in climate in different parts of the island. So, the Paphos district (to which Akamas belongs) is located in the west and faces the open Mediterranean Sea. That's why it's cooler here.

The humidity on the peninsula is slightly higher than in other areas, and there is also more rainfall. In summer, the air temperature is 2-3 degrees lower than in Limassol or Larnaca, which is very good for those who do not tolerate too hot weather. But in winter it is quite comfortable here: two bays allow you to keep warm air and protect well from wet winds.

Cyprus is a very clean country. There is practically no heavy industry here (except for one cement plant) and a catastrophically huge number of cars. Akamas Peninsula in this regard is the most environmentally friendly location. First, this is not a densely populated area, and second, there is a nature reserve and pine forests nearby, so the air here is the cleanest!

Geographic location

The largest towns that are closest to the protected areas are Peyia (southwest of Akamas) and Polis (north of Akamas). Peyia is closer to Paphos and has a population of 2.5 thousand people. Polis is slightly larger. Over 3 thousand people permanently live here, but it is located at a significant distance from Paphos (45-60 minutes by car).

Peyia also has Coral Bay - one of the best beaches not only in the Paphos district, but throughot of Cyprus. Polis also has a long coastline and a variety of beaches - from urban to wild and even reserved.

Good fact: Peyia has better views since it is located on a hill, about 200 m above sea level.

In addition to the towns, there are real, authentic Cypriot villages near Akamas. The largest of them are Latchi, Pomos, Argaka, Neo Chorio - on the northern coast of Akamas; Drousia, Kathikas, Miliou, Steni and others are the mountainous part of Akamas. Life in these villages is comfortable for those who appreciate silence, solitude and the proximity of divinely beautiful nature.

Abundance of natural attractions

Inhabitants of all the towns and villages listed above can enjoy the beauties of Akamas almost every day. This place is ideal for those who like walking in nature and doing some sports. For example, there are a lot of trails here: from the famous trails of Aphrodite and Smigies to lesser-known mountain and coastal paths.

Fans of various beaches will also like it here. At all points of Akamas there are both well-equipped municipal beaches (Coral Bay, Latchi, Polis municipal beach, etc.), as well as completely wild, reserved places where you can’t even use equipment (for example, Lara turtle beach).

Also on the territory of the reserve and in the surrounding areas there are wonderful places for a relaxing holiday. These are picnic areas, natural baths (for example, the baths of Aphrodite or the baths of Adonis), dams (Evretou, Kannaviou), waterfalls (Kremiotis), parks and much more.

Fans of something unusual will like the so-called “anomalous zone”, where gravity “does not work”, and the Avakas Gorge. Connoisseurs of ancient architecture will love the numerous churches and chapels.

You can read more about the sights of Akamas here.

A Brief Overview of Real Estate near the Akamas Peninsula

Of course, most of the properties can be found in Peyia and Polis. These are developed tourist towns but they are calm even in the high season. They are comfortable both to relax and live permanently.

Here you can find both villas and apartments. For example, in Polis there is a 2-bedroom apartment in a gated complex with a swimming pool, the windows has a picturesque mountain view. Its price is 165,000 euros, which is quite affordable compared to similar offers on the market in Paphos and other cities. There is also a seafront 3-bedroom luxury apartment, fully furnished and located in a gated complex with a swimming pool, gym and all amenities for 465,000 euros.

In Peyia, similar units cost about the same. For example, a 3-bedroom apartment in a closed new building with excellent views will cost 280,000 euros. A luxury 3-bedroom apartment costs 448,000 euros.

There are many more options with private houses, cottages and villas. This is due to the fact that the development in the Paphos region is predominantly low, there are no skyscrapers and apartment buildings. The region of the Sea Caves is considered elite. Here, real estate can reach the highest values in terms of value. But this is fully justified by the chic landscapes around, proximity to Paphos itself and the maximum comfort of living.

For example, prices for detached villas-new buildings start at 429,000 euros, elite cottages on the first coastline with huge plots of land and large swimming pools will cost 6 million euros.

View all available units.

There is similar elite housing in Polis.

As a rule, these are gated complexes that have everything you need for a luxurious life: from spacious plots with a swimming pool to management company services. Among the most interesting are:

  1. Akamas Bay Villas - the first coastline in Latchi, a pool and a stunning panorama;
  2. Beachside Villas - a suburb of Polis, excellent views, 1 thousand meters from the sea;
  3. Calma Beachfront Villas - luxury 4-bedroom villas with an inflatable pool on the first coastline;
  4. Green Valley - located on the border with the reserve and has a forest within walking distance, which provides the purest fragrant air all year round;
  5. Pine Seaview Villas - another option for being close to the forest, but already on the first line;
  6. Prengos Sea View Villas - Panoramic view of Polis Bay, location - Neo Chorio.

Peyia is not far behind Polis and also boasts a selection of elite gated communities.

Here is some of them:

  1. Viewpoint Hills Residences - seafront, open plan rooms and private pool with sea views;
  2. Akamas Sea View Villas Project St George Peyia - located on the border with the reserve, in a mountainous area with forests nearby and a breathtaking panorama all around;
  3. Cap St. Georges Beach Club Resort - a large club complex with spa services and its own private beach;
  4. Coral Vista - comfortable modern villas with gorgeous views;
  5. Panorama villas - located on a high elevation, which allows you to observe breathtaking views for many kilometers around;
  6. Pegeia Golden View - located in the center of Peyia, within walking distance of all necessary infrastructure and a five-minute drive from Coral Bay.

Of course, in the villages you can also find interesting offers: both small private houses and spacious villas with swimming pools. For example, in Pomos, the Pomos Sunset complex has been completed, which is located close to the sea and has good views. Villas with sea views, spacious layouts and private pools are currently being sold in Argaka. And in Latchi you can find a cool 5-bedroom cottage with a pool, fireplace and sea views.

Summing up: the pros and cons of buying property near Akamas

So, why Akamas is definitely good in terms of buying real estate:

  1. The cleanest and most beautiful place with a nature reserve nearby. Living or relaxing here is very beneficial for the health of people of all ages.
  2. Quiet and calm atmosphere even in the "hot" season. Despite the developed tourism infrastructure, there are no noisy parties (as in Ayia Napa) or crowds on the embankments, as in Limassol, Larnaca or Paphos.
  3. Excellent visual characteristics. On the one hand, the sea surface will always stretch, on the other, mountainous terrain. And all this is complemented by dense forests and flowering gardens.
  4. Wide opportunities for active recreation. People who love to spend time outdoors will always find something to do here.
  5. Excellent beaches. A well-maintained municipal or wild reserve - you can always choose, and there will be no disappointment!
  6. Low real estate prices. Despite the development of Polis and Peyia, prices are lower than in many other towns in Cyprus. This is due to the remoteness from the regional center (Paphos).
  7. Safe environment and ideal place for families. Akamas is indeed a very peaceful area, which will appeal to people who value security and privacy.
  8. Opportunity to rent out housing. During the season (from April to November), the demand for short-term and even long-term rentals is quite high. Moreover, both cheap options and elite units are in demand.

These are not all the advantages, but only the most basic ones. Of course, mostly residential properties near the Akamas reserve are bought specifically for their own residence.

Of course, the disadvantages also exist. It is better to study them before buying your new home, so that later there will be no disappointments.

Among the main disadvantages we can noted:

  1. Distance from major cities. It takes from half an hour to an hour one way to Paphos, and much-much longer to other cities. This location is not suitable for those who need to travel to the city almost daily.
  2. Insufficiently developed infrastructure. Of course, there are roads here, and very good ones. There are schools, kindergartens and basic clinics, bank offices and the Internet. But those living in Polis, Peyia or other places do not have much choice. If you need diversity and developed infrastructure, it is better to choose a bigger city.
  3. Few cultural activities. If a person needs movement, communication and a vibrant socio-cultural environment, he will simply get bored here. It is especially quiet on the western coast of Cyprus in winter.
  4. It is difficult to rent a property year-round or in winter. The tourist flow from November to April is significantly reduced, and there are very, very few people in this part of Cyprus. As a result, renting out property will be more difficult than in a larger, busier city.
  5. There are no encouraging investment forecasts. Akamas does not belong to the actively developing regions of Cyprus. Real estate prices are not falling, but analysts also do not promise that they will rise. You can earn money on housing here only by renting it out profitably.

Summing up, we can say: Akamas is not the best place to multiply funds. But this is a paradise for permanent residence, especially if the primary values ​​are cleanliness, silence and natural beauty around.

Detailed information about all projects in Akamas can be obtained from the specialists of DOM Real Estate - No. 1 real estate agency in Cyprus DOM by phone +357 26 030 205, or in person at: 1st Apriliou Street 8, Aristo Center 8011, Paphos, Cyprus.

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