360 Nicosia

General information:

City: Nicosia
Area: Town Center Nicosia
To know
Updated: 06.11.2022
Floors: 34
Date of commissioning: 01/2020
Number of bedrooms: from 1 to 4
Area of objects, m2: from 76 to 300
Distance to the sea, m: 35800
Energy class: B
Cost of purchase, €: from 593 000 to 4 000 000



Located on Nicosia’s busiest street, overlooking the city and beyond, 360 stands proud as the capital’s tallest landmark tower. With breathtaking 360-degrees views that stretch for miles around the city, it cuts elegantly into the sky above Nicosia’s most central, historic, fashionable, cultural, and commercial district. “360 is not just a building; it is an upgraded concept of living, a whole new lifestyle!”


The developer has always striked as a pioneer and in 2016 we believed a new era was starting, and wanted to differentiate, once again as a company from past developments, we envisioned to develop a new type of living, luxury high-rise building with innovative design, and so 360 was pursued. The aim was to introduce a new prod-uct in the Cyprus real estate market. A new lifestyle, the tallest building in the capital with 360 views, setting as a priority the security and safety of the residents combining luxury amenities, plenty of services (gym, swimming pool, spa, residents club, concierge service etc) and the most premium location of the capital,Makariou Avenue. 360 is the jewel of Nicosia, a Landmark, a reference point that the citizens of this city are proud of.

360 Nicosia is a 34-floor high-rise residential building that stands 135m tall in the sky. It consists of 27 residential floors with 117 apartments, three basements with 222 parking spaces and three mechanical floors at different levels serving the building efficiently. On the ground floor, there are three shops and one café-restaurant. The 10th floor of the building is The Residents Club that is exclusively dedicated to the enjoyment and relaxation of residents. It is comprised of a swimming pool surrounded by a relaxing sundeck, a fully equipped gym, a wellness centre with sauna, and steam bath, showers and changing rooms. On the top floors, an exclusive Sky Restaurant & Club will be hosted on the 33rd and 34th floors that promises a whole new level of fine hospitality, with divine views of the city and menus boating with gourmet dishes.

Design Criteria:

The design of the building was an original concept by the group highlighting 30 years of experience in building design and construction. 360 has today upgraded developer to the highest possible degree of building design for sales and maintenance of high-rise buildings.The elliptical shape of the building allows for panoramic views while maximizing daylight exposure to neighbouring buildings.

The apartments benefit from sunlight, fresh air and the 360-surrounding view of the city. A new concept of living in a “vertical neighbour-hood”. Each of astounding 117 units in the building is different and offers a variety of sizes and layouts that meets the needs of people in all of life’s stages.

Project Goals & Challenges:

Utilising a unique approach to design that leaves the perimeter of the building largely free of columns and other structural components, residents can be assured of awe-inspiring 360-degree views from their apartment’s floor-to-ceiling windows. Individualisation meets innovation at 360 Nicosia, with prospective residents invited to personalise their new homes. Each floor has been divided into custom-designed living spaces of four to six residential apartments. Each apartment has been designed to a customized interior layout that provides each homeowner the comfort they desire.

At street level the building offers various distinct functions of space and commercial use to support the city’s burgeoning development. This creates a lively façade towards the surrounding streets over the parking areas.

Downtown Nicosia is currently under re-development and 360 Nicosia is located in the heart of the city. The company donated to Nicosia Municipality an approximately 2m-wide strip along the frontage of the 360’s plot, that will be part of the new street pedestrian plaza design, which will revive the intersection of Makariou Avenue and Stasandrou Street into the most prominent and welcoming plaza. Furthermore, parts of the ground floor and 3rd floor were designed as green area for recreational and aesthetic purposes in an otherwise urban environment for the residents of the building.

The developer paid particular attention to the details of the design parameters for the construction of 360. The model of the building was sent to a special laboratory in the UK, which tests, among other things, the aerodynamics of the aircrafts. There were three wind tunnel tests, checking the strength and behaviour of the building in various wind pressures, in order to facilitate the design of the appropriate façade system and its materials to ensure the façade’s structural capacity, comfort and safety of 360’s residents and the community.


Prior to construction of this project, the developer completed a market research. The results were striking and indicated that there was a gap in the market for high-end living. There were a lot of individuals who were looking for living in the centre of the city in a building with amenities, views and hotel-like facilities.

360 Nicosia was designed for individuals, couples and families that want to own a home and elevate their whole style of living. The target group of 360 are Cypriots and internationals that are interested in upgrading their lifestyle, or making an investment in real estate with stable high returns.

360 Nicosia offers the latest technology to guarantee to its residents luxury lifestyle, state-of-the-art comfort, and maximum safety. Smart-home systems that let residents control everything from their phone or tablet. One of the most importantachievements of the design and construction is that the building bears an Α class energy certificate proving the highest level of energy efficiency.

360 Nicosia is the tallest and the most unique building in the capital of Cyprus, a great asset that will never lose its valuethat is located in the most central location of the capital of Cyprus, offering services and facilities that are second to none.

The area:

The downtown area of the City, will welcome a new pedestrian plaza, which will allow both residents and visitors alike to engage in leisurely activities. From relaxing walks and cycling, to shopping, and a safe play area for children, there will be something for everyone. Leafy new trees will even be planted in lending both shade and peaceful vistas on the ground.Near the building you will find:

  1. Restaurants
  2. Café
  3. Bars
  4. Banks
  5. Popular shopping brands
  6. Schools
  7. Office Buildings
  8. Exclusive Supermarkets
  9. Museums
  10. Ancient Venetian Walls
  11. Laiki Geitonia
  12. The Old City
  13. Historical Center
  14. Ministries

Style, Uniqueness & Innovation:

The exquisite interiors of apartments from the 3rd floor all the way up to 31st floor, and residential amenities have been designed with exceptional flair, ingenuity, and finesse and have been built with materials with top-notch specifications to provide the best in upgraded urban living. Every apartment has its own unique view and the design of the building is such that keeps nothing in hiding. With 360o views all around, the residents can even choose their own personal “window frame” and select their custom-designed personal living space in this unique building.

The building’s lobby is encased by 6.50m tall thick laminated low-iron glass from Germany, framed by sculptural Dione marble cladding and Lit Onyx. As an elegant touch, residents and their guests are welcomed at the Lobby of 360 by the sound of the cascading water feature.

The design language of the residential units expands on the individual lobbies at every level with the use of unique materials such as floors of Italian Emperator marble from Italy, Greek Dione marble and rich walnut cladding.

The interior collective program for the residents incorporates a fitness centre, lounge and spa. The unique location of the pool has a transparent edge towards the city skyline that allows bath-ers to become fully immersed in the view of the city. The design character of the lounge is enriched with the use of Dionysos and Tinos marble from Greece, the velvet feel of walnut cladding and the bespoke custom made furniture reflects building’sindividuality.

Glass allows you to connect with the outer world visually, even when the doors or windows are closed. It enables the light to flow in, thus, it saves energy and reduces electricity bills, and brightens up the room and enhances the beauty of the home. Mostimportantly, it also boosts up the mood of occupants.

Glass is an architectural building component that has proved itself in offering longevity to the building’ façade. It is fully weather resistant, as it can withstand the effects of the wind, rain, and sunlight and can retain its appearance and integrity in any weather conditions. Triple-glazed glass combines the thermal insulation benefits while allowing the same solar gain as high energy efficiency of double-glazed resulting in an energy perfor-mance similar to that of a solid wall.

Each residential unit is fitted with high-quality materials and finishes, including marble accents, parquet flooring, and granite and quartz countertops, the finest of contemporary carpentry, and superior quality sanitary ware, making for special living quarters.

An pioneer characteristic that further enhances 360 Nicosia is the implementation of new generation state-of-the-art high-tech features. At the touch of a button of a telephone or tablet or other smart devices, curtains, lighting, heating, A/C and all home appliances can be controlled, whilst building’s access cards, CCTVs, fire and burglar alarms, and more, ensure the safety and security of the building, and all of its residents. The project carries a Class A certificate in honour of its low carbon footprint achieved through triple-glazed windows, LED lights with motion sensors and dimmers, energy saving features, waste recycling systems, photovoltaic panels on the roof and more. A dedicated 24-hour concierge is available in handling to residents’ daily and special needs, from organising deliveries, and supervising safety and security, to looking after common areas. Moreover, the tower’s management and housekeeping teams are tasked with ensuring that the building is maintained impeccably.

360 is also fitted with

  1. Class A Energy Certificate
  2. Thermal break aluminium frames with Triple Glazing Low-E glass
  3. Super-fast and quiet elevators at a speed of 3 meters per second
  4. LED lights with motion sensors and dimmers
  5. Fire and Burglar Alarms
  6. CCTV Cameras
  7. VRV Air-conditioning / Heating for each apartment
  8. Underfloor Heating in each apartment with individual heat-pumps
  9. Ventilation and Fresh Air system for each apartment
  10. Suspended ceilings with LED lights and concealed curtain rails
  11. High quality carpentry with durable technogranite counter-tops
  12. High quality marble / parquet floors
  13. Wood veneer doors and Frames
  14. Secure Entrance Doors
  15. Façade : High quality aluminium window wall, Non Combustible alucobond
  16. Luxury sanitary ware with frameless glass
  17. Safety, Security & Accessibility

The residents can access the building through a magnificent welcoming lobby on the ground floor that is guarded by a concierge throughout the day and night. The lobby elevators offers direct access to the residential floors, working on a AI system that dramatically saves residents time spent waiting for elevators and stopping at unintended floors. the concierge monitors in-and-out traffic, checks-in visitors and ensures the integrity of the safety. There is a separate controlled vehicular entrance for residents’ cars only, which is monitored by both the concierge and the autonomous building’s security system using the latest technology and guarantees the highest level of securityand privacy.

Each apartment has an autonomous alarm system which is activated in case of violation. The control, arming and disarming of the system can done from the tablet installed in each apartment or through the secure application of the system manufacturer on residents’ smart devices. The building has a digital color video door entry system, which allows entry to the ground floor and parking for guests. In the apartments, the call appears on the screen of the provided tablets . There is also the possibility of answering a call through the secure mobile application of the system manufacturer, whether the owner is inside or outside his apartment.

Control Room:

360 Nicosia has a control room that monitors the recording data of all the systems installed in the building, for the most effective control of the operations of all services. The Control room is supported by the Backup Power

Generation Pair, as well as by a UPS. The building has a digital closed-circuit surveillance system, from high-resolution cameras, that record every movement, offering data for the identification of uninvited guests and the reproduction of events. Owners are equipped with special cards that give them access to the building to prevent unauthorized entry.

Fire Fighting:

The epitome of an advanced multi-component fire-fighting system is built in 360 and it is probably the safest building in Cyprus yet to exist. The systems installed offer the highest degree of protection and safety of the building’s structure, interior and occupants in case of fire. An automatic water extinguishing system with sprinkler heads has been installed in each and every area of common areas as well as apartments, without exception. A special pressurized air system has been installed at all exits, which prevents the possibility of smoke transporting to neighbouring areas. In addition, a wet riser has been installed in the two stairwells, which is permanently filled with water, ready for use at any time. In the common corridors and basements, stored large capacity local hand-held fire extinguishers and a hose reel system have been installed, The fresh air system is equipped with fire dampers at all necessary locations. There are multiple back-up generators to operate the fire-fighting system in case of power outage, while the most important feature is the so-called “fire-fighter elevator”, which can operate manually with the use of a pulley and could stop at any floor. The exterior walls of apartments on each floor are separated by each other an hour-long fire-rated wall materials that means that it would take more than one hour for the fire to penetrate through. The fire-rating of each apartment becomes completely safe, as the aluminium cladding of the façade is made by a non-combustible material that comes from Germany.

Glass Specification:

The building utilises one of the world’s leading technology in curtain wall systems Schüco FW 50+ and the Schüco Sliding and Lift-and-Slide System ASS 50. The newly developed SI (Super Insulation) versions of the FW 50+ aluminium mullion/transom constructions impress with their trend-setting system details. The new type of isolator design uses innovative materials to reduce energy losses to a minimum. Inward-facing reflective surfaces on the pressure plates also contribute to the outstanding UF value of up to 0.78 W/(m2K), including screw factor. The system achieves this value for the passive house-certified version with a glazing thickness of 48 mm.

The glass itself comprises of COOL-LITE SKN 176 II, a solar control product that features a high performance coating. COOL-LITE SKN 176 II is a solar control coating for use in residential or commercial buildings, either for façades or overhead glazing. Due to the unique proper-ties of the coating, it is ideally suited to applications requiring a high light transmittance, low g-value and excellent neutrality. COOL-LITE SKN 176 II balances the advantages of a high performance neutral solar control product with:

  1. High light transmission 70%.
  2. Low g-value, which reduces solar gain by as much as 37%.
  3. Excellent U-value of 1.0W/m2K.
  4. High degree of neutrality.

COOL-LITE SKN 176 II is used to create more comfortable interiors by reducing overheating and the need for costly air conditioning, whilst at the same time noticeably reducing excessive heat loss.

The high light transmittance also reduces the requirement for interior lighting during daylight hours, helping reduce energy costs even further.

Aluminium Composite Panels:

The external envelope of the building is also comprised by non-combustible aluminum composite panels used in architecture that fulfills the respective standards worldwide. Thanks to its mineral-filled core, aluminum composite panels Class A2(EN classes A2-s1, d0), in combination with non-combustible mineral insulation, meets the strict requirements of the fire regulations worldwide. Class A2 aluminum composite panels, allow simple processing, are impact-resistant, break-proof and weatherproof and, above all, non-combustible tested in accordance with EN 13501.1 “Reaction to fire”. This combination shows no flame propagation or critical rises in temperature, and even exceeds the requirements of BR135. This has been proven by four BS8414 large-scale fire tests by the BRE at the end of 2016 - early 2017.


The lighting of the building is designed with the most modern concepts and uses high-efficiency luminaires with LED light sources. A control network with KNX protocol has been used in combination with motion sensors and natural lightning that helped to minimize power consumption.

The lighting control system also works in each apartment from the tablet place in the apartment.All luminaires of the apartments have the ability to adjust their brightness in groups and individually through the system and the DALI protocol. There is also provision for connection and control of electric blinds through the automated control system.


360 Nicosia has five high-speed MITSUBISHI elevators installed: three for the residential part of the building, one that serves the restaurant on the 33rd and 34th floors and one that connects the 33rd and 34th floors only. One of them is dedicated as the fire-fighter elevator that has all the provisions for a manual and safe operation by firefighters in case of emergency. The speed of the elevators is 3 meters per second. The ascent from the ground floor to the 34th floor lasts less than 1 minute and despite the high speed of the elevation the passengers feel comfortable and calm. All the elevators installed in the building have 2.60m high cabins and 2.30m doors with air conditioning systems. The elevators are equipped with the innovative MITSUBISHI ELECTRIC artificial intelligence control system that uses traffic tactics to enhance its service and serve the residents better over time and usage.

Climate Control:

The cooling and heating of the 360 is achieved with systems of variable gas volume (VRV) and energy recovery (Heat Recovery). Each apartment has autonomous ventilation unit HRV (Heat Recovery Ventilation Units) and the latest technology Air Conditioning category A + brand Daikin. (Air ventilation & air conditioning systems) The air condi-tioning systems that have been installed require minimum maintenance and offer autonomous control and excel-lent thermal comfort inside the building.Thanks to the thermal insulation materials used and the renewable energy sources that have been installed, the building is classified at the highest energy efficiency category A. This means low electricity consumption, thus lower bill for the tenant. In addition, a special feature of the building is the low carbon dioxide production which makes the building environmentally friendly and sustainable through the future.


The design parameters of the wastewater systems are based on European CIBSE guides, which were used for various design purposes. The main pipes used for waste-water are multilayer polypropylene pipes, and are "pipe in pipe" type connected to distributors. The installation of wastewater includes water storage tanks and connected to independent pressure systems for each apartment separated by special cartridge water filters. A hot water cylinder with the VRV and the Hydro box has been installed in each apartment for the production of hot water in the apartments so that their connection and the way of their operation are in the simplest form possible. The system connected to the appropriate controls provides hot water for use at temperatures suitable for immediate use.

Some numbers to identify the project size:

  1. 33,500 cubic meters of concrete
  2. 6,500 tonnes steel
  3. 10,000sqm total area of aluminium composite panels
  4. 16,000m total length of cooling pipes
  5. 30,000m total length of cold water pipes
  6. 96,000m total length of pipes underfloor heating
  7. 12,000sqm total area of underfloor heating
  8. 9,408sqm of underground parking
  9. Building of a total 16,107sqm
  10. 97sqm of photovoltaics area
  11. 10,000 lighting fixtures
  12. 174,572m total length of power cables
  13. 41,000m total length of ELV cables
  14. 12,400m total length of fiber optic cables
  15. 44,450CAT6A m total length of Data Cables
  16. 28,210m total length of cabling



In the field of Waste Management, the Company has adopted the most technologically advanced system where Hygiene, Recycling and Ergonomy, are provided in the highest standards and according to the current legislation of “Sorting Waste at Source”!

The automatic “Shaft Line Carousel” system offers the possibility to the tenants to dispose their waste in separated fractions, easily and safely.

A tenant at each floor, with the touch of a button, can open the Chute’s door, choosing at the same time the waste bin where the waste bag should drop. The Carousel at the bottom rotates automatically and stops the right bin under the chute. The Carousel has four different bins for three different waste fractions, Paper, PMD (plastic, metal and drink cartons) and Mixed.


The cleaning and maintenance of the windows of the building is achieved by the BMU (BUILDING Maintenance UNIT) system which is a specialized crane for the cleaning and maintenance of tall buildings and it is attached to the roof of 360.

Photovoltaic panels have been installed on the roof of 360 for even more energy savings of the power usage of the common areas of the building.

360 management team:

From a friendly “kalimera” to hotel-style house-keeping services, 360 is always welcoming and exceptionally well-run.

The 24-hour concierge will be there to welcome the residents and their guests, and to provide a host of other services: taking care of deliveries, assisting residents with carrying bags, looking after the safety and security of the building, taking care of the common areas day and night.

The Management and Housekeeping team of 360 is there to keep the building running like clock-work, from cleaning and mainte-nance to operating the residents’ common areas and much more. Front of house or behind the scenes residents can be sure that everything will be taken care of.

360 ONLINE is another pioneering service, which like a digital concierge gives residents exclusive access to house services, local information, payments of their bills, and many more.

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