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24 September 2020

7 reasons why you need a real estate agent in Cyprus

What does not get worse over the years in Cyprus, but on the contrary, increases in price and is always in high demand?

That's right! This is the luscious Cyprus property!

Yep, that's true. But despite the increased demand, if property owners want to sell their real estate in Cyprus, they may face certain difficulties such as bureaucracy or they just cannot find the buyers. On the other hand, those, who decided to buy a home, are often not so familiar with the Cyprus property market, do not know all the bureaucratic procedures and other details that just need to be considered when purchasing a home where they plan to spend many years.

Buying, selling, renting for a short- or a long-time, these are the questions that realtors in Cyprus face every day.

Today we found 7 reasons why you should contact realtors from licensed real estate agencies in Cyprus, why they make your life easier, save your time and nerves.

1. They know the market

Agents know any area of  the city, any suburb. As a rule, big realtors are aware of all announcements for the purchase / sale of primary and secondary real estate in Cyprus. In each city, there are specialists who are aware of almost all the objects already built and in process. Also, real estate agents know who owns the land on which the building is, what its real price is, check the avarage Cyprus real estate prices, the agents have huge databases. This will certainly help you both in the case of a purchase and if you wish to sell your property.

2. They save your money

It is highly likely that the realtor is able to bring down the initial price from the seller by correctly explaining to the owner all the pros and cons of housing, and why it should be cheaper. In the case of buying a house, a realtor, who knows the market and experience in sales, is able to find exactly what matches your budget and the other criteria for your future home. In the case of the sale of an object, a realtor is also the most preferable, since agents know all the websites where real estate is sold and they can undertake all the advertising promotion, as well as help you keep the initial price, since they are interested in a successful and profitable transaction for you.

3. They save your time

Also, a realtor in Cyprus takes care of all negotiations with the buyer/seller, transportation costs, bank issues, etc. You do not need to see potential clients, communicate with them, show them your property, bargain, or search for buyers and ads on the Internet. The realtors do everything, this is their job, for this they get money. An experienced agent is able to sell your property much faster than you would do it without any advice.

4. Legal issues

The realtor's task is to make the client satisfied. That is why the agency you contact always checks the legal aspect of the operation. They check if the apartment, house, villa or land plot has third owners who have not been notified of the sale of their property and who can get it back through the court. In this case, the person who bought a home without any realtor, is guaranteed to lose it and no one will return the money back. Or, for example, there may be a ban on the sale of an object, which also automatically cancels the deal. A realtor, as a rule, knows all the pitfalls and can help to avoid such unpleasant surprises.

5. Transaction support

It is very important to have professional support for your transactions. From the moment of signing the contract, until the transfer of funds, or receipt of the keys to your new home. All details should be specified in the contract, but the real estate agent can help to avoid such moments as unpaid utility bills, leaking ceilings, swollen tiles, noisy neighbors with their dogs and other surprises.

7 веских причин обратиться к риелтору на Кипре!

6. Documents

Real estate agents in Cyprus are aware of all documents which parties need when they buy/sell real estate. All titles, apostilles and other important papers, which must be issued. The realtor can tell everything about buying / selling a home and all related registration procedures.

7. Customer base

Real estate agencies always have a large client base. This means that perhaps there is already a person who is ready to buy your property at YOUR price, or, on the contrary, there is someone who wants to sell their home as soon as possible and therefore is ready to lower the price a little so that the transaction takes place sooner.

As the agent does all the work above, their job is done, and you can get your dream home or get money for your ex house.

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