Pissouri. A place in Cyprus where you want to live

Писсури - место, где хочется жить на Кипре
28 September 2020 DOM LiVE

Pissouri village in Cyprus

The Pissouri village is located on a hill near the Limassol - Paphos highway. As it is placed at some distance fr om big cities, the village is absolutely distinctive: both tourists and locals gather here, as the place is really beautiful, and most importantly, unusual. The road to Pissouri goes through a high hill where you can overlook many kilometers around.

There is a sightseeing platform fr om which you can observe what is happening below. There is a narrow place where you can find a stationary binocular which allows to increase the viewing radius at least twice.

Also there is a café equipped just twenty meters fr om the vantage point. The café has its own elevator, like those in high-rise office buildings, or in famous national parks like China's flying mountains.

The café is called Panorama and for good reason as the view fr om here is really great. The village guests can have a snack, drink coffee and even climb to the roof of the café, fr om where you can look around in all directions. (on the map)

Since Pissouri is a mountain village, the plants are unusual here as well. While driving along the winding paths, you can take many photos and note plants which can be found only in Pissouri and Troodos mountains. Mountain flowers are here side by side with vineyards and palms.

This famous place is notable for the fact that it has 2 residential sectors, an upper and a lower one. Locals usually live in the upper sector. In the center of the village is the Apostle Andrew Church, built by volunteers in 1883. (on the map)

There is a monument (a little down the main street) erected in honor of the uprising against the British on October 21, 1931, which began precisely in Pissouri. The main reason for the revolt was the huge taxes that were imposed on local residents, already living below the poverty line.

During this riot the governor's residence in Nicosia was burned down. The British reacted accordingly: 15 demonstrators were killed and 60 were wounded. The clergy who supported the rebellion were arrested and expelled fr om the country. The Cypriot Communist Party was also banned. The uprising was suppressed on 23 October.

The central street of Pissouri is full of taverns and bars, wh ere fans can see Cypriot music and dance performances. The street is not too wide, but the width only emphasizes its flavor.

This fountain is made in the form of flowing vine juice. Simple and beautiful. It doesn't take up much space and looks very organic. Everybody wants to throw a coin and make a wish to come back to Pissouri one day!

The main street even has a Bank of Cyprus branch. And it is not some modern premises, but a really old building wh ere the bank has been located for many years. There is an ATM nearby, so tourists won't be left without cash.

In general, Pissouri resembles provincial Italy. It is clear that there is nothing Italian there (except the grapes). However, mountain paths, passages, the sea and local taverns look very similar.

These are the places full of the spirit of antiquity. Despite the fact that they cook not pizza, but kebabs, such eateries give the village a peculiar charm, which distinguishes it so favorably from many other towns and villages.

A kerosene lamp always attracts attention!

We were especially impressed by the local balconies on which the grapes grow. These houses arrangement is one of the reasons for the extreme popularity of this place among foreigners. Real estate in Pissouri is in big demand.

Some houses have very original designs. There are too many unusual homes in Pissouri to describe each one. Some hosts like to decorate their homes, including parking.

Considering that the village is located in the hills area of Cyprus, the houses are often located on a sloping side with a wonderful view. The dream of a pensioner, or of any person who values comfort and privacy.

Pissouri is full of various cultural sites like churches, squares, monuments and other sights we usually visit. But we were most impressed by the wooden wheel, which is placed on one of the observation platforms, right under the old pine trees.

Most wealthy people prefer to settle not in the Old Pissouri, but on the road to the New Pissouri, or in the mountains. There are several complexes, built 'under each other'. Thus, the house ahead does not block the view for neighbors' veranda.

New Pissouri has a lot of separate villas, since there is enough space. It is difficult to imagine a more suitable place to live than a mountain village in Cyprus. As a rule, in such places the neighbors are courteous and polite. The only disadvantage is that Pissouri is located at some distance from the cities, but this is not a real problem.

Such houses are next to residential complexes, wh ere apartments are sold like hotcakes. Here you can also rent apartments for the weekend or for a week.

Usually small dive centers complain about the outflow of potential clients from small towns, but not in Pissouri! The local dive center has issued over 70 certificates over the past summer. But the most amazing is that the overwhelming majority of those who are instructed are local villagers.

No Cypriot village can live without taverns, kebabs, wine and grapes. As already mentioned, there are lots of them here. But some cafés look especially attractive because of the grapes growing right above the pergola.

The Pissouri beach is very clean. There are never crowds here, although there is a hotel nearby.

The lawns are neatly trimmed, there are benches everywhere, on which you can always relax if you are tired of the hot Cypriot sun.

As soon as you get out of the car, the bay and pebble beach, palm trees, coastal establishments and flowers appear in front of you.

There is Water Sport wh ere you can rent, for example, a catamaran and sail along the bay.

For travelers with children, there are also more easy-to-use boats, which you can sail, slowly pedaling.

There are jet skis that you can ride, if you like fast speed. The most important thing is to listen to the instructor and not to do whatever you want as these are very fast watercrafts.

There are always motor boats for sea trips and diving. You can go as far as your want (reasonable distance), especially if you want to visit several places in one day.

Of course, there is a beach area, or better to say, a green recreation area belonging to the hotel, wh ere tourists rest. Even if you are not a hotel guest, you can still stop by.

And you should definitely do it. Perhaps this is the most "relaxing" place on the beach. There is also a bar wh ere cocktails are made at a very reasonable price.

In addition to the coastal zone, there are also high-mountainous residences that only very wealthy people can afford. The view here is the best possible.

What is the secret of such popularity of this place among foreigners and real estate companies? Of course, this is remoteness from the city, excellent natural conditions, beautiful views, proximity to the sea and the undeveloped land nearby.

Here you can see entire streets consisting exclusively of private houses and villas. It is not surprising. Those, who buy real estate in Pissouri, know a lot about a comfortable life and can afford it.

Some of these houses are for sale. First of all it is a good deal to buy real estate in Pissouri, since land prices are constantly growing and this real estate can bring a good profit to its owner in future.

Pissouri is perhaps one of the most beautiful mountain villages in Cyprus. Ыerpentine streets, secluded houses and vineyards... what could be better?

The nature of this area also asks you to stay here forever. While walking down the street, you can see flowers like this:

Or these, growing along the beach paths:

These are the ones that grow near ordinary roads, next to taverns:

These are not far from the sea:

Village location:

  • The village of Pissouri in Cyprus is located between Limassol and Paphos (on the map).
  • To Larnaca airport: 103 km (about 1h15 min)
  • To Paphos Airport: 28.8 km (about 25 min)
  • To Limassol: 38.3 km (about 35 min)
  • To Paphos: 35.9 km (about 35 min)
In terms of buying or selling primary, secondary, residential or commercial real estate, Pissouri is one of the most popular among villages along the road between Limassol and Paphos. A deal made in this village is almost guaranteed to be profitable!

Are you thinking about buying or renting a property in beautiful Pissouri? A list of all available properties can be found at the following link.

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