Cyprus Police Launch Investigation Into Illegal Naturalizations

Полиция Кипра приступила к расследованию незаконных натурализаций
1 June 2021 DOM LiVE

The Cyprus police are launching their own investigation into the Citizenship by Investment Program.

Police spokesman Christos Andreou announced on Tuesday, June 1 that a new Investigation Team had been created to study Golden passports cases.

It is known that the Investigation Team included 10 experienced members of TAE (Crime Intelligence Bureau) of all provinces.

According to Andreou, the main goal of the new group is to investigate 112 cases of illegal naturalizations, which were mentioned in the 500 pages interim file of the Investigative Commission headed by Myron Nikolatos.

He also noted that the Chief of Cyprus Police decided to entrust the investigation to officers experienced in serious cases.

Полиция Кипра приступила к расследованию незаконных натурализаций

As you may know, Cyprus canceled the Citizenship by Investment program on November 1.

The decision to close the investment scheme was made the day after the Qatari Al Jazeera published their scandalous video about the involvement of officials, including high Cypriot politicians, in violations in the granting of citizenship.

For these purposes, a Special Commission headed by Myron Nikolatos was created. The Commission recently released an interim report according to which Cyprus passports were issued to high-risk investors.

The first case on the illegal issuance of Golden passports to Iranian citizens was brought to court. The accused in the case are 10 people at once, including four law firms, as well as a lawyer who assisted the Iranian fugitive and his family in naturalization. According to preliminary data, the hearing will take place on June 24. It is possible that the Iranian investor will not only lose his citizenship, but also receive a criminal penalty.

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