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2 November 2020

Studio vs. 1 bedroom apartment in Cyprus. Which one is right for you?

The most obvious difference between a studio and one-bedroom apartment in Cyprus is the size and a separate room. But there are many more obscure points worth mentioning.

What is meant by a studio and a one-bedroom apartment in Cyprus

A studio in Cyprus is absolutely the same as in other countries. This is a combination of a kitchen and a sleeping place, and only the bathroom is in a different place. But a studio in Cyprus can be different from studios in your home country.

In Cyprus, they are used to living in spacious properties. While some European cities can have 10- and 15-meter studios, the smallest studio on the island is 25-meter. Usually it has 35 or even 40 m2.

Another notable difference between the Cypriot and European studios is the balcony. In some European countries, the small apartments have their own balconies. In Cyprus, the things are different: studios usually have panoramic windows with a beautiful view of the sea or mountains instead of balconies.

But that's all the differences. In Cyprus as well as everywhere, studios have two zones: for eating and living.

One bedroom apartment in Cyprus is a mysterious phrase for those who have never looked at a Cyprus property listing. In fact, everything is simple.

An apartment is a flat that has several rooms. Moreover, its 'size' is calculated solely by the number of separate bedrooms, as the living room and kitchen are not taken into account. For example, if your home has one bedroom, living room, kitchen and a hall, you have a one-bedroom apartment in Cyprus. Whereas in fact there are three rooms in fact.

Often the apartment has a combination of a kitchen with a living room and an entrance hall, but in addition there must also be one, two or three bedrooms. In any case, the Cypriot "one-bedroom" by some European standards is a real 2-bedroom apartment.

Pros and cons of a studio in Cyprus

Obviously, a studio is not a suitable option for a family of three or more. Lack of personal space will prevent you from living a happier life, it will cause constant discomfort and conflicts.

The studio is perfect for single people: students, young people, retirees, business travelers. Also, a small space is suitable for young couples who have the same rhythm of life. At the same time, it is necessary to adequately assess the situation and understand that when a child is born, there will be insufficient space.

Hence the main disadvantage of the studio is the lack of personal space for two or more people. One more disadvantage is a small size of the room: if the tenant has a lot of things, especially large sports equipment or musical instruments, your room becomes cramped.

In other aspects, the studio has a large number of advantages:

  • low cost
  • plenty of free, open space
  • possibility of quick renovation: fans of renovation should be delighted with the studio
  • small expenses for utilities, especially for heating, which is important for Cyprus, where electricity is expensive
  • it's easy to clean, fix and decorate
  • a big place for design and creative solutions.

A studio apartment is an excellent option for renting out or for living of 1-2 people. It is also a suitable investment for a young family as a temporary option. You can buy a studio, thereby investing part of the money, and by the time of the birth of children, save up more money and exchange a smaller living space for a larger one.

Pros and cons of a 1-bedroom apartment in Cyprus

"One bedroom" is a suitable option for a small family. It can accommodate two or one or two children. Children have their own room, and parents have their own one. Undoubtedly, this is a decisive plus in favor of a one-bedroom apartment (remember that in fact it is a two-room apartment).

Also one bedroom apartments are good for single people who work from home. They can turn one room into their office, and leave the second room (combined with a kitchen) as a bedroom.

If there are two separate rooms that means you can bring a large number of furniture and other things. If the tenants have a lot of property, then they must find a 1-room apartment.

There are not so many disadvantages to one-bedroom apartments:

  • you cannot perform renovation easily, if it is possible. It is very resource-intensive
  • "One-bedroom" are significantly more expensive, as they are in the greatest demand, while studios in Cyprus are not the most common type of housing
  • if the kitchen is combined with the living room (and this often happens), the apartment immediately loses points of its attractiveness
  • it is more expensive to heat up a single bedroom apartment than a studio, so often residents heat the bedroom, while the living room with the kitchen remains cold.
Apartments are popular in Cyprus. One, two or three bedrooms. As a rule, this is the most convenient and acceptable option for families.

What is more profitable to rent out in Cyprus: a studio or a one-bedroom apartment?

There is no definite answer to this question. But, if you decide to buy your own property in Cyprus to rent it out, you need to decide: in which segment and location you want to buy real estate. And then the answer becomes clear.

Where studios are in demand:

  1. First of all, they are in demand in tourist areas. The seafront studio is suitable for almost all vacationers: families, companies of several people, lovers, retirees, etc. The only exception is large companies or families of more than five people.
  2. Business center of the city. Where there are many offices and business centers (mainly Limassol and Nicosia), studios are in great demand. Lonely working people or business travelers need them. They do not want a large living space as they spend a lot of time at work.
  3. Real estate in Cyprus near universities. A studio is a great option for one or two students. But it is worth making an amendment that in the summer they can move out. If there are tourist locations nearby, that's great. But if not, you should think about this option more carefully.

In other parts of the city, it is better to rent out apartments with one or more bedrooms. Families gladly rent them for a long time, so you will have a stable income for a year or two in advance.

By the way, which is more profitable to rent out: a studio or a "one-bedroom"?

It's almost impossible to answer. If you make a designer renovation with great furniture in the studio, its price can equal or even exceed the average Cyprus real estate prices.

It also depends on the location where the apartment or house is located. For example, a studio in a residential complex with its own gym, swimming pool and park area clearly costs more than a "one-bedroom" in an ordinary house in the suburbs.

But, if we talk about the average variants, the similar options and in the same location, one-bedroom apartments are, of course, more expensive than a studio. The difference ranges from €100 to €150 per month (if you look at Limassol). But it should be borne in mind that the studio pays off faster, and the cost of its maintenance is much less.

Let's summarize: the studio is a good investment. It is good if you want to resell it later and buy a larger living space, or if you plan to rent out. To live in a studio can be a bad idea, if the family needs more space.

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