Rules for inspecting an apartment / house you want to rent in Cyprus

Правила осмотра квартиры или дома для аренды на Кипре
16 June 2020 Liza Medvetskaya

Renting an apartment / house in Cyprus is a good alternative to buying real estate, especially immediately after moving to the island.

Many people, before getting their own housing in Cyprus, prefer to live in a rented apartment or house for at least a couple of years.

It is not uncommon when the general impression of an apartment or a house to distract tenants from disadvantages, which can later ruin their lives. So that the long-cherished dream of living by the sea does not turn into a risky undertaking, choosing an apartment or house for rent in Cyprus should be no less careful than purchasing it.

When examining housing in Cyprus, you should definitely pay attention to some important nuances. Since after signing the lease, not every owner want to make concessions, if this was not agreed in advance.

The main points when examining an apartment or house for rent in Cyprus include:

1. Renovation of the premises.

If a rented apartment / house needs cosmetic repairs, then the conditions for its implementation must be discussed with the landlord immediately, or it is better to make a separate clause in the lease agreement. Often, renovations require significant investments, which can be equal, at best, to one rent per month of residence.

Do not think that after signing the contract, the owner easily decides to carry out repairs at the expense of the rent, or this will be a big mistake. All landlords are primarily concerned with income from renting out real estate, and not with the living conditions of tenants.

2. Repair of furniture and household appliances.

In the case when a rented apartment in Cyprus is equipped with furniture and household appliances, you should definitely raise the issue of their use. If suddenly something does not suit you, you should not be shy to ask the owner to exchange the old kettle or take away an unnecessary bed.

Moreover, a thorough inspection of the property should be carried out: pull out the drawers of the wardrobes and open all the doors of cabinet furniture, sit on chairs, check the armrests and legs of upholstered furniture, ask the landlord to unfold the sofa together.

It will not be superfluous to insist on the signing of an act of acceptance and transfer of home inventory, which is located in the property. And also additionally photograph all household appliances and furniture with the date of shooting. This will protect the tenant from subsequent conflicts. Often, when the tenants move out, landlords do not want to return the deposit and begin to conflict on every little thing, complaining that they destroyed housing into disrepair.

3. Plumbing and electrical.

The main rooms in your new home in Cyprus are the kitchen, bathroom and toilet. Therefore, the first step when examining rental housing is to check the conditions of pipes, valves and taps.

The pipes must be free of rust and tapes. Equally important is the fact whether the water is cut off in the apartment or house. Examination with preference should be arranged for the toilet - all attention to the drain!

All these seemingly insignificant nuances at first glance will help to avoid huge bills for water, which is as expensive as gold in Cyprus. Experienced tenants know that with faulty plumbing they can pay a huge amount of euros. Therefore, they closely monitor its condition, and when they go on vacation, they shut off the water in order to avoid disastrous consequences in the form of receipts with four-digit numbers from the water utility in the event of a leak.

In addition, it is useful to turn on all household appliances, check them for serviceability. The same goes for the outlets - they must be in good working condition and well attached to the wall.

4. Serviceability and cleaning of air conditioners.

Today it is simply impossible to imagine a rented apartment or house in Cyprus without air conditioning. Thanks to it, in the summer, tenants are saved from the heat, and in winter they are often used to heat the premises.

However, the air conditioner is different. There are times when very old air conditioners are installed in rented housing, or those that work only for cooling - they are useless in winter.

To avoid unwanted surprises, when examining a rented home, you should make sure that they are in good condition and functional. In addition, you should discuss with the landlord who will be responsible for the repair and maintenance of air conditioners. Often, owners want these costs to be paid by tenants.

5. Condition of walls, ceilings and corners.

The closer housing in Cyprus is to the sea, the more likely it is that, along with a beautiful view, you will have to put up with the mold. Because of the climate and high humidity. Although the quality of construction also plays an important role. Most often, mold in an apartment / house occurs in places where condensation forms - fogging arising from design miscalculations or improper use of the premises.

Therefore, when examining the future rental housing in Cyprus, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the walls, ceilings and corners in the apartment / house. Even a small speck of mold on the ceiling or swelling on the wall, darkening or smudges in the corners is a sure sign that in winter in Cyprus, there will be a big problem, and you will have to constantly deal with mold, which grows at a catastrophic rate.

6. Locks in the front door.

The lock in the front door is a very important thing. Unfortunately, it has become not safe in Cyprus lately, so a good lock is a guarantee of the safety of the tenant and their property. If there are several locks, and the key is given only from one lock, you should find out the reason. The owner can say that the lock has been broken for a long time and has not been used. The renter must insist on replacement or repair and ask for a complete set of keys.

7. Readings of water and light meters.

Since in the overwhelming majority of cases, tenants pay monthly costs for electricity and water, before signing the contract, it is worth checking the integrity of the seals and recording the meter readings, or, better, photographing them.

This is necessary to make sure that there are no debts from the previous tenants during the renewal of contracts for electricity and water. Otherwise, during operation, it is unlikely that it will be possible to prove something, you will have to take on unnecessary costs.

8. Cleaning before moving into rental housing.

If the future tenant suffers from pet allergies, be sure to check if the previous tenants had a cat or dog. If this fact is confirmed, then it is necessary to insist on thorough cleaning at the expense of the landlord before moving into a new home. Or you will have to carry out spring cleaning yourself, or hire specialists at your own expense.

9. Location of the property.

When examining an apartment or house in Cyprus, it will not be superfluous to also pay attention to the location. For example, it is believed that a corner apartment is colder and more susceptible to dampness or mold. And apartments with windows facing southwest or southeast are the most attractive. They have enough natural light in winter, and in summer the tenant are less likely to suffer from the heat.

In addition, the floor plays an important role in choosing an apartment in Cyprus. The best option is to rent an apartment in the middle, as it is usually cold on the lower floors in winter (especially if there is parking below), and on the upper floors - it is very hot in summer (due to the fact that the roof gets very hot).

10. The size of housing in Cyprus.

Recently, some realtors have been using tricks and written in their ads instead of a 3-bedroom apartment, for example, a three-room apartment (= 2 bedroom). Thereby misleading many tenants. Of course, those who have been living on the island for a long time cannot be fooled by this. But inexperienced tenants who just flew to Cyprus for permanent residence are quite possible.

11. Neighbors.

Someone can ask, why are neighbors important when inspecting an apartment or house? Checking neighbors for adequacy may not be superfluous. If there is such an opportunity, you should definitely find out who lives near your future home. After all, these are people who you will have to deal with, at least, for a year. The situation is even more serious if you rent an apartment in a multi-storey building with bars or restaurants on the ground floor of the building.

Noise isolation of Cypriot housing is poor.

Therefore, you should be prepared that you will have to listen to all your nearest neighbors, as well as the noise from the ground floor. And just on the ground floor, where commercial premises are usually located, you need to pay special attention. If these are offices or shops with regular working hours, then there is no cause for concern. It's another matter if bars and restaurants are located there.

Bars and pubs licensed to night discos are even more evil. Whatever their sound insulation, you will definitely not be able to sleep in silence. It may be worth looking for another property in Cyprus in a quieter and more peaceful location.

And finally! Assessing the condition of an apartment or house in Cyprus is an important task. However, it is equally important to assess the reaction of the landlord (owner) and their willingness to make concessions.

Do not hesitate to check all of the above with the landlord, pointing out all the problems. Ultimately, you can be left with problems one-on-one and you will have to solve them at your own expense.

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