Features of seafront real estate in Cyprus

Особенности недвижимости Кипра на первой береговой линии у моря
29 January 2021 Liza Medvetskaya

Distance from the sea is an important thing for many foreign investors, when they are looking for property in Cyprus.

In most cases, foreign buyers prefer seafront houses or apartments. And there is nothing surprising! After all, if you buy seafront housing, you invest your savings in liquid real estate in Cyprus, which is always in price.

However, there are a number of subtleties when buying such a property, which are best known in advance.

Seafront accommodation on the first line is considered the most convenient for those buyers who need a "summer residence by the sea".

But offers that promise the real estate location literally on the shore often do not reflect reality. First, the island's coastline is not endless. Secondly, if the high-quality housing is really located right next to the water, it often costs definitely much more than the market average price.

Therefore, before buying real estate in Cyprus, it is important to carefully study what exactly is hidden behind the 'first line' name, to study if you really need seafront real estate or there are some alternatives for you do exist.

Let's see what 'seafront' is.

There is a standard classification of the real estate location relative to the sea, according to which:

  • The 'first line' is when the distance between the house and the beach is no more than 100 meters. Ideally, the property is not fenced off from the beach by roads, embankments or buildings. Nevertheless, taking into account the peculiarities of Cyprus, in some areas of the island, houses that are separated from the sea by a road belong to the 'first line'.
  • The 'second line' is when the distance between the house and the beach is no more than 200 meters. Moreover, between the real estate and the beach there may be a promenade or a road.
  • The 'third coastline' is when the distance to the beach is more than 300 meters.

Like any other housing, frontline properties have their own advantages and disadvantages.

There are really many advantages to buying seafront real estate and there is always a buyer for it.

Among the main ones are:

  • The absence of other buildings in front of the Cyprus house and, as a result, stunning sea views at any time of the year.
  • Proximity to the beach, thus no need to waste time on the road, as the sea is within walking distance.
  • Fresh sea air, the absence of highways and harmful car emissions makes it possible to enjoy clean air.
  • High quality housing, as a rule, the owners invest money in such real estate, so the houses are in good repair.
  • Monetary benefit, as a seafront apartment can be rented to tourists and the owners can get a good income from it.

In general, an apartment by the sea is really nice and pleasant. You can jog along the beach in the morning, breathe in the healthy sea air, in the evening, you can dine and drink wine on the balcony and hear the sound of the surf.

Despite all the advantages, the property on the first line has a number of disadvantages as well.

Among them:

  • Humidity. When the outside temperature drops, the inside humidity rises significantly. If the humidity is higher and the temperature is lower, you need to warm up the room more and more, which means that the utility bill increases dramatically.
  • Mold. If you have a high level of humidity, you have mold. And since the humidity increases near the sea, it is possible that you have to fight mold much more often.
  • Noise. The seacoast becomes a place of attraction for vacationers at the height of the holiday season, so you need to be prepared that the fun can continue around the clock.
  • The facades of buildings located by the sea are not protected by anything from the wind and sun, which means that real estate requires cosmetic repairs more often. But it will also depend on the quality of the construction of your housing.
  • Cost. Seafront housing prices are 50-70% higher than for apartments farther from the sea line.

Anyway, each real estate has its own feature.

And if somebody considers something as a disadvantage, another thinks the opposite. Indeed, for some, the location by the sea means the absence of silence in the high season, but others love the convenient proximity of entertainment, bars, restaurants.

A few tips for anyone planning to buy a seafront real estate in Cyprus:

  1. Be clear about your purchase goals and choose an object based on your aims.
  2. It's better to ask a Cyprus estate agent to help you to check all documents for the property you are buying.
  3. Understand your financial capabilities not only for the purchase, but also for the further real estate maintenance.
  4. Think about who and how will look after the objects during your absence. An excellent solution is to entrust your property to a property management service company.

Finally, we recommend you to take your time with the choice of housing.

After all, there is always an alternative in the form of buying Cyprus property on a hill. Typically, 'second' or 'third line' housing is only slightly inferior to coastal property, while it provides a higher level of comfort and privacy. In addition, housing located far from the beach is much cheaper. This means that for the same amount you can afford a more spacious living space with significant additional options.

The Dom.com.cy site presents a large number of Cyprus properties, from residential to commercial. Look for a new home for your soul and contact the professionals if you need help!

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